Carlson Laboratories Fish Oil Review - Lemon Flavored For Diabetics

Carlson Laboratories Fish Oil Review - Lemon Flavored For Diabetics


10.0 /10

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10.0 /10


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10.0 /10


10.0 /10


  • Lemon Flavored
  • Super Healthy For You
  • Promotes Brain, Vision and Joint Health
  • Trusted Supplier
  • Natural


  • Selling Out Fast
  • Slight After Taste

Fish oil is the key to many major health issues out there today. like apple cider vinegar. Fish oil contains ingredients that can make a huge difference in our immune system. Hence why you should take it daily.

What Is Carlson Laboratories Fish Oil Review
Healthy Men Running

Carlson Labs has been making great fish oil products for a while now.

One major reason you should want cod liver oil in your system if you’re diabetic. It’s rich in omega-3 fatty acids it decreases insulin resistance that’s always a good thing.

Diabetics know this first hand.


The Run Down For Carlson Laboratories Fish Oil  

This fish oil, in particular, is very good it has a proven track record and long lists of reviews from happy customers.

Fish oil helps decrease insulin resistance due to the omega-3 fatty acids it contains.

It could also cut your risk of even becoming a diabetic.

The omega-3 fatty acid increases levels of a hormone called adiponectin which is linked to insulin sensitivity.

What Is Carlson Laboratories Fish Oil Review
Carlson Labs Supplement Facts

Clinical trials have shown that fish oil caused a modest increase in adiponectin in the blood.

That there alone should make you jump for joy.

It’s also known that a higher intake of fish oil may moderately increase the blood level of the adiponectin, and these results support potential benefits of fish oil consumption on glucose control and fat cell metabolism.

The product is rich in DHA and EPA Vitamin A & D. I recommend taking a one or two teaspoons daily at mealtime.

You can mix with foods if you want salads are amazing with fish oil. Keep refrigerated after opening the bottle and ideally use in 3 months time range.


What Is Carlson Laboratories Fish Oil Review
Carlson Labs Fish Oil Has A Lemon Taste


It says it has a lemon taste (Bingo yes this is marvelous). Regular fish oil is not the best-tasting thing in the world.

It’s bottled in Norway they say it’s for maximum freshness.

That’s very good, I’m still excited about the lemon taste. I’ll have to order this today just to try it out.

I never knew they could change that unholy flavor of the fish oil.


What Is Carlson Laboratories Fish Oil Review


I would’ve loved this as a kid. I say that because we had regular cod liver fish oil with no alternate taste and you took it daily.

Ok, let’s see I think that gives you a good overall rundown of what this product is and its purpose.


If you’re diabetic I highly recommend if your pre-diabetic I highly recommend or even if your just an average joe it can help you out substantially also.

I mentioned that the product has a proven track record and happy customer reviews to back it up.

Let me give you a visual of what I was talking about.

What Is Carlson Laboratories Fish Oil Review
Customer Reviews On Amazon For Carlson Laboratories Fish Oil


Now that’s impressive and this is a screenshot I took on Jul 5, 2016. I’m sure the number will increase substantially for those of you who read this in the future.

Those are a lot of happy people. This product has over a thousand plus feedbacks and does what it says it will from what I’ve read. Never the less



Never the less Carlson Laboratories Fish Oil is legit in my opinion.

Give it a try to give me your feedback on it or let me know how you feel about this post or fish oil in general.


That’s all for today have a blessed day. It’s actually lemon flavored though wow.

No need to wait around for your health to deteriorate.

Fight back and take control of your overall heal today.

If you are ready then you have the information you need to better your health as of now. Use it and watch the results come in.


  1. Hi. I hate the taste of fish oil, and it repeats on me all day-ewww! Does the lemon flavor really cover the taste-or just add another taste over the top of the fishy taste? I know they can’t take the taste out, but if they covered it well that would be fantastic! I would buy this…thanks for the info!

  2. As a health conscious person I’ve tried a few different brands of fish oil here and there. I guess that I’ve never used it for a long period of time because I dislike the taste. However, you said that this fish oil tastes like lemon, if the lemon neutralizes the fishy taste I may consider giving this a try.

  3. I have used cod liver oil before but never this brand. It does offer many health benefits including problems with joints which I have. I never knew that it came in different flavour! I really like your honesty with this review and you explain the benefits very well.
    Thanks for sharing


  4. I believe fish oil is one of the greatest gifts of nature to old age. The smell is not very nice but it does what it says on the tin! You can eat parsley to wipe off the odour from your breadth if that worries you.
    I consume fish oil daily and will try this brand.
    The review is very good.

  5. Your right when you mention fish oil has a nasty taste to it and the worst part is it seems to linger on the taste buds. I have had stuff that tastes bad but only taste bad for the split second you ingest it, but fish oil keeps lingering on for some extra time.

    I have usually always tried to find it in capsules and there like taking horse pills. Having one that is not like horse pills that taste better sounds like a plan to try the product out.

  6. William, you have an interesting grading scale for the fish oil review. Prior to the new lemon taste, was the only reason for the low grade the taste? After experimenting with several fish oils (capsule form) I find it hard to get over the smell, taste, and fish oil burps. Do these three things disappear with the now, lemon flavor? Is this the only fish oil you have tried?

    1. It’s not the same I can tell you that much for sure. You can still tell its fish oil but it does taste better and no I’ve tried a bunch of different fish oils and ehhh they all were gross to me

  7. I’m a believer that fish oil supplement has a good benefit in our health.
    However, I just hate the awful fishy smells especially when you open the bottle.
    Fish oil with lemon taste sounds new to me!
    Have you ever try this one before?
    Does the lemon taste helps to get rid the foul smells and fishy aftertaste? And also the slight hint of fish if you burp?
    Anyways, your article provide me a good Information.
    Thanks for sharing this.

    1. Yes I have and it is distinctly different from the others you can tell taste wise. But the fishy burps remain the same its just what comes with this. No matter the brand it’s fish oil so…the fish smell/burp is going to happen

  8. Hey Gant, I liked your article and read it all the way through. Your writing style is friendly and engaging, and I also like the way that you have been responding to your audience. You had pretty prudent use of images in my opinion and to top it off, your Golden 5 system for your review is simple and straightforward.

    reat review. All the best!



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