In today’s post, I will be reviewing the Coolahoo Premium Tea Infuser Strainer Steeper Stainless Steel, Fine Mesh Basket for Loose Leaf Tea products.

This will be a great help for you tea lovers out there. I am one myself.

I will give it my G5 test and follow it up with the rundown.

Golden 5: Coolahoo Premium Tea Infuser Strainer Steeper Stainless Steel, Fine Mesh Basket for Loose Leaf Tea


Product Type – Tea Infuser Strainer Steeper Grade – A+

My Personal Rating – 100 of 100 Grade – A+

Price – $18.95 As of Aug 22, 2016 – Price may change over time. Grade – A+

Is It Natural – No

Would I Recommend – Yes Grade – A+

Tea Infuser and Strainer
Tea Infuser and Strainer

Overall Product Grade – A+

It has passed my G5 test like I figured it would. Now let’s dig a little deeper into this Tea Infuser Strainer Steeper Stainless Steel, Fine Mesh Basket for Loose Leaf Tea item. To see what it is all about. In the rundown.


The Rundown

In this area, I will go over every aspect of this tea infuser strainer steeper and let you know many more things. Like where to buy, why you need one, item specifics and much more. So get ready to read because the information is coming in overdrive.


What Is A Tea Infuser?

A tea infuser is simply a device in which loose tea leaves are placed for steeping or brewing if you choose. It is usually done in a mug or a teapot filled with hot water.


What Is A Tea Strainer?

A strainer is a small device incorporating a fine mesh for straining the tea.


What Is Tea Steeping?

It is where you have dried loose tea or tea bags and prepare them for drinking. You will do this by steeping them. This will require you to boil or heat the water to release the flavor and nutrients in the dried tea into the water.


About The Tea Infuser Strainer Steeper Stainless Steel, Fine Mesh Basket for Loose Leaf Tea

Tea Infuser & Strainer
Tea Infuser & Strainer

This is an item created by the Coolahoo company. This tea infuser strainer is promised to give you better tasting tea. I know this first hand because I own one personally. I have been using it for some time now. It has yet to disappoint me. It’s easy to fill and remove tea leaves. This is made possible by the basket shape it has.

Which makes it a lot easier to handle than many of the smaller infusers out there. It does not hold flavors like the plastic or silicone ones do. So whatever type of tea you place in there. No matter how many different varieties you do. You will always taste the one you just placed in there. I do four different types.They all work just fine with this item.

I have yet to taste one from a previous batch I have made. So that’s a huge plus to me. Cleaning this tea infuser is no hassle at all. What I do is simply run under strong water and use soap and a sponge. To scrub and ensure a thorough cleaning. It is also dishwasher safe.

The handle it has makes it easy to pour the hot tea into your cup or mug. The strainer can be used while pouring as well to hold loose tea. You can brew over and over again. Making your tea better in flavor. You know they say the tea gets better with each brew. It’s true! But

I will say it works for every tea except green tea. It doesn’t seem to alter or change the taste no matter how many times you brew it.

With this Infuser your tea has room to expand. This making it more flavorful and it increases the health benefits. It has a 45-day guarantee. If you do not like it for any reason.

You have plenty of time to return it. It comes with an e-book with your purchase if you buy it from amazon. It has great tips on how to use this tea infuser and much more. I still read mine.


Item Specifics For Coolahoo Tea Infuser Strainer Steeper

  • Product Dimensions – 3 x 3 inches
  • It weighs about 0.8 ounces
  • Item manufacturer – Coolahoo

It also has many other cool features like.

  • Very fine wire mesh – making it excellent for keeping sediment out of your tea.
  • Standard Size – It will fit most standard cups, mugs, and small teapots.


Why You Should Buy Coolahoo Tea Infuser Strainer Steeper

Coolahoo tea infuser
Coolahoo tea infuser

You should seriously consider investing in this tea strainer. If the awesome information above wasn’t enough. Then maybe bettering your health will be the icing on the cake. With this tea strainer, you can make that possible. It does all the hard work for you. All you have to do is control it. Tea helps with many different things.

  • Improves Overall Health
  • Eye Sight
  • Improves Physical Performance
  • The Compounds In Green Tea Can Help Improve Brian Function And Make You Smarter
  • Reduces Chances Of Getting Cancer – Various Cancers some major ones like breast cancer, prostate cancer, and colorectal cancer.
  • Lowers Your Risk Of Type 2 Diabetes – Check out this link to see if you have any of these symptoms.
  • Whitens Your Teeth
  • Weight Loss
  • Reduces Your Risk Of Cardiovascular Disease
  • Has been said to help people live longer – A study of 40,530 Japanese men showed that those who drank the most green tea. Were significantly less likely to die over an 11 year period. No, you will live forever no-one will. We all win die eventually. But we don’t have to rush it you know?

It is also small and easy to store away. I have no problem carrying it on the go with me. When I’m at home it fits really easily in my kitchen cabinet. This tea infuser is the bomb.

The stainless steel makes it look very good. Especially after you wash it on a sunny day and you see it glistening on the counter. But not only does the stainless steel add great eye candy. It also makes it a lot more durable than other tea infusing brands out there.

I have dropped it a few times and if you look at it. You cannot even tell. To be completely honest you can hardly tell if it has been used.


Where You Should Buy Coolahoo Tea Infuser Strainer Steeper

Tea Infuser And Strainer #1
Tea Infuser And Strainer

I will say that there are many places on the internet that offer many different items. But it is smart to buy from trusted retailers and sales people. The best one is amazon hands down. I would include the site where this item is manufactured from. But you can always find better deals on amazon when it is stock.

When I purchased mine back in 2014. I got it on amazon from a seller. Who was selling it for $10 plus shipping. I was so happy cause I figured I had snagged me a deal. Because at the time on the company’s site, they were selling them for much higher than that.

I don’t know why but something told me to go check out eBay. So I did and once I got on there and started skimming through the prices. I saw it for a little bit cheaper and free shipping.

So from that day forward. I always revert to one of the two sites for any product I wish to buy online. Here are links to this tea infuser on amazon.

(If the Coolahoo brand is out of stock. I have an alternative for you). – Premium Tea Infuser Strainer Steeper Stainless Steel, Fine Mesh Basket for Loose Leaf Tea

If for some reason this tea infuser is out of stock. It’s a frequently purchased item on amazon. So they often sell out fast. If you aren’t interested in waiting around until they become in stock again. Here is a great alternative. This one is just as good.


Yoassi Brew-in-mug Teapot Extra Fine Mesh Tea Strainer Infuser Steeper 18/8 Stainless Steel Strainer with Lid and 4.9 Inch Handle for Loose Leaf Grain Tea Cups, Mugs, and Pots

 Feedback On Coolahoo Tea Infuser

It is also good to know how others have done with this product or any product that you are interested in buying on the internet. You have me talking to you and you see that I enjoy mine.

But I am only one person. Let’s see what others rate this tea infuser on amazon. This is a snapshot of the reviews on Aug 22, 2016. If you are reading this at a later date. This information will different. Premium Tea Infuser : Strainer : Steeper; Stainless Steel, Fine Mesh Basket type for Loose Leaf Tea: Kitchen & Dini… 2016-08-22 18-28-30 Premium Tea Infuser : Strainer : Steeper; Stainless Steel, Fine Mesh Basket type for Loose Leaf Tea: Kitchen & Dini… 2016-08-22 18-28-30 Premium Tea Infuser : Strainer : Steeper; Stainless Steel, Fine Mesh Basket type for Loose Leaf Tea: Kitchen & Dini… 2016-08-22 18-28-55 Premium Tea Infuser : Strainer : Steeper; Stainless Steel, Fine Mesh Basket type for Loose Leaf Tea: Kitchen & Dini… 2016-08-22 18-28-55






I have done a thorough review of the Premium Tea Infuser Strainer Steeper Stainless Steel, Fine Mesh Basket for Loose Leaf Tea product. I have given you all the knowledge I know about it. Along with many other great features and health benefits to match.

If you are a tea drinker and you are looking to get better results from your tea. Then this is for you. I literally can’t express how much this item has helped me over the years. It has taken my tea drinking experience to the next level for sure. Don’t just take my word for it. Or the hundreds of other people who have purchased this product on amazon. Give it a try yourself and you will see what I am talking about.

The alternative brand I gave you has just around the same benefits as this one. So you are good with either one. I would prefer the first over the second. Becuase I have personal experience with it. I have a buddy with the alternative one and he basically told me it’s just as good.



  1. Gees, I love learning something new. I had no idea what a tea strainer was, let alone how important it is to steep tea leaves before you drink them. But it makes sense, the more you steep, the better tasting the tea?

    I also appreciate the effort you’ve gone to in writing the qualities of this product, and it is evident from your writing that you love the tea strainer and for that reason, I am going to purchase one for myself!

    1. Thanks and that is correct. The more you steep the better it will taste. I’m glad you are deciding to purchase this item. You wil not be disappointed.

  2. What a fantastic product! As I use loose leaf tea, this is just perfect without having to make a pot of tea. Your in depth review sold me on this useful item. It’s a no fuss, easy clean product that would sit well in any tea lovers kitchen! How much loose leaf tea would you put in this for a cup of tea?

  3. Thank you for your review on this product, it is very straight to the point and easy to understand. Your use of bullet points have helped me easily locate the information I wanted. I definitely learned new information, as I did not know what the point for a tea infuser strainer was haha. May I ask how long you have been using this product?

    1. I have been using it for 2years now. I am working on 3 and some more. This is great for me and my wife loves it as well.

  4. Hi William,

    Thank you for suchan interesting post!

    My husband use to drink green tea and ginzeng tea every morning before breakfast!

    I think this might be the perfect gift for him.

    Could I put it in the dishwasher?

    Thank you so much. I will be sure to bookmark your site. So it will be easier for me to find you and ask questions.


  5. I definitely need this. I love tea. Black tea, Red tea, Green tea; I Love all of it. However, i’ve realized that I could save quite a bit of money buy purchasing loose leaf tea instead of prepackaged. Plus it’s better for the environment. This looks like a perfect strainer/steeper for me. Thanks for the helpful review!

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