In today’s post, I will be reviewing the program tried by millions all over the world. It is by far one of the heavyweights in its field. This program is the Jenny Craig diet for weight loss. Before we get into the program lets find out who Jenny Craig is.

Who Is Jenny Craig?

Jenny Craig and Sindney Craig
Jenny Craig and Sidney Craig

Jenny Craig born (Genevieve Guidroz August 7, 1932, in Berwick, Louisiana). Is the founder of Jenny Craig Inc. She was raised in New Orleans and married a guy named Sidney Craig in 1979.

She and her husband Sidney created a nutrition and fitness/weight loss program in Australia. They soon began to offer the program in the United States in 1985. Eventually, the company ended up becoming part of nestle nutrition.



The Jenny Craig Diet Program

jenny craig logo
jenny Craig logo

This program isn’t just any new kid on the block. It’s been around since the mid 80’s and is still going today. It is a level food mind-body plan to help you lose weight and keep the pounds off for good.

  • The first level shows you how to eat the foods you love in smaller more frequent portions.


  • The second level is pretty straight forward and fairly easy. It teaches you how to increase your energy level by doing various activities.


  • The third level shows you how to balance your life correctly in order to lose weight and maintain a healthy diet. This is very key to the entire ordeal.


The program has a good support system one of the best I’ve seen in regards to dietary plans. With a 24/7 telephone line allowing you the customer to call and be assisted anytime, you feel the need to do such.

The program also offers online support as well. If even goes as far as peer support and discussion groups. Loaded with a wide variety of questions and answers about the program.

You should never get stuck or feel lost with this program with access to all that support.

There are two Jenny Craig programs. One is built around the physical Jenny Craig centers.

This company is very large like I mentioned earlier it’s not the new kid on the block. It has over 650 centers in the U.S., Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Puerto Rico. But for any reason, you can’t get to one of these centers or locate them. Jenny Crag offers information by via telephone or mail.



What’s On The Menu In The Jenny Craig Diet?


As far as I understand it if I’m understanding it right. The diet consists of mostly frozen dishes breakfast, lunch, dinners, and desserts. The meals are nutritious and they are sent to you prepackaged.

Most people I know on this diet supplement it with fresh fruits and veggies. You can even throw some whole grains, and reduced-fat dairy products in there if you’d like.

As I mentioned before that they send you meals prepackaged. Insiders say that they try to drive clients away from the prepared meals.


So it’s not a lasting thing they want you to learn from what they are sending you and start applying it to how you eat in your everyday life. Whether it’s at home or out somewhere in public.

No food that I’m aware of is off-limits. The main focus is to eat it in moderation and get the proper exercise to follow through with it. I’ve read that in certain parts of the program they actually allow you to pig out a little.

They don’t discourage you from any food in this program. It is very calorie based and the menus you develop as a client. With your counselor is based on your height, weight, and goals you wish to achieve.



How It Works


If you are wishing to join this program you can visit a center at any of those locations I mentioned earlier or give them a phone call. They have special offers going on all the time so be sure to check the company’s website and be on the lookout for those. It’s several membership levels with various prices.

They don’t want to keep you on their program forever. The idea is to get you in and manage to get you through it successfully obviously. But they want to ensure that after you’re done with the program that you will have developed long-term strategies to live a long healthy lifestyle.

That’s the main goal of this program.

Be sure to surround yourself with supportive people. This can better your mindset and help you to focus thoroughly on the big picture. You will get plenty of support from this program.

But it’s best to have your outside sources on your side pulling for you as well. You will lose the weight and be happy while doing it.



How Much Does It Cost?


From my understanding, as of right now these are the prices I’m seeing.

  • $14.99 plus an additional $25 enrollment fee, with no access to health consultants
  • $19.99 plus an additional $99 enrollment fee, with 3 consultants a week
  • $39.99 a month mo enrollment fee, with weekly consolation

Also regardless of your plan the prepackaged meals and associated shipping charges are going to cost you extra. The average cost of food daily is between $15 and $23, according to the company.

These prices may change over time and may have some kind of special offer going on. But this is what they were when at the time I wrote this review. Check the website for exact prices currently.




There you have it that’s all the dirt I could dig up on this program. Is it worth it eh? If you have the money yes. But as you can see it can get expensive and there are other programs out there cheaper and do just as good.

But it’s all about what you’re into and how you want to do it. This program is legit from what I’ve read and heard from people who’ve completed it in real life. If you stick to it and follow what you’re instructed to do you’ll be fine.



  1. Are the prices you mentioned per month or per week? I was a little confused. I can see how this program could be successful for those who are willing to invest in it and have the money. However, I wonder if they teach you to cook properly for yourself, or do you become dependent on them forever? Thanks for the info.

    1. The first two are one time payments you really get access to the kind of help you would paying for it monthly though. The third one is monthly with full access to personal support. The food you eat you pay for per day with whatever option you choose.

      I’m sure they do show you how to. I would assume. Being that they want to get you to be independent and make those healthy eatingchoices yourself. By the time your finished with the program.

  2. Nice informative article on the Jenny Craig diet program, Jenny Craig has made itself a big name in the USA over the years.

    Interesting to know the history of the Craig company, I never knew they were Australians. The program has been around a very long time, it seems to me it must work.

    The cost is not nearly as high as I expected,the Craigs must stay in this business to help others.

  3. This seems like an excellent program. A lot of fat loss programs do not educate their audience on how to eat. The second level can be very beneficial as well, in today’s society we are so busy with work and family that a little more energy throughout the day can go a long way. I like programs like this that actually walk you through the journey to weight lost. We all need a little motivations from time to time.

  4. I was actually looking for a diet program to shed few lbs . Thanks to you for giving the reviews, it has helped me to decide for myself which one to go for.

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