Is Apple Cider Vinegar a good remedy For Hiccups? That is what we will focus on in this article.

It will be very informative. You just may learn more than you were expecting to.

Hiccups are no fun and can be embarrassing or even painful in some cases. They are in fact many ways you can fix this issue.

When I was raised and anytime we had hiccups.

My grandmother would have us drink 7-9 sips of water. It was a simple method. But it was effective and works.

ACV also does this.

Apple Cider Vinegar For Hiccups
Seven To Nine Sips Of Water Helps With Hiccups

You do not have to take 7-9 sips of it though and you can reap a lot more benefits from drinking apple cider vinegar than you can from water.

Which is why I chose to take ACV over water. It has been a blast for me.

I have become so much healthier over the years. When I do my yearly check ups I’m always pleased with the response I get from the doctors.

They often find it hard to believe that I maintain a healthy lifestyle. Without taking any medications or having surgery of any sort.

Apple Cider Vinegar For Hiccups

I tell them that all I do is drink apple cider vinegar along with green tea and eat healthy foods.

That is it. I exercise from time to time also. Not like I use to.

Because I’m not trying to lose major weight or gain muscle at the moment.

I like my body the way it is. But if I do decide to do that. I have the blueprint laid out this time and will know how to tackle it accordingly.

But enough about that. Back to how ACV can solve your hiccup issue.


Apple Cider Vinegar For Hiccups

It is good to be aware of any issues you have going on inside your body. That is a major key part in staying healthy.

But it is just as important to know what caused the issue to begin with. Which leads me to my next point.


What Causes Hiccups

Apple Cider Vinegar For Hiccups

Hiccups are random and you cannot feel them before they happen. They just kind of pop up out of nowhere.

But just like anything that happens. It’s a reason/source behind it.

So that is what I’m going to give you below. These are things that could possibly have caused you to have hiccups.

These aren’t set in stone. But have been linked to causing hiccups in many situations.


  • Eating Too Fast – When you eat your food and drink your drinks like a grizzly bear. Once you sit back to relax 9/10 hiccups are coming your way.
Apple Cider Vinegar For Hiccups
Eating Too Fast

These are usually the hiccups you can feel in your chest and they can be very painful.

Be sure to chew your food and drink you are whatever you are drinking casually. It isn’t going anywhere.

Unless you have moving food and drinks. If so then I don’t think you a should be eating/drinking it in the first place.


  • Anxiety – If you are worried or uneasy about something. It can very well trigger hiccups. These usually don’t go away anytime soon.
Apple Cider Vinegar For Hiccups

Try to keep your emotions and thoughts in check.

If not you could be welcoming hiccups and a lot of other negative health issues.


Apple Cider Vinegar For Hiccups
Smoking & Chewing Gum
  • Chewing Gum and Smoking – This can be another cause of hiccups. Because you suck in air when you do this. Those of you who did this as a child also know this is also a way of making yourself burp.


  • GERDS – If you have GERDS you are more prone to have hiccups. GERDS is a digestive disease that causes stomach acid to irritate the food pipelining.
Apple Cider Vinegar For Hiccups

In result making, you have hiccups more often. Then those who do not have GERDS.


  • Sodas & Alcohol – Can be causes of hiccups as well. Watch your consumption. Not just for hiccups. But for your teeth, kidneys, and liver.
Apple Cider Vinegar For Hiccups
Sodas & Alcohol

These two things will destroy all three of what I just named overtime if you do not watch how you indulge in them.


Apple Cider Vinegar For Hiccups
  • Certain Medications – Everything you take that’s over the counter or from a drug store. Has a long list of side effects whether you are aware of it or not and one of those side effects just may be hiccups. Or something that triggers you to have hiccups.


  • Noxious Fumes – In certain cases smelling noxious fumes can trigger hiccups. If you are in an area or environment that has these fumes present.
Apple Cider Vinegar For Hiccups
Noxious Fumes

It will be your best bet to wear a mask or have something on your face that circulates fresh air.



How Does Apple Cider Vinegar Stop Hiccups

Apple Cider Vinegar For Hiccups

Now that you have a base to this building. Let’s build the walls and start working our way on up.

Apple cider vinegar has many health benefits. I’m sure you have come to that conclusion by now. But it can very well indeed send hiccups on its way.

It does this by throwing off your mind. Sounds a bit crazy right? Let me explain.

The sour taste that apple cider vinegar has is so disruptive. It takes your mind off hiccups and ultimately stops them.

You do not want to add honey or anything else to this. You will want to get all the vinegar as natural as it comes when you are taking it to get rid of hiccups.

I will say be careful when drinking ACV straight like this because it is very strong and could choke you or burn your throat if it goes down the wrong way.


How To Prepare Apple Cider Vinegar For Hiccups

Apple Cider Vinegar For Hiccups

Now, let’s put the roof on this building.

You can take apple cider vinegar for hiccups one of two ways. Those are the following.


  • Swallowing 1/2 teaspoon of ACV followed by a cup of water.
  • Mix together in a half cup of water.


Either way, you choose is fine and will work just as good as the other one. This is more of a preference thing than a necessity.

You do not need to warm this up like you do when drinking ACV for weight loss or a sore throat. You could if you’d like but isn’t a must.



Apple Cider Vinegar For Hiccups

Now that you have the information on how to fix this issue. You have completed your building. Now protect it from free radicals and other harmful entities.

You can do this by drinking Apple cider vinegar more often. I have written a post on various ACV recipes you could make and still reap the positive benefits all the same. It is targeted towards weight loss.

But you could still cherry pick through them and open the holy grail of health benefits for yourself. I hope you enjoyed this article and received what you came for. I made it clean and clear as I could.

Thank you for visiting my website. Feel free to comment and share this information with someone who needs it. Have a nice day.



  1. Hey, healthy Guy!

    That is awesome – apple cider vinegar for hiccups! never in million years would I have thought of that! I do love the variety of health uses this has – I use it for weight loss!

    One thing to keep clear due to the acidity and the fact that it can destroy the enamel on your teeth brush your teeth after using ACV just to be on the safe side!

    1. I have to disagree. I’ve been drinking it and even using it to brush my teeth since the early 90’s. My teeth are fine. But I will say if you feel that it is damaging your teeth for whatever reason. Just quit using it or use an alternative . I highly doubt it can do anymore damage than floride which is an ingredient in toothpaste by the way.

  2. Learned something new today so thanks so much for sharing.I never knew you can drink apple cider vinegar for hiccups.I’m wondering how anyone can manage to even swallow it,I don’t know many people who can tolerate the smell of vinegar and to drink it doesn’t sound very nice.
    Anyway, I only know some old wives tale of drinking mouth full of water 7X to stop hiccups.
    Still, I might be forced to drink cider vinegar if it could help me lose weight, since turning 30, I realize anything and everything you eat just end up in the hips and tummy, they get larger by the day.
    Thanks really enjoyed your post, as said, not really tempted to drink vinegar for hiccups but will try it for my weight.

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