When you see apple cider vinegar one of two things have to come to your mind. Weight loss or consuming it in some form or fashion. Well, you can do both and I recommend that you do.

Below I will state what many people are trying to wrap their fingers around. Braggs Raw Organic Apple Cider does help you lose weight. But it is important to make sure that you are doing it the correct way for the best results.

Most of you by now should be on this apple cider vinegar wave.

Just by following my website/posts.

But if you are new and this is your first time.

To get a better understanding of Braggs apple cider vinegar.

Go check out this post What is Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar?

For the rest of you, that know the drill. This will just be more bullets to your arsenal. Let’s dive right into it.


How To Braggs For Weight Loss

How To Braggs For Weight Loss

You might think that just randomly taking different amounts of apple cider vinegar each day is the way to go.

But although it’s not going to harm you by doing it that way.

It can hinder and slow down the process of your goal.

Let me explain how.

Your body gets used to things over time. Especially when you repeat a certain thing a certain way. You will eventually get that pattern embedded in your brain.

To the point where you will do that certain thing out of habit without even thinking about it.

How To Braggs For Weight Loss Apple Cider Vinegar

This also holds true when you ingest foods/liquids consistently. The way you train your body to take in.

Will also shape how your results come out.

So if you take your Braggs apple cider vinegar irregular and random.

That’s exactly what your results will show.

But if you have a set time and the right utensils to make sure you are getting just the right amount each day.

Your results will show this consistency.

How To Braggs For Weight Loss Apple Cider Vinegar
Everyone Is Different

Everyone is different and your body may not react the same way your neighbors will/would.

But it has been proven that a consistent and planned routine for weight loss.

Has far better results than a random hit or miss one does. Which makes sense.

So I’m going to give you my how to and what tools I have which allowed me to take my Braggs apple cider vinegar consistently each day.

I’ll leave links to where you could buy each of these things below.

You can copy my routine if you’d like. You could also take out bits and pieces to add to your own routine.

Remember everyone’s body is different and your results may differ from mine. This is what worked for me.


My How To Braggs For Weight Loss

How To Braggs For Weight Loss

I woke up each morning around 4 am.

I was working at a plant at the time which required me to be up around this time to do what I had to do and still get to work on time.

I would make my warm Braggs apple cider vinegar mix with organic honey. It would take around 5-8 minutes to do.

First I would get my measuring cup and my measuring spoons.

Then I would fill it exactly to the 1 cup mark. After that, I would take my measuring spoons.

How To Braggs For Weight Loss Apple Cider Vinegar

Shuffle through them till I got to the 1 teaspoon. Pop the top on my Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar.

Remember it’s 4 am.

I’m still half sleep. But each time I opened that vinegar I would instantly come to my sense and wake right on up.

It’s that strong once you get a whiff of it.

You’ll soon come to your senses.

Take the teaspoon and fill it with the Braggs. I do 2 teaspoons of vinegar poured into the 1 cup of water.

How To Braggs For Weight Loss Apple Cider Vinegar

I would then take that cup of water mixed with the apple cider vinegar and place it into them microwave for 3 minutes.

After it finished I would take the teaspoon again and now get 1 or 2 scoops of organic honey.

Don’t put so much honey in your drink that you taste more honey than ACV.

I do the honey afterwards. Becuase the honey is thick and sticky and takes a while to drain out of the spoon when it’s being done regularly. In a neutral tempered room.

How To Braggs For Weight Loss Apple Cider Vinegar

But when the water is warm it slides right off after a few stirs.

This speeds up the time if you are in a hurry as well.

You can do 1 or 2 scoops according to how you like it. It’s vital that you don’t just chug it down with one gulp.

For one it’s going to be hard to do that.

The warmness and the strength of the vinegar will not be so easy going down.

It will probably burn your throat and the vinegar will choke you.

Two it’s not the best way to take it. You want to sip it and let it marinate in your system.

How To Braggs For Weight Loss

To make sure I would get it down in time before I hit the road. I would have a timer and set it for

I would have a timer and set it for 15-20mins depending on if I had a premade cup or not.

I would sip on it till this timer went off or right before it went off.

Yes, you can make these the night/day before and it will still give you the same results.

You do not have to refrigerate the apple cider vinegar or honey. But you can if you choose to.
How To Braggs For Weight Loss Apple Cider Vinegar

Note – that cold honey comes out slow. I mean very slow.

Just keep that in mind. If you decide to refrigerate.

Sometimes I would make a batch mid day just because. Not saying that this did one thing or another.

I just really liked the taste and it cannot harm you. You can’t overdose on ACV.

So what doesn’t harm you must be doing the opposite right? To a certain extent.

How To Braggs For Weight Loss Apple Cider Vinegar

My before bed batch was already pre-made for me. Thanks to my lovely wife. If she would get home before me.

She would go ahead and fix me a cup. If you aren’t married or have someone that can do this for you.

Just pre-make it ahead of time.

Remember to sip don’t chug.

It’s also key to have a scale to track your weight/progress.

If you so happen to skip a day, miss your scheduled time or forget for some reason.

How To Braggs For Weight Loss Apple Cider Vinegar

It will not throw you off track to the point of no return. Especially if you’ve already been doing it for a while.

Just be sure to get back on it the very next day or sooner.

So this is pretty much what I did.

I cut out things like greasy fattening foods out my diet, candy, snacks, chips, Debbie cakes etc. and sodas.

I also exercised frequently. At the time I was experimenting with a vegan diet.

This helps a lot. There’s more than one way to travel 10 miles. Would you rather walk or ride in a car? This is one of those kinds of things.


What You Should Have In Your Arsenal For Weight Loss ACV


There you have it. This is officially how to Braggs.

You can do it exactly how I stated above.

Or you can take out bits and pieces to add to your regiment.


  1. I also tried Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar for quite sometime but while reading this post, I figured out that I missed something the proper way of drinking it. I usually chug it down with one gulp because I want to drink it straight.

    Your recommendation to “sip it and let it marinate in your system” is a bright idea. I will try this method.

    Thanks for such helpful tip.

  2. Braggs Apple Cider vinegar is probably my favorite brand of apple cider vinegar and I have heard so much positive things regarding what it can do for weight loss. I usually just mix it into my water bottle during the day and the taste is strong but you eventually get used to it. Is there a specific time that you recommend drinking this concoction?

  3. I have a question for the author of the article. In the statement, “Take the teaspoon and fill it with the Braggs. I do this twice 2 teaspoons of vinegar poured into the 1 cup of water.” Do you mean that you added a total of 4 teaspoons of ACV or do you me that you used 1 teaspoon, then another teaspoon of ACV, totaling just 2 teaspoons? I just want to make sure I have a good understanding. Thank you.

  4. Great article here! It’s thorough, informative, helpful, and easy to follow! It is hard to find such comprehensive guides out there for things regarding natural health. I actually drink apple cider vinegar for its cleansing health effects but I have heard of some other uses of apple cider vineger, do you think it can be used in other ways? I think I heard of it being used on hair?

  5. This is great advice. There are so many areas that I do use the repetition to try and maximise effectiveness and mainly to try and remind myself to do it every day. I hadn’t really thought about how my body would get used to reacting at the same time every day.
    Gives me a lot more to think about and where I can possibly change up a few other habits as well.
    I will have to make the time to try sipping it as well. I have got into the habit of chugging it down on my way through.
    Thanks for the great info

    1. Sorry for the misunderstanding if you don’t mind going back and reading the article. Start on the section I have labeled “My how to Braggs for weight loss” I go over how I did it and more. Hope this helps.

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