Many people want to lose weight and some are doing it. But not tracking their results properly. Leaving them lost and confused. This ultimately results in them quitting their weight loss journey and going back to old habits. Today I am going to share with you an easy weight loss plan. Anyone who desires to lose weight can follow this regiment. It will be simple and straightforward.

Fast Easy Weight Loss Plan For Men & Women

Easy Weight Loss Plan

Many of you know by now that I use to be overweight. I was not only overweight but also a diabetic. The two go together like peanut butter and jelly. If you have one the other isn’t too far behind if not already present. I know a thing or two about losing weight and diabetes.

I’ve devoted this entire website with information about the two. I have helped countless amounts of people in my area and online. So you can trust and believe in the information I give you. I do it because I was in your shoes before and I know how it feels. I’m doing what I wish someone did for me when I was on my journey to lose weight and fight off diabetes.

Easy Weight Loss Plan

There are many things that go into losing weight other than exercise and eating differently. Those are the obvious things and many people get stuck on them. Thinking all they have to do is follow the two and they’ll lose 65lbs in 2 months. That’s sadly not the case.

You need a plan and not just any old plan. You need something written in stone and embed it into your mind. To ensure that you follow it faithfully. Also, note that it doesn’t just have to be written on a piece of paper. You can put it in your phone on a poster etc. Whatever you look at the most it needs to be there in the area somewhere.



My Recommended Weight Loss Plan

You will need to follow this like a work routine to get the maximum results. I’m going to separate it in bulletins below.


  • Change Your Eating Habits/Diet – I know you hear this a lot. But many people just tell you that and leave your mind to wonder about what to do next. I’m not going to leave you hanging like that. When I say to change your eating habits I don’t mean do a full purge of everything that you are eating.

Easy Weight Loss Plan

Well if your entire diet consists of fast food and sugary drinks maybe I am. But most people don’t live off junk food etc. At least I’d hope not. But if it is something you eat or drink often and you know that it isn’t that good for you. Switch it up. For example, I use to have a thing for chicken tenders. Everywhere I went if the place sold chicken tenders I had a plate of them. Eventually, I found that it was doing me more harm than good. So I offset the chicken tenders with soups and different plates of pasta.

Easy Weight Loss Plan

It broke my pattern and made me more eager to try different foods. I soon went vegan and my diet was based on green leafy foods etc. I enjoyed it and found it to be tastier and more filling than I ever would’ve imagined. But I missed eating meats and getting my protein. I converted back over and instead of eating harmful red meats by the truckload.Easy Weight Loss Plan

I stuck to a fish and grilled meats type of diet. It was healthier and made me feel better after I ate them. By this time I have tried all kinds of foods and diets. I found out over time. That all you need to do honestly is find a way to substitute whatever it is you indulge in the most.

Easy Weight Loss Plan

With something healthier and apply this same rule to drinks and snacks. You will soon feel better about what you eat and more confident in your weight loss journey. Apple cider vinegar and Bigelow green tea soon became my go-to drinks and still are to this day. So don’t just purge your entire diet at one time. Find healthier substitutes over a period of time.


  • Exercise – Whether you go to a gym or exercise from home. Exercise is like the head of the body for weight loss. That belly fat will not budge if you do not.


  • Keep Track Of Everything – It will not do you any good if you are just going about this whole thing blindly. If you lose half a pound track it and count it as an accomplishment. Set you a certain time frame to workout/exercise and what you are going to eat day to day.

Easy Weight Loss Plan

If you lost 2 pounds in 5 days write it down just as you would for 20 pounds in 30 days. This will become a habit and better condition your mind for weight loss. You will soon be a walking weight loss machine.


  • Don’t Over Promise Yourself – Don’t set a goal so astronomical that only a superhero can achieve it. Remember you are human and we all have limits. Do what you can do and call it a day. Don’t try to do 50 push ups cause your buddy did them. If you know you can only do around 10 – 15. You’re setting yourself up for disappointment and conditioning your mindset for negative energy.

Easy Weight Loss Plan


Soon you will find yourself setting unachievable goals all the time and failing at them time after time. This will make you believe that weight loss isn’t for you and you will give it up. Be real with yourself and do what you can for the time being. Work your way up over time.


  • Stay Away From Negative Environments/People – If you are around negativity all the time. It will soon rub off on you and you will find yourself becoming just like what you are around the most.

Easy Weight Loss Plan

Surround yourself with positivity and like-minded people. It will make the process flow so much better trust me on that.


  • There Is Always Tomorrow – If you mess up or miss a day for whatever reason. There is tomorrow and so on. Don’t get hung up on trying to have a perfect slate. You still have a life and duties to take care of. Just like weight can pile up so can bills.

Easy Weight Loss Plan

Handle your main priorities first and the rest later. If you are on top of your game and can juggle all of the things life throws at you while taking on weight loss. Then do that I applaud you. But for those of you who can’t or have a busier workload.

Easy Weight Loss Plan

Don’t beat yourself up over it. You have time and as long as you are eating properly and moving around. You are doing ok for the most part. That’s not going to be enough to make you lose a huge amount of weight. But it will better your health and conditioning for when you do take on the full task of weight loss.




Here it is. Feel free to use this information and apply it to your daily lifestyle. It’s proven to work and give the best results. Thank you for stopping by and I hope this guide helps you a lot with your weight loss experience. Please comment if you have any questions or concerns and share this information on a social media site of your choice. I’m sure you have friends or family on there that can use this information. Have a nice day.

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