In order to lose weight, you have to not only exercise. but what you eat and how much you consume also plays a very big role in your results. I will shed some light on a few foods and an oil that you will find very beneficial during your weight loss journey.

But in this post, I’m going to shed some light on a few foods that can help you lose weight and become healthier than ever before. What I like to call the BFYB-9 that’s short for (Best For Your Body 9). Let’s get to it.

How To Start Eating Healthy And Lose Weight


The Best For Your Body 9 (BFYB-9)

Let’s get the weird head-scratching ones out the way first.


  • 1. Fats and Oils

Implement your diet with some healthy Fats and Oils things like butter, lard, coconut oil, olive oil etc. If you don’t eat much Omega-3 or Vitamin D include a tablespoon of cod liver fish oil each day. I’ll warn you now it doesn’t taste the best but over time you’ll get used to it.

Supply your diet with some healthy saturated and monounsaturated fats. If need be you can take some cod liver fish oil each day. Choose saturated fats for high-temperature cooking.

How To Start Eating Healthy And Lose Weight


Carlson Lab’s Fish Oil


  • 2. High-Fat Dairy

Full-Fat yogurt, Cheese, Cream Butter. High-fat dairy products are rich in healthy fats, calcium, and plenty of other nutrients which is what you want. Dairy products will be rich in Vitamin K2 but that’s only if the cow it’s from was grass-fed. The vitamin K2 is key to the bone and cardiovascular health. In a study published back in 2012 people who consumed high-fat dairy products had a lower risk of weight gain over time.

How To Start Eating Healthy And Lose Weight

  • 3. Tubers

Most might not know what these are but me being raised on a farm I’m very fond of them. Root vegetables like sweet potatoes and regular potatoes are not only healthy but are filling and very nutritious.

Many populations around the world have eaten truckloads of tubers for years and remained in excellent health. So the proof is in the pudding or shall I say the tuber. Note they are still very high in carbs so don’t over indulge in them. Because you could prevent the metabolic adaptation to reap the full benefits of a low carb diet.

How To Start Eating Healthy And Lose Weight


Ok, now that we have the weird ones out the way lets get into some more familiar household names.


  • 4. Fruit

Fruit is generally considered to be healthy anyway. But fruit has been thrown under the bus due to the high fructose content.

But fruits are more than just high in fructose. They’re also high in things like fiber, antioxidants, and vitamin C. It’s almost impossible to overeat on them because they have low energy density.

Moral of the story is if you like fruits eat them. But don’t eat more than 1 piece per day if you’re trying to lose weight. Because they are still pretty high in carbs.

How To Start Eating Healthy And Lose Weight

  • 5. Nuts and Seeds

Almonds, macadamia nuts, sunflower seeds, walnuts, hazelnuts and pumpkin seeds.

Nuts and seeds provide a lot of important nutrients and are particularly high in Vitamin E and magnesium.

Despite being high in energy density and being plentiful in fats, eating nuts is associated with improved insulin sensitivity, lower body weight, and improved health.

With all that being said nuts are high in calories and can hinder weight loss for some. I would suggest that you eat them in moderation if you find yourself eating them non-stop.

How To Start Eating Healthy And Lose Weight

  • 6. Eggs

Eggs are one of the healthiest foods on the planet the yolk is the most nutritious part.

Remember these eggs do have enough nutrients in them to grow an entire baby chicken. That’s just in one egg.

Eating eggs changes your cholesterol from small dense LDL (Bad) to large LDL (Great) and increases HDL (Great) cholesterol. Which provide the things needed like antioxidants lutein and zeaxanthin these are extremely important for eye health.

Eggs are high on the satiety index which ultimately means you’ll feel full and eat less.

Studies have shown that in 30 overweight women said that a breakfast of eggs vs a bagel made them eat less overall calories for up to 36 hours.

Moral of the story is that eggs are extremely nutritious and make you feel so full which means you’ll eat fewer calories overall. It’s no doubt one of the best things you could eat to help weight loss.

How To Start Eating Healthy And Lose Weight

  • 7. Vegetables

Spinach, Broccoli, Cauliflower, Carrots, and many others.

Vegetables are rich in fiber, antioxidants, and other nutrients that are important to the body.

Studies have also shown that vegetables lower the risk of cancer, diabetes, and heart diseases.

I suggest you eat vegetables every day simply because they’re high in fiber antioxidants and nutrients but are extremely low in calories. Plus it’s a wide variety to choose from.

How To Start Eating Healthy And Lose Weight

  • 8. Meat

Beef, Pork, Lamb, Chicken and other various animals.

We as humans have been eating meat and plants ever since we’ve come into existence. That still holds true today.

The only set back to that is in today’s world the meat is very different. Nothing like it was way back when we hunted for our food. But it often looks like meat but it has been harvested from animals that ate grains and were pumped full of hormones and antibiotics to make them grow faster.

It’s not healthy for you at all. This is also why you see children developing so fast nowadays. It’s not some genetic curse. It’s in the food they are eating. Just as it makes those anilmals grow faster. It does the same thing to your child. It’s not a coincdence that 12 year olds have beards today.

But if the meat you get comes from animals that weren’t pumped full of drugs and fed unnatural foods. It’s extremely healthy for you.

Eat more meat from animals that were raised and fed naturally. It’s much healthier and more nutritious. If you can’t afford that another alternative is grain-fed meat. Which is still a much better option than the standard western diet.

How To Start Eating Healthy And Lose Weight

  • 9. Fish

Salmon, Trout, Haddock, Cod, Sardines and many others.

Fish is rich in high-quality proteins, various essential nutrients, and omega 3 fatty acids. Great for the brain, heart, and other parts in the body.

Note due to pollution of the oceans some fish may contain contaminants, but their health rewards still surpass any potential risk by a long shot.

Fish is very healthy eating it is associated with much lower risk of depression, other mental disorders, and several chronic diseases.

How To Start Eating Healthy And Lose Weight


There it is. Start eating healthy and lose weight.

Now that I’ve given you the BFYB-9 you now have an idea on how to diet. Implement these foods in your diet and you will be sure to see a new healthier you. Feel free to comment.

It wouldn’t hurt to add some Bragg’s in your life either.


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  1. Thank you for validating the coconut oil. I have been using it for the past 2 years. It’s probably the smartest choice I’ve made in regards to my health. The section about fruits also rings very true to me, as a person who consumes very little sugar, I limit myself on fruits for the very reason you state about carbs. Excellent informative post. Enjoyed reading it.

  2. Hey William, great article! I am one of those people that doesn’t tend to eat a lot of seafood/fish so probably need to supplement it. You mention in your article having a tablespoon of cod liver fish oil in your post. Is there a particular brand you would recommend? Thanks 🙂

    1. Carlson is really good probably the best one out there. But an alternative to that is Garden to life. I haven’t tried any of the others. They all should work just fine though

  3. Really enjoyed reading this article. Eggs have such a bad rap, but this is mainly down to bad media coverage of them and generally people not understanding their benefits.

    I know Im going on about eggs a lot lol, but I really hope people read your article, and then hopefully understand the benefits of them, rather then being scared of them.

    Once again great article


  4. William,

    I am so glad that I read your post. I was particularly surprised that the egg yolk is so nutritious…I have been just eating egg whites because of cholesterol concerns. I also agree with you that fruits do get a bad rap, when their nutritional value is so high! Thanks for the insightful post!


  5. I had not heard the term “tubers” before but once I read the description, it made sense. I, of course, love potatoes, carrots, sweet potatoes, beets, and pretty much any vegetable grown in the ground. Only thing on your list I am not fond of is nuts. I don’t know why, but most in my family do not like them and I just can’t eat them, LOL.

  6. Great article! I know its cliche but my new years resolution this year is to get fit and loose weight, i have been following a lot of weight lose programs etc… I want to look outside the obvious so this article is perfect. The whole healthy fat thing is knew to me which i find great as you pointed out. Would you recommend any particular diet for weight lose?
    Many Thanks

    1. Weight watchers is a good one. But I would recommended doing your own diet at first. Two reasons I say that. 1. Because it’s a lot cheaper and 2. It’s well to me it’s more rewarding when you do it yourself. But when it. All boils down to it. It’s your decision and your going to do what works best for you as you should

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