In this post, we are going to discuss how to exercise and lose belly fat. You are not alone its millions of people in the same predicament. I use to be one of those millions. I’ll be pointing out a few belly targeted exercises to get you that tummy you desire.

One of the biggest problems people run into. When trying to lose belly fat is that they don’t target that specific area. For instance, say you are walking your dog.

But if you only have it to walk on its hind legs. Now, in reality, this would look very awkward and I wouldn’t advise you to do so. But I’m just using a humorous example here.

Weight loss on a scale

Ok, so you only walk the dog on its hind legs. You are only targeting the muscles in the hind legs. So when your dog runs its hind legs are going to be a lot stronger than its front ones. Resulting in a non-traditional dog run stride. Same with humans and your workout routine.

Ever heard that saying “He/She must have skipped leg day?” Meaning someone focused all of their work out time on building the upper body and didn’t even work on the lower body. Now they are shaped like an upside-down bowling pin. Moral of the story is if you don’t target your tummy when exercising you will not get the results you want. If that’s where you desire to lose weight.


How to exercise and lose belly fat

Running weight loss

One extremely important thing to remember in order to successfully lose belly fat. You must burn calories. There are many ways you can do this such as doing simple things. You probably do most of these things in your everyday life already. But you can dance, bike ride, run, walk, swim, or play your favorite sport.

Yoga will get rid of belly fat


If you are into yoga you’re already on track to getting that dream belly. Here are some how to’s.


  • Exhale deeply – This helps strengthen your midsection while at the same time protecting your back, Make sure you remember to exhale thoroughly each time you inhale.


  • Move From Your Waist – Whenever you do a twist, make sure the movement happens from the bottom rib on up. You must keep your hips in order for this to work correctly.


  • Tighten up – This is very important. When I say tighten up I don’t mean be stiff. I mean with each movement you should feel a constricting sensation, similar to the kind of feeling you get when zipping up a pair of tight jeans. From one hip bone to another.

Yoga is something I wasn’t into in the begging of my weight loss journey. But over time my wife convinced me to try it and it paid off in the end.

This is the yoga mat I used.

Not Your Traditional Crunch

Holding Medicine Ball

This is not your traditional crunch. The traditional crunch is not for everybody. Speaking for those who just don’t like the traditional crunch and those who may have back issues. I was the second one.

So I started doing my crunches with a little spin on it. I got me a medicine ball. I then altered my position. I sat so that my thighs and upper torso form a V shape, with my lower legs crossed and lifted.

The medicine ball I used was 20 pounds. I’m a man though if you’re a female I would suggest getting a 5-10 pound ball. Unless you’re just flat-out strong go for the 10+.

So I had the 20-pound medicine ball. Held it between both hands and brought the ball across the body while maintaining the V shape. Do 3 to 5 sets of 10 or 15 reps. 3-5 times a week. If you don’t want to use a medicine ball you can use a dumbbell as an alternative. You can find a plethora of exercise equipment you can use at home in this post here.

Windshield Wiper – It Is Exactly What It Sounds Like

Windshield wiper

This exercise is very effective and targets your core like no other. With each thrust, you can feel your abs digging through that fat. Soon you will have them looking back at you in the mirror.

I will let you know that after a long day of doing these for the first time. The following day you will be extremely sore but it will get better over time. The more you do them the less sore you’ll be the following day and eventually, it won’t even phase you.

When I first started I could only do around 10 or 15. After those, I would be looking into the light feeling like I was going to elevate into the clouds. Now I can bust out 20 to 30 and get up like it’s nothing with no soreness the next day.

The way you do this exercise is by laying flat on your back press the back of your shoulders flat on the mat or floor whichever one you are using. Then put your hands flat down beside your being patted down by a cop on each side.

Now all you need to do is put your legs in the air at a 90-degree angle. Be sure to inhale slowly the move your knees from side to side. One side to the right one side to the left that’s considered one rep. It will be ideal to start off with small reps like 5-10 then as you get more comfortable with the exercise you can raise it as you please.

Just like how the guys in the image above are doing.


2 x 4 (Plank)

Plank all fours position

No, you do not need to go to lowes or home depot for this exercise. You do not need any wood what so ever. It gets its name from how your body looks when doing it. Which is like a plank of course.

You do this by getting down in a push-up position. You will instantly feel the exercise working on your midsection. Make sure that your body is completely straight just like a plank.

Do not let your hips sag and don’t lift your butt too high. Press your hands firmly into the ground or mat whatever you’re doing this on. Then press strongly back through your heels hold that position for 1-2 minutes or as long as you can.

After that drop back on all fours. Do 5 reps or more (Optional).

Human Twizzler – No Candy Involved 

Twist & Turn logo

With this exercise. No, you put that bag of Twizzlers down right now. We will not be needing those. This work out much like the windshield will require you to lay flat on your back stretch your legs out straight.

Take a deep breath and bend your right or left knee. Bring it towards your chest. Hold it there tightly with your hands. Ok, that s the first part now exhale as your use your opposite hand of whichever leg your using. To press your knee allowing your torso to twist. Stretch your other arm out at shoulder height.


That sums it up. I’ve given you all I know to work for myself with how to exercise and lose belly fat targeted. You can use these exercises with or without a mat.

I wish you the best of luck with doing these exercises.

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  1. Thanks for putting this article up. I found it to be very informative. When it comes to weight gain, I tend to spread it around fairly evenly, but more does tend to go to the gut. I really struggle to find new ways to help target that area, so reading the ideas you have posted here was really beneficial to me. My wife is always trying to get me to go do some yoga, so maybe now I will have to give it a go. Thanks again!

  2. It’s really interesting that yoga can help you lose belly fat,,, I used to do Body balance at the gym which is a form of yoga/pilates and everyone would laugh at me but I would get better results from my friends doing weights, might have to get back into it. Your article has inspired me

  3. Hi William,

    Thanks for sharing different ways on how to lose belly fat. I had no clue that by doing yoga that it would help with losing belly fat. I need to work on my belly, so I think I will start putting yoga into my daily routine to work on my stomach.

    Thanks again for sharing this information

  4. Hi William,

    thank you for this helpful tips. Regarding the windshield wiper, do you have to go all the way down with your feet on either side?

    So far I am only doing straight leg levers, where you basically lift and lower the feet in a straight line to your body. I will consider to implement these windshield wipers as well. They seem to be very effective especially for the muscles at the sides of your belly.

    Best regards

  5. Great looking site. I liked your post on how to lose belly fat. I think it is a problem the majority of people are looking to fix. Your exercises make a lot of sense and I know they work. The only thing is would the twisting exercises be safe for someone with back problems? I know strengthening tummy muscles and getting rid of belly fat help to support your back but I would still worry about the twisting. I am sure if people follow your regime they will lose their belly fat quickly and feel much better for it. Really good advice.

    1. Yes and your right if they suffer from back problems. It’s plenty of other exercises they can do and target that same area. I’ll make another post in the near future for those with back problems.

  6. These sound like great exercises to eliminate all of that stubborn belly fat, and I will have to say that I am one along with millions of others who definitely need to do something about their mid area. These movements seem to be more interesting and allow people that have restrictive body movement to at lease do a couple of varieties.
    I will give them a try, but I think I would have liked to have seen video’s demonstrating the movements.


  7. Hi there, yay! I’m so glad I cam across your site. I really need to do some serious exercise and concentrate on my tummy especially.
    I have no time for the gym but I could start doing a workout at home and these exercises are perfect.
    Do you recommend practicing yoga at home alone or is it best to attend classes with a professional instructor?
    thanks for the advice.

    1. It’s best to do it at home. But if you need extra help or support then a professional instructor is fine as well

  8. first impressions were that this is just another weight loss site, however once scanning through the site and the topic of healthy food came up i was all over…Ithink there should be more content related to food and also excersize You could include a page dedicated to walking for example, and all the benefits associated with that.

  9. i definitely need this!! as a man in his mid forties this hits my buttons. The page interests me as it gives me multiple options, and nothing too hard that i couldn’t do. Who would have known Yoga could help with belly fat? Not me, but after reading the section it makes perfect sense.
    One point id make is I’ve never heard of the Twizzler and a photo would help, do i do it standing up or lying down? Anyway small point, but great article, thanks.

  10. Great suggestions and exercises to rid of that stubborn belly fat, why does belly fat have to be so stubborn and hard to get rid of anyway?

    My diet consists mainly fruit, veggies and meat with chocolate and nuts for snacks, the chocolate might not be so healthy but it is the only real unhealthy food I am eating now.

    I will add your exercises to my routine, plus get myself a medicine ball like you.

    Thank you for the great article and tips

  11. I’ve never thought of yoga as a belly fat exercise. Is there any significant calorie burn from doing yoga? I guess I look at yoga as a stretching, and balance routine. But then again, it does take quite a lot of muscle to maintain all those positions. So as I think about it, I suppose it would be good for core strength and fat burning. In the past I’ve always thought of burning calories by sweating for an hour on some exercise machine. Thanks for the enlightenment. I did like all the other exercise example too though, not just the yoga. Good luck to you.

    1. Yes it is and you don’t get burnt out as fast as you would doing traditional exercises. It is by far one of the most nonchalant ways to lose weight

  12. Thanks for providing these how to lose belly fat exercises. I have started exercising after a long lay off. I’m very sore from working the muscle’s that I’ve neglected for so long.

    Have you got any motivational advise? I hurt so much it’s hard to keep exercising. Any advise would be greatly appreciated. I really need to lose weight. I know it’s not healthy to be overweight.

    I might mention that I suffer from chronic pain issues so it’s not easy to be very physical. I’ll be looking forward to your new post. Thanks again.

    1. Try to tough it out. I wouldnt go over anything you feel that is impossible to do. Weight loss is a hard thing to do. But the results you get are far better for going through the pain that you did. If you have chromic pain issues talk with your doctor and see what they have to say anf ask them what type of exercises you can do.

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