About Me

About Me


By now if you came here through the home page you know my name is William. I’m sure you’re actually here to learn about how to lose weight or get rid of your diabetes. Correct? Ok but before we get to that let me give you a brief story about myself.

By now you should know my name is William. I’m an ex-overweight person and also an ex-stage 2 diabetic. Life hasn’t been easy for me.

Anyone going through these things I can relate, and I know your pain. I was once a staggering 400+ pounds and as many of you know when you are that big your eating habits are really that healthy, which eventually leads to becoming a diabetic or worse.

I’m not a big fan of needles, so insulin and I did not get along well. I soon found myself taking it less and less. Thanks to the help of a few things. All of which I will share with you throughout my website.

I didn’t just stop taking insulin; I also got rid of my diabetes altogether. Then eventually I lost 148 pounds. These days I’m around the 280 mark. It took some time, but it did happen.

It’s completely possible, trust me. Probably wondering how a regular guy like myself made that happen. You have every right to think so; it is only right that you do such, and I’ll provide you information on the same products and eating habits I was doing to accomplish this.

You’re probably wondering why would this man get on the internet and tell me this. Well, it’s because I’m a caring person at heart that’s how my parents raised me and if you’ve ever been/currently overweight or diabetic you know first hand that life gets overwhelming at times.

About Me

I know it was for me. I was miserable most of the time. I also decided to do this. Becuase I can reach more people on the internet. Than I ever could locally.

I honestly seek to help those who are in the condition I was once in myself. Simply because it’s a bunch of crap out here on the internet relating to these two topics and trust me I have tried them all.

In other words, I’m sick of innocent people who are really in need of help getting ripped off by some money hungry scumbags on the web.

I just want to provide a source for those genuinely seeking help with being overweight or diabetic. To save you time and money.

What did I do? I simply got on the internet and started trying products, reading books, eating this and that, memberships at this gym and that gym so on and so forth.

Let’s say I lost more money than I did pounds at first. Because I had no one to steer me to genuine products and resources nothing I tried worked.

Until one day I decided that I was going to make myself better, and I will not stop for anything.  I soon found out that there are legitimate products/supplements and foods as well as exercises out there to help you lose weight and help get rid of your diabetes. Over time if you stick to your plan.

For Free, I Will…… 

About Me

Here I will provide you the guidance I didn’t have going through my journey with being overweight and diabetic. All products I recommend I’ve either done/currently doing or researched thoroughly.

I’m not selling you these products the people who own them are.

I’m just referring you to what I think is best and what I have known to be legit.

In reality, I’m just trying to save you time and money from those ruthless scammers out there selling you false hope and garbage that doesn’t work.

All out of the kindness of my heart. I’m very friendly and if you have any questions in regards to losing weight or being diabetic feel free to ask.

I wish you the best and hope the information I provide you helps you during your journey. Feel free to explore and take in more healthy information on my site. Or you can view all posts and find a more specific post that you are intrested in reading about.. If you are here for a specific reason and want to get information fast.

Good Luck! I hope you enjoy your time here.


  1. Wow, you lost 148 pounds! That’s impressive!

    I am glad that you have built a website to help other people to do the same. In my opinion, living a healthy lifestyle is always wise because it affects on so many areas of our life. Mental health, spiritual health and physical health are closely connected and once one of them is in a good shape, the others will improve too.

    1. Yes I wish I had photos but I was so shame I wouldn’t let anyone take a picture of me. Thank you so much. I love what I do.

  2. Hi William, loosing 148 ponds is very inspirational…and it’s a good thing you are doing by helping others from your experience. My father in law is now in his seventies and is a diabetic, I would love to help him get off medication. Thank you for your work, I will be back for another visit soon.

  3. Hi William … and congratulations on your achievement !

    This is a very inspiring story , and for me , this is the first time that I have read into it so deeply .

    The fact that you weighed over 400 hundred pounds … and LOST 150 pounds and Diabetes … , in the process shows a lot of character .

    The discipline required for such a feat is of ” olympian ” proportions and also an excellent ” teaching tool ” for this website .

    What finally triggered , your long climb out of this abyss !


    1. I got fed up with being in my situation. I refused to just let it go on and eventually take me out. Away from my family and my kids. It was more than just losing weight and getting rid of diabetes to me. It was more of life or death.

  4. Very interesting article about yourself William, I also have had a rough life with health problems all my life. I am happy your doing better now, I am doing better myself now.

    I am concerned about me becoming a diabetic, my mom is diabetic type 2 for a very long time. I try to eat healthy, maintain my weight but still am concerned.

    Do you have anything else I can do to help me to not become diabetic like my mom?

    1. Yes just pay attention and take action on things I tell you on this website. Get you some supplements and change your diet

  5. I like your website. It’s clean and straight to the point. It also adds a bit of personality with your personal story. No one knows the struggle more than someone who has actually gone through it. This is great man and I love what you are doing here. I wish you the best in life

    1. Thank you Brandon, I really appreciate it and I will continue to use comments like this as my support system.

  6. It is extremely inspiring that you were able to overcome not only obesity but especially diabetes. It definitely can be done and I trust that anyone who is consistent as you have been and follows the advice/resources you provide will surely benefit. Health food scams are everywhere, unfortunately this industry is no exception. But that’s why honest people who have actually been there will shine as true sources of wisdom. I look forward to your future work!

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