Weight loss is a common thing many people in the world have issues with. More so in today’s time than ever before. It is a few factors for that, though.

I’ll name a few reasons why we are prone to be more overweight than those before us. Not that these are excuses. But legitimate reasons why we became larger over time.

This one can be used for both men and women. But is going to be geared more towards women. I bet you came to that conclusion once you read the title. Easy weight loss for women.

But back to the reasons we as a people are more prone to gain weight in today’s times.

I’ll give you three off the top of my head.

These are in no particular order.


  • Technology – We have advanced so far in technology. That we do not really have to do anything at all. Not to mention TV, Computers, and Other gaming devices/Mobile devices etc.


  • Cars – No more walking. Be honest when was the last time you walked to a destination. Not in your house or after getting out of a car. But actually walked a decent distance and back.


  • Foods – Most of us do not grow our own foods. So we either eat out or go to the store and buy what we need. You wouldn’t believe how many fattening ingredients are in foods you intake daily.

Easy Weight Loss For Women

These are the main three. The fourth one is some of us are just flat out laziness.

But today you are in luck. I will help you or at least motivate you to get up and do something. This post will be geared more towards my women readers than my men.

Not that my male readers can’t use this information I’m about to provide.It’s just going to be favored to the women readers. Ok, let’s get to it.


Easy Weight Loss For Women


Weight loss is genderless and can be a factor in anyone’s life young or old. Believe it or not, though America isn’t the fattest country in the world. Last time I checked we were #10 out of 195.

Not that it’s anything to brag about. Because that is still very high. On top of that most of our obesity population makeup. Is of women.

Easy Weight Loss For Women

Yes, that means there are more obese women in the U.S. than men. A few things could be strong reasons behind that, though.

Like the following.


  • Women – Have babies men do not. Some women do not get bigger after pregnancy. But the majority do.


  • Women – Take birth control. That has been proven to make women gain weight.


  • Women – Do not have lean muscle tissue like men.


  • Women – Are made different from guys and can’t pig out like we can without serious repercussions. (Gaining Weight)


But then there is just laziness also. That applies to both parties. But do not tread on that women.

I’m not going to bash you this entire post. In fact, I’m about to help you out. With a few ways, you can lose weight.

Now I know that everyone is different and has various tasks to do throughout the week/month/year. So I’m going to tackle this from every angle. To offer options for everyone.

Easy Weight Loss For Women

For my homebodies, if you do not wish to leave the house and go to a gym etc. I have a few solutions for you.

  • You could invest in a treadmill. Treadmills can be just as good as a good run/jog/walk down the street. They often can offer a handful of other running styles as well. Depending on the kind you have.


  • Home exercise – This is another option for those of you whom who wish to do this from the house. It is a bit harder though and will require strong-willed determination.

Yoga is ideal for exercise at home for women. It’s calm relaxed and effective. You will not get all sweaty doing this. I find most women won’t exercise in fear of getting sweaty or smelly. If you are interested in yoga have a look at my recommended yoga mat.

For those of you who are interested in weight loss programs. I highly recommend Jenny Craig or Weight Watchers. These two have proven track records for helping women with weight loss. I’ll let you decide which one is the best for you.

Easy weight loss for women

Finally for those of you who do not want or have the money to invest in either of the two above. You could always do home remedies. Apple cider vinegar does wonders.

I have written a few post in regards to Apple cider vinegar. You can check them out starting with the very first one  Bragg’s Raw Organic Apple Cider Unleashed.

Well, these are my tips for women weight loss in the 20th century. I do have some more for you though now that I think about it. Check below for my honorable mentions.



Honorable Mentions

Easy Weight Loss For Women

One supplement that has been around for some time now and has astronomical results  when it comes to weight loss is – Naturabest Garcinia Cambogia

I know that everyone can’t stomach Apple Cider Vinegar or you just do not like the taste. Whatever your reason. Here is a marvelous alternative that offers plenty of health benefits including weight loss – Green Tea Extract

Then there is NutriSystem. All I’m going to say is the proof is in the pudding on this one.

Lastly is one of my wife’s favorites it really helped here after pregnancy. She said that it was better than anything she has ever tried before. That product being – Brazilian Slimming Tea




Weight loss is not easy. It’s not going to be easy. I’m telling you that not to discourage you. But to let you know that this is not/will not be an overnight thing. It takes determination and drive. The results will come I promise.

Before you get started I suggest you make a plan. Write it down if you need to. Make sure you create a reasonable goal that is realistic. Then just follow it all the way through.

As the results come increase your goals and rinse wash repeat. Until you get the results you desire to have. So even with all of this information, I have given you above.

None of it will work unless you allow it to do so. I wish you the best with your journey and hope to hear your testimony one day.

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  1. Oh boy, you hit on so many good points. It does seem much harder to lose weight because our lifestyle is so much more sedentary, just as you said. The big 3 reasons are the primary culprits that have led to laziness just as you stated. It’s easy being lazy. We have to go out of our way to move these days whereas moving meant survival at one point. What is interesting, I am one who workout at home with an online exercise program. I am happy to say that I have managed to balance my laziness of not leaving the house with the positive aspects of technology. It can be done but it takes diligence.

  2. Greetings,

    I had already started a Healthier Me Challenge, but I got off course after 7 weeks. So I’m reading this at just the right time!

    I like what you said about writing things down, before starting. To add to that, I would also suggest keeping a journal; that actually really helped me tremendously. But as you said, sometimes it’s just plain laziness that can get us off-track. Your article was just the thing I needed to refocus.

    Thanks, William!

  3. Great suggestions and many of them I haven’t heard of before so I will be checking them out. I do have a treadmill but it’s currently being used as a clothes horse! I need to change that. Thanks for the tips and suggestions! It’s good to know there is still lots more I can try!

  4. Hi thanks for your post, I really enjoyed reading it. I am especially intrigued about the apple cider vinegar. I have some sitting In my cupboard that hasn’t been opened, I don’t no why I had even bought it. But im really keen to try it out. It seems almost to good to be true, and to easy. One question though, can the apple cider vinegar be bad for your teeth and gums? thanks again

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