In this post, I will go over the ins and outs of brown sugar. I will also let you know the answer to the million dollar question. That question being is brown sugar good for you? Let’s get started.

Why Brown Sugar Over White Sugar?

Brown Sugar

It’s quite simple actually. It’s because brown sugar is natural. White sugar is not. I will touch on that a little bit more later on in this post. Brown sugar is not necessarily going to turn you into a super being by any stretch of the imagination.

But it does offer some ingredients that white sugar doesn’t.  Such as calcium, potassium, iron and magnesium. This creates a slightly different taste between the two. Brown sugar or Raw sugar it’s basically the same thing. But white sugar and brown sugar are two different things.


The Orginal Color Of Sugar?

Brown Sugar#1

Most people think that sugar is naturally white. I mean it’s mostly what you see growing up. So it’s no reason not to think that. But the Orginal color of sugar is brown.

The molasses in it makes it that color. You get your white sugar from extracted juice from these brown sugarcanes.

Along with sulfur dioxide. Which causes it to turn white. So just know it is a little work that goes on behind the scenes. To get you that white sugar sitting in your kitchen. It’s not what you think it is.


Is Brown Sugar Good For You?

Like I said before it will not turn you into a superhuman. But it does provide things that white sugar doesn’t. It’s natural. So you do not have to worry about added things that could be harmful to your body.

But that is really the only thing you will be getting from brown sugar. There is no proven health benefit to brown sugar. Some will argue this point. But I go off facts and research.


Be Wary Weary Of Refined Sugars

Refined sugar
Refined sugar

Refined sugar has been a silent killer in the U.S. For quite a while now. It has been promoted and advertised as a good thing and is the complete opposite.

This is the perfect example of a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Let me give you some facts about refined sugars and why you shouldn’t be consuming them.


  • It makes you fat. The over-consumption of refined sugars will inflate you like a balloon. Sugary foods contain a lot of calories as you might have known already. But with that, it also contains that same high level of calories. In small amounts of food. This will cause you to overload on calories. Before your stomach feels full.
  • It rots your teeth. Unlike green tea and apple cider vinegar. That are very beneficial to your teeth health. Refined sugar does the complete opposite. This happens when the normal bacteria in your mouth. Comes in contact with the sugar, acid is produced, which ultimately destroys your tooth enamel and rots your teeth.
  • Diabetes is not too far behind you. If you are consuming refined sugars like there is no tomorrow. Diabetes mellitus, or better known as sugar diabetes. Is caused by the pancreas not producing enough insulin. This type of diabetes is caused by the over-consumption of refined sugars.

It causes more problems than this. But I felt that these are the most important. You should replace all refined sugars with natural sugars. It’s plenty of foods out there.

That already have natural sugars in them like fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and starches.

For the white sugar in your kitchen. I would suggest changing it to brown. You will not die from eating reasonable amounts of white sugar.

But wouldn’t you feel better knowing what you was putting in your drinks or food was natural?

You may not care for it much. But I have been through some things and I want to be as natural and organic as I can be. With what I eat and drink.


Where To Buy Brown Sugar?

brown sugar in a spoon

You can find brown sugar at your local Walmart, Food lion, Aldi etc. Brown sugar is usually sold anywhere you can buy sugar from. But if you do not have any place around you that sells it or you would rather shop online. You can always shop on Amazon or eBay. They have it and sell it by the truckloads.

Be sure to check the seller’s feedback from previous buyers and make sure you read their shipping policy.



So it all boils down to how you want to alter your sugar consumption. Brown sugar offers slightly more things in it than white sugar does.

White sugar is just white sugar and the ingredients are whatever they used to turn it white. Remember that brown sugar is natural and is the way sugar was designed to be.

Want Your Own Offical Bag Of Organic Brown Sugar?

Check this out.

Have a great day thank you for stopping by be blessed. Feel free to leave a comment or feedback on your own personal experience with this product or on the post in general. I will respond as soon as I can. That’s all I have for this review.



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  1. I had always been consuming white sugar up until I entered university and started reading up on eating and living healthily. I was once told by a naturopath that brown sugar contains nutrients that refined white sugar doesn’t. Great article as I believe people should start making the change from white to brown sugar today!

  2. When I was a young man I worked in the Los Angeles Port doing various tasks. Among them was occasionally going down into the ship’s hold with shovel to assist in unloading the cargo of bulk raw brown sugar.
    These ship’s holds were really gargantuan in that there would be Caterpillar D8 tractor doing most of the shoveling along side us. The hold was perhaps about 6 flights deep and one would have to climb the ladders to exit the holds to relieve oneself.
    Now my point is that do to this fact we would often just avoid the climb and relieve ourselves in the holds where all the brown sugar lie, so I would say that the nourishment found in the product could have, from time to time, been enhanced and supplemented with organic human waste.
    After all these years the memory still remains.

    1. That’s crazy. I don’t think it would’ve gotten to far. With human waste visible in the product. I will look into this for sure. My uncle works for a company that handles brown sugar. I will let him know about what you’ve said here. To see how they handle it at the factory/plant. Before they send it out to the masses to be purchased by people.

      I wouldn’t say it’s not possible. Because this is America and anything is possible.

  3. Very informative article. This is something that I we all have to take into consideration.

    I had no Idea that white sugar was this bad for your body. Brown sugar is clearly the best way to go.

    I am blown away to the fact that white sugar starts off as brown.

    What do you think about using natural honey as a sweetener?

  4. Thank you for your informative article. I eat clean as much as possible and try to avoid sugar. I do bake sometimes. It is expensive but I have started substituting pure maple syrup.( This is not the corn syrup labeled for pancakes.) I substitute 2/3 cup of syrup for every cup of white or brown sugar and reduce liquids by1/4 cup. I also reduce baking time by 25 degrees. This works well for the time being. I also use the maple syrup in oatmeal instead of sugar.

    1. That is perfectly fine Lisa keep doing what you are doing. Maple syrup is very good for just as brown sugar. Nice insight on the baking time also. I’ll have to pass that information off to my wife for sure. Nice comment.

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