Hey, thank you for stopping by. I’m sure your here to learn how to lose weight in 2017. Well duh, William that’s why they clicked on the post in the first place.

I will give you some ways to lose weight in just a few. But first, let’s get to the root of why you wish to lose weight. Is it a New Years resolution? Health reasons? Want that old body you had in your younger days back?

Getting ready for a vacation? Is it from Pregnancy? No matter the reason the moral is you want it gone and you have every reason to.

Do you really want to lose weight or is it a heat of the moment thing. Were you offended by a comment someone made? Do you have a low self of steam? Getting bullied? Personal reasons? No matter the issue you want it gone right?


Well, below I will give you the best information I can to make this come true.



How To Lose Weight In 2017

You can accomplish this in many different ways. Such as



The list goes on. The one I highly recommend of what I just mentioned above. Would be to self-coach. I say that because no one knows you like you do and you can push yourself way harder than anyone on a DVD or in a gym can.

Not that there is anything wrong with those options. But if you are strong willed and willing to do what it takes to lose the weight you can do it at a fraction of the cost. The only thing about those Dvd and gym coaches is that they cost money.

Self Coaching

Most of the time are pretty costly for the average person and depending on your plan or what program you are doing it could be a recurring payment. If you have the funds to do it go for it.

But if you are cheap like I am. Self-coaching and dieting will work just as good. Also, you cannot ask a person on a DVD any questions.

But I understand some of you don’t have the time and other reasons why you can’t/want to do it yourself. Which is why you would prefer a coach of some sort and that is fine. Here are my recommendations view the link below.


>>Top Weight Loss Programs<<<


The Fact Of The Matter Is


I know most of us have the illusion that in order to lose weight you must pump iron and workout like crazy. No that’s how you become a bodybuilder and develop muscle.

But losing weight is much simpler than that. Matter of fact lifting weights causes you to gain weight. Because the muscle you are putting on makes you heavier when in reality you’re gaining weight in a healthy way if that makes any sense.

Fact Of The Matter Is

But in order to lose weight effectively, you have to do these two things.

That’s it. It is really that simple. You can workout if you like. But if you are not into all of that a simple walk or jog and some light things like that will work just the same. If you do not wish to do this outside. You could always invest in a treadmill. Have two at my home.


This is the last thing and then I’ll let you go. Because I’m sure you’re tired of hearing me ramble about how you should tackle this weight loss thing. The last thing you need to be sure you have in check is your mindset. That is the key source where all this will come from.

If you don’t have it implanted int your mind it won’t work and probably won’t even be a concern in a few months. Because you had your mind solely focused on other things. Before you go out and spend your money on anything. Make sure you have it sincerely made up to do it in your mind.




Do this along with the information I’ve given you earlier in this post and you will lose weight. Not only in 2017 but now and whenever you want. Goodluck and best wishes to you and your journey. Be sure to bookmark or favorite my website.

So it will be easier for you to find me. I post quite often. It should be new content available each time you visit my website. All related to health and things you could do to better yours. I give the best information I can with each and every post. Good luck and I look forward to hearing your testimony.




  1. i think you touch an important point here.

    i know a lot of people who want to lose weight, but when questioned on it they do not know why!

    In my opinion, if you know why you want something then you can set targets and goals. This in the long run will help you immensely when it comes to losing weight!

    It needs to be a program!

    Wanting it one day because you think you might need to, only leads to you failing the next day!

    Great advice for losing weight here, and this commitment I am sure people will find the information here very helpful!



    1. Thanks Chris, I try my best to connect with others as best I can. More so as a mentor than a random guy on the Internet.

      I appreciate your comment

  2. Hello,
    thank you for posting this. Health is the most precious asset we possess and a positive change in the diet is the first step in the right direction.
    Personally, I believe the use of supplements can help, provided they are of high quality.
    Anyway, commitment is a must if we aim for lasting results.


    1. Thank you Francesco, Supplements are a major key as well. I have quite a few posts on some really good ones. Check them out sometime.

      I appreciate your comment have a nice and healthy day my friend.

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