How To Diet If You Are Diabetic


First off you and I have heard this thousand of times. You must eat a variety of healthy foods while being overweight, diabetic,  or just any normal person who wants to stay healthy. But it’s a bit more of a necessity for diabetics.

I’ll walk you down the green mile of what you will need to consume when faced with diabetes. You probably knew this was coming but vegetables you’ve heard it your whole life and it stills holds It weight in what it does for your body today.

I’ll go into detail on how to get all of what I mention to you later in this. Next lean meats (like fish or poultry) add some beans for extra protein. When shopping for your fruits and vegetables don’t forget your whole grain foods also.

Most don’t know what whole grain foods to get so I’m going to name as many as I can think of you can look up more I’m sure Amaranth, Barley, Buckwheat, Bulgur, Corn, Einkorn, Farro/Emmer ,Freekeh, Kamut, Kaniwa, Millet, Oats, Quinoa, Rice, Rye, Sorghum, Spelt, Teff, Triticale, Wheat, and Wild Rice.

If you know more feel free to mention them.

Now I must say all this is great, but will not work if you do not limit your intake of saturated fats, cholesterol, salt, and added sugar. Finally; the part you’ve been waiting for, I have quite a few delicious diabetes-friendly dishes that I ate myself. I’ll happily share them with you:


  • Apricot-Raspberry Buckle
  • Zucchini-Corn Fritters
  • Southwestern Deviled
  • Rosemary Roast Turkey Breast With Orange Maple Glaze
  • Bananas Foster
  • Chicken Georgia
  • Enlightened Hot Chocolate
  • Grilled Marinated Flank Steak Sandwiches (My Favorite One)
  • Lemon Basil Chicken
  • Maple-Glazed Salmon With Pineapple Salsa (Amazing)
  • Pasta With Green Tomatoes and Ricotta (Another Great One)
  • Peppermint Pinwheels

There are plenty more dishes out there; I just named things I tried personally. All are very good some I liked more than others as you can see. I’m not saying there’s a right or wrong. It’s just one of those things you know.

If this post does not interest you or persuade you to give these foods a try. Don’t let this stop your journey.

Check out the rest of my website and see if you can find something that intrigues you. If you’re just here to read the post to gather valuable information on a product that’s fine as well.

I wish you the best in all you strive to do in becoming healthier. I will help you as much as I can as I was once in your position. It’s not easy but it is possible. I did it so can you.

Stay focused and determined while doing this will lead to your prospering in your mission towards weight loss.

Best wishes, William (Aka healthguy33)


  1. Thank You Again William

    You have shared another interesting and high quality article with us again today, diabetes is a scary disease and I am concerned about being a diabetic one day.

    Great recipes you shared today, they all sound very tasty and the ingredients appear to be very healthy. How long have you been living this healthier lifestyle, sounds like your living very healthy now?

  2. I have pre-diabetes and have been watching what I eat since it all started with my gestational diabetes.
    I am glad you put in whole grains and tell people to avoid the process stuff. I personally love oats and have 1/2 cup, (yes I measure it) for breakfast most morning. Oats are low glycemic and delicious so it’s a win-win.

    I have to try the lemon basil chicken dish. It sounds delicious and healthy! Where can I get the recipe?

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