I get the question all the time how much green tea should I drink to lose weight? I will be honest there is no certain amount you should or shouldn’t drink for a known fact. But there are suggestions and that’s what I will be doing in this post.

What Is Green Tea?

Green Tea#1

You must get an understanding of what green tea is before you just go out and start buying it by the truckloads and start drinking it. It’s good to know how it helps you and what benefits you get from drinking it. You can get the history of green tea here in this link. What Is Green Tea.

I will say that green tea has been helping people lose weight and help with many other health related things for many years. Before me and you were even thought of. The proof is in the pudding with this supplement.



What Brand Of Green Tea Should You Drink

Well luckily for you I’m a green tea drinker myself and have tried many different brands. I will not say no one green tea is better than the other. I will, however, say that this one, in particular, worked the best for me. Bigelow Green Tea.

This brand is defiantly the one for me. You can give it a try and leave me your feedback on it also. It is going for a good price on Amazon.



How Much Green Tea Should You Drink To Lose Weight

The answer to this is there is no certain amount you should drink. No one knows a classified amount or the perfect amount of green tea you should drink in order to lose weight. There are only suggestions and good predictions.

With that being said. I can only give you information on what appeared to work for myself. I suggest that you drink at least 3 cups a day. Be careful on the times decide to drink green tea because it does have caffeine in it.

Green Tea#2

Yes, it will keep you up at night if you drink this at night and have to get up for work in the morning I wouldn’t suggest you do it. Later on in the day, that is.

But if you don’t really get the full effects of caffeine or it doesn’t bother you then, by all means, drink it when you please.

I did this with the combination of eating healthy and exercise. I was losing weight to my surprise. I was losing it better than I was with the traditional gym rat method.

So I continued to do that and I’m almost certain that I lost about 7 or 9 pounds just off doing this alone in about 4 weeks.

Like I said though everyone is different and what worked for me may not work for you. Then again you may get even better results than I did. No one knows but you will know if it works for you or not overtime.



How Long Should You Drink Green Tea


I know we live in a world nowadays where we want things fast. We have fast food, instant messaging, apps etc. that allow you to get what you request fast. But when dealing with weight loss you must try to separate that mindset.

Because you do not lose weight after drinking one cup nor will it happen after the second cup.

It takes time and persistence. If you follow you set schedule for drinking green tea and applying healthy eating habits with exercise. You will lose the weight. It’s guaranteed.

Green tea#3

I say give it at least 3 months before you see any change in the mirror and in your clothes. After that time frame if you don’t see any results. Either change some of your exercises or what you or eating to see if that will help.

Or you could continue to drink the green tea and add another great supplement to go along with it. Such as warm apple cider vinegar. In most cases, people will just join a dietary program and that’s fine.

It’s plenty out there and you will find one that works for you eventually.

You can check out a few here Weight Loss Programs.





So there you have it. That’s my input on the whole ordeal and if you have any questions regarding this post feel free to ask them. I have been drinking green tea for years now and I know quite a bit of information on the topic.

I don’t think there is much of a difference on the results you will get from green tea. Whether you drink it warm or regular. I think that is just more of a preference thing.

Once again in case, you didn’t get it before. I suggest you drink 3 cups a day. With proper exercise and healthy eating habits. Following these simple steps will take you a long way.



  1. Hi Mr Healthy Guy, it is always a pleasure to visit a site that shares my current passion, that is health education. you have created a very helpful article on green tea, I must admit i am a lover of green tea, but not for weight loss purposes,thanks for sharing your favourite brand. The article also shows your spirituality and willingness to share and be helpful.Best wishes.

  2. Hello Healthy Guy33, Thank you for your input on green tea. I appreciate your honesty about not knowing any specifics on the amount of green tea to drink and the best green tea products. What I would like know is whether there is any scientific evidence that shows that green tea aids in weight loss and how does it work. I also want to thank you for the words of encouragement. I think it really shows your motive for creating this site.

  3. Hey, it is nice to read your own experience on consuming green tea. Now a days, the lifestyle we have adopted is quite hectic and busy.
    Due to the work load, I have to sit with my laptop through out the day so there is no time for physical exercise. So the easiest way I am choosing is to drink green tea twice a day. Also, I heard that consuming green tea on empty stomach will give more effect. Any suggestion?

    1. Yes I have heard that also. But everyone is different and with that being said. You will have to try it out and see how it works for you. I personally can’t take anything without having something in my stomach. I feel sick if I don’t.

  4. Green tea is one of my favorite late afternoon refreshment drinks…I have a wide variety of green teas, and at times go right outside in the yard and make up my own fresh batch of tea!

    Regarding brands, I like the variety of tea leaves over any particular brand, with one exception: Kung Fu Cha, which I used to drink in HangZhou, China…

    This tea had a whole ritual associated with drinking it and when you add in the ambience of a tea house on West Lake (famous tourist area in HangZhou) it was the best!

    I know green tea is also healthy, but I never associated drinking it with losing weight. I will increase my intake to 3 cups a day for the next month and see what happens!

    1. Thanks for you comment and wow I’m going to have to look into that for sure.

      Good luck and I’m sure you’ll lose weight. Be sure to do the proper exercise. For the best results. Check out this item. BalanceFrom GoYoga

  5. high weight have been a problem to many people and some ended up in hospital and struggle for their health and some failed to reach the points of recovering

    i will always be looking forward to hear from you and your productive post . after all keep promoting the health of all people


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