Weight Watchers Review

Weight Watchers Review

Diet Effectiveness

9.0 /10

Quick Results

7.5 /10


8.0 /10


10.0 /10


  • Multiple Memberships Available
  • Offer Cook Books & Dieting Books Alike
  • Has Been Proven To Help You Lose Weight
  • For Men & Women
  • No Harmful Chemicals or GMOs Included


  • Shaky History

 What Is Weight Watchers Your Wallet Will Lose Weight Will You? 

You will soon discover more information on weight watchers than you ever knew. This post is geared towards those who are curious about the program and hasn’t made a decision on rather or not if it’s something they should try or not.

By the end of it, you should have your answer. Let’s dive right into it.

Where Did Weight Watchers Come From?

This will be a full rundown on the Weight Watches program. We are going to first talk about where it came from?

It all started pretty interestingly to me. A woman named Jean Nidetch who was known to be overweight. One day called a group of her friends over to her place and told them that she is obsessed with eating cookies. What kind or flavor I don’t know. It didn’t really get into detail. All I know that it was some kind of cookies.

She then found that one of the most effective keys to weight control is empathy, rapport, and mutual understanding. I agree with that honestly.

Weight Watchers Review - 70lbs loss

That discovery resulted in a seventy-pound weight loss and one of the most successful weight-control organizations on the planet that being Weight Watchers. Jean was 214 pounds and wore a size 44 in dresses. She was known to be a housewife. Not saying that’s why she was overweight but just to let you know what her occupation was. She didn’t have a doctors degree or was trained to lose weight.

She ultimately became fed up with years of trying this and that weight loss program promising her to lose X amount of weight. They weren’t working for her. Like many of us when things we try don’t go our way we either give up on it or become desperate. She became desperate to lose weight. Which worked out for the better not just for her. But for many others as well.

She then joined a diet clinic sponsored by the New York City Board of Health. She followed their diet plan very closely and managed to muster out 20 pounds. I honestly think this is where she found her motivation to begin weight watchers.

After this, she then made phone calls to a few overweight friends. Telling them about her cookie addiction.

What Is Weight Watchers Honest Review

Surprisingly her friends totally understood her.  Not did they only understand her they in return shared their addictions to various foods also.

Soon after that, the women began to come to Jean’s place each week for mutual support and sharing. Eventually, they all lost weight and the word spread fast. Jean was soon squeezing 30+ people into her apartment.

Together, they soon started to realize that losing weight was more than just a diet. It was more about changing habits and having support as well as encouragement from people who genuinely care about you.

All these years later it’s safe to say weight watchers still cares for its memebers or do they? Anyway, it was care that gave Jean’s little group the fuel it needed to run properly. Becoming an industry very quickly.

She soon began to hold the meetings at other people’s houses do to the lack of space in her apartment. Two of her friends recommended that she began holding them at a business location.

What Is Weight Watchers Review

Weight watchers soon became a company. In May 1963, Weight Watchers was incorporated and the first public meeting was held in a loft in Queens. The meeting was not advertised but still brought out over 400 people.

The company rapidly began to expand, as former members who had successfully completed the program and extensive training opened franchises throughout the U.S. and abroad. Jeans little living room meetings in New York are now being exercised and spread throughout California, Australia, and Brazil.

As it grew in size the company developed management and scientific areas, making it state-of-the-art in weight loss and control. Changes were made to the basic Food Plan to reflect the most current nutritional discoveries. It continues to evolve even today.

The whole thing is about changing your eating habits while maintaining the highest standards for a nutritionally balanced, healthful weight-loss control program. In 1978, an exercise plan was added. Making Weight Watchers one of the first organizations to stress the importance of walking as an aid to overall fitness.


Jean lived to be a healthy 91 years old. She passed on April 29, 2015.

Jean Nidetch
Jean Nidetch


What You Didn’t Know About Weight Watchers

What Is Weight Watchers Honest Review

Let me tell you a few things you didn’t know about weight watchers. Make sure your kids aren’t around as some of these things I’m about to tell you might make you use some sailor language.

  • Not everyone is welcomed – No not from eating but from actively participating in the weight watchers community.

Demographics at the are not welcome meetings show that anyone under the age of 10 is not allowed, anyone suffering from bulimia nervosa is not allowed, anyone five pounds or less above their minimum weight chart is not allowed and anyone that’s pregnant is not allowed.

So if you plan on being an active participant make sure you don’t have any of these situations going on.

What Is Weight Watchers Review

  • This one is kind of funny to me but they say Charles Barkley was caught dissing them. As being a large company one way to keep your name relevant is to get endorsed by celebrities/athletes etc.

Which is where this Charles Barkley guy comes into play. If you don’t know who Charles Barkley is he was a basketball player in the NBA many years ago.

Charles became a spokesman in 2011. He was announcing an NBA game in January 2012 not realizing his microphone was still on declared that his deal with Weight Watchers to be a “scam“.

He was apparently referring to getting paid to lose weight, not the program itself; the company later mentioned in a statement they “love Charles…he’s unfiltered.” umm sure Weight Watchers.

Here is that video footage.




  • Not Everyone Was Happy About The Change – You may ask what is the change, William? Well, the change was the CEO on David Kirchhoff’s blog, posters complained that the new system upended their comfort level with what had come before.

One member wrote “I hate it,” I hate learning the new points and losing all my foods that I’ve put in over the last three years. I’m completely annoyed that microwave popcorn is three points now!!!

Oh, that doesn’t sound like a happy customer at all. That’s not the only one it’s a lot more. I don’t think this post can hold all of them.

What Is Weight Watchers Review

  • Their magazine was for “Attractive People” the weight watchers movement has blended frozen foods, apps, and other licensed products, but one of the most enduring tie-ins has been Weight Watchers magazine.

When the publication first appeared on newsstands in 1968, it presented simple food tips and lifestyle suggestion. In 1975, editors added the subtitle Magazine For Attractive People.

Well, that’s a slap in the face and doesn’t sound like something a company based on “love and caring” should be saying.

What Is Weight Watchers Honest Review

  • Most people know this but in case you didn’t, they were owned by Heinz Ketchup. When you think of losing weight, you don’t generally think of lathering your meals in sugar-laden condiments. But when Nidetch’s meetings free from neighborhood hats to public assemblies, it caught the attention of H.J. Heinz company, yes the ketchup manufacturer.

Heinz purchased Weight Watchers for $71 million in 1978: they sold the business off to a European investment firm in 1999 while maintaining a small stake and still distribute frozen foods bearing the Weight Watchers brand.

Man, weight watchers are really all over the place in various aspects and meanings. From my point of view.


  • The Original Plan Called For Liver And Brains – Yes, you read that correctly liver and brains

Weight Watchers spent its first decades endorsing a limited quantities program, which didn’t count calories but restricted members to certain kinds of foods. 

“Group A” meats included organs like liver, brains, and kidneys, as well white meat like turkey and chicken. The diet also welcomed frankfurters (seasoned sausage made of beef and pork).

 But excluded bananas, avocados, and pancakes, however.

Now that’s shocking but I have more.

What Is Weight Watchers Honest Review

  • The first meetings were held in a pizza parlor once Nidetch (who lost 70 pounds and kept it off) realized there was a demand for meetings beyond her circle of friends, she started Weight Watchers as an incorporated business in 1963.

Those early meetings were held in an empty space over a New York pizza parlor; the owner was puzzled as to why there was a line of people outside who never came in to get a slice of pizza.

So was it in her apartment, other people’s homes or the pizza parlor? I’m just as confused as you are on this. It doesn’t really matter too much.

But when your being told to do something from a company involving changing your appearance and eating habits you want to be able to trust them. If the can give misleading information about little things like where they first originated. It wouldn’t be hard for them to do it on a larger scale.

What Is Weight Watchers Review

  • They don’t think you’ll abuse your free fruit privileges under the PointsPlus system, members get a free pass with fruits and vegetables: they equate to zero points. While some dietitians and nutritionists argue that eating too much fruit could literally tip the scales, Kirchhoff explained that “There’s so little evidence that people abuse fruit”.
Weight Watchers - Points Plus Cookbook
Weight Watchers – Points Plus Cookbook

It takes a while to eat and it’s filling. Could you eat 12 Bananas and count it as zero points? Yes, of course, you can. But how would you feel after doing that? Let’s just say you would see those bananas again very soon. They won’t look like how they did when you peeled them, though.


  • They really had to work for China. Kirchhoff visited China in 2011 to see how the culture was embracing the Points system. Because pre-packaged food has confusing, spare labeling, and because the Chinese frequently eat out, the company had to stand by while chefs made nearly 20,000+ common dishes and then measured their nutritional content. China wasn’t easily sold on Weight Watchers.

What Is Weight Watchers Review

  • The service may cost you $75 a pound. The Duke-National University of Singapore did a little number-crunching in 2014 and discovered that, with an average of $377 in annual membership fees and roughly five pounds lost per year, Weight Watchers costs members about $75 for every disappearing pound.

But it’s still a much cheaper alternative than Jenny Craig, which requests members to buy the company’s own food at a cost of a wallet cracking $2,500 per year. At an average 16 pounds lost, that’s really double the cost.

Does Weight Watchers work? – Will It Work For You?

What Is Weight Watchers Honest Review

Well, there are plenty of reasons to believe that Weight Watchers will work for you. The program has been studied along with other commercial plans, and some research has found that it actually works.

But whether or not the plan will work for you depends on whether the plan fits your lifestyle and your needs. If it does you are more likely to stick with it and eventually lose weight accordingly.


On the other hand, if it doesn’t fit into your lifestyle you’ll probably kick it to the curb. If you don’t like to cook your own food, if you don’t benefit from group support and if you don’t like the hassle of having to count daily food points, then you’re not likely to stick with the program long enough to lose any weight. This will result in you leaving the company bad reviews and giving up on it and so on.


Be sure to make enough time to gather enough weight watchers information to make a smart choice. To decide if it’s for you or not.

Weigh out the pros and cons of the program carefully before you make a buying decision on it. Just because the product worked for a friend doesn’t mean it will work for you. So don’t make your decision based off what the program did for someone else. Take that with a grain of salt.

How Much Does Weight Watchers Cost?

You have three membership options. They all come with different price tags. The prices may change over time but when I wrote this these were the prices. Unless they are running some kind of sale or promotion these prices stand true.


  • Online Plus – This is the best for those do it yourself strong-willed people out there. Who are comfortable with using technology devices like a tablet, smartphone, or fitness tracker. The plan provides online access to Weight Watchers fitness services, recipes, and food tools.

The cost of this plan is $59.85 for 90 days (3 months) if you sign up and prepay for the entire 3 months. If you choose to pay month to month, the fee is $39.95 for the first month (not to mention $20 sign-up fee) and $19.95 per month after that.

What Is Weight Watchers Honest Review

  • Meetings+Online Plus – This is the best plan for dieters who enjoy the social support and like being in groups for encouragement. On this program, you’ll get online access to all of the Weight Watcher’s tips, tools and recipes and access (If you don’t have any of those situations I mentioned earlier in the post going on) to weekly group meetings.

The costs for this plan is $114.85 for the first three months if you sign up and pay in advance for the 3 months. If you choose to pay monthly it’s going to hit you for $44.95 a month.

What Is Weight Watchers Review

  • Personal Coaching + Online Plus – This plan is best for someone who prefers private one-on-one weight loss help. Will it be a male or female? I do not know. You might want to look into that first before going this route.

On this program, you get access to online tools and trackers as well as an assignment to a dedicated diet coach who helps you to break through all those difficult weight loss walls.

Keeping you on track and ready to go. The cost for this plan is $139.85 for three months if you sign up and pay in advance for the 3 months. If you choose to pay monthly, the fee is $54.95 each month.

Each of these plans renews automatically. So each month you will be billed for next month’s membership automatically unless you cancel in advance.

Weight Watchers offers promotional discounts from time to time. Which I mentioned earlier. So it’ll be good to go check their website to get the exact price for these memberships and pricing information.


You can view weightwatchers.com here. Feel free to check out their prices and ask customer support any questions about the program that you may have.


Famous People Who Have Tried The Weight Watchers Diet


Jessica Simpson
Jessica Simpson


Jessica Simpson – She tweeted on her twitter page that she was excited to be apart of the weight watchers family. She joined to lose the baby weight she gained during her pregnancy.


Jennifer Hudson
Jennifer Hudson

Jennifer Hudson – Its said that J. Hudson is one of the celebrities that had the best results from the weight watchers diet. Since 2010 she has been able to keep off 80 pounds.


Jenny McCarthy
Jenny McCarthy

Jenny McCarthy – Another member who joined to get off the excess weight most women usually put on when carrying a child. She also states that she has gone dairy and gluten free.


Ginnifer Goodwin
Ginnifer Goodwin

Ginnifer Goodwin – The actress said that she has been on the weight watchers diet since she was 9 years old. She still uses it today and mentioned that it is the only thing that doesn’t dehydrate you and make you feel miserable.


Tina Fey
Tina Fey

Tina Fey – Is another member of the very large weight loss family. She has a trainer and states she walks and does yoga whenever she has time to do so.


The celebrity information above was sourced from – www.popsugar.com



Oprah Winfrey - Weight Watchers Review
Oprah Winfrey – Weight Watchers Member

Another name that could be mentioned is no other than Oprah Winfrey. She has become the poster child for the weight watchers advertising. But she says that since she has started the weight watchers diet. She has lost over 40 pounds and you can actually tell just by looking at her that she has in fact lost a good bit of weight. Rather it was from weight watchers program or not. The weight is gone and she looks great.

She also said that people who commit to the weight watchers diet can expect to lose 1 to 2 pounds per week.


Weight Watchers Cookbooks & Dieting Plans



Well that’s my two cents on Weight Watchers is it legit? Yes, I say it is. Is it for everyone no. But that can be said for everything in every situation.


This is one of those programs that will have its group of people who are just into these type of things and that group that’s not. If you are considering investing your time, energy & money into this program I would strongly suggest you weigh out your pros and cons before doing so.

Like I mentioned earlier if the program fits into your lifestyle and you enjoy it then it’s going to work for you. But if it does not and you’re just doing it cause it’s a big name weight program. Then you probably will not be doing it for long.


May I add just because you didn’t give a product a chance or the time of day doesn’t mean it’s a bad product or a scam. All I’m saying is if you are unsure about this product give it a try.

You will get the answer you desire from your own experience with it. You do have to worry about he said or she said cause you will already have the answer you were looking for from your personal experience with the program.


That’s all I have for you on weight watchers. I dug up a lot of dirt. I also provided a plethora of benefits as well. So now it’s on you to take this as far as you want it to go. Good luck in your quest to lose weight. If weight loss programs aren’t your thing. I have a special post for you. You can check it out here.


  1. I think the key to success in weight watchers is accountability. Some people are not as intrinsically motivated as others. Hey, whatever works for you right? I also think that people put more value on those things that they pay for. So, if they have paid $55 for the program they may be more motivated to take full advantage of the program. I am with you, I think WW is a waste of money & time, but it works for some people.

    I noticed that you love Bigelow Green Tea. What do you think of Matcha Green Tea?

  2. The money can in an interesting way to motivate us to work for our goal. If you have paid $59 for the program that helps you to lose weight, you may be more motivated to really use it. If you would get the program for free, maybe you just think it’s not worth it. For me, losing weight has always been quite easy. I just don’t eat so much and I lose weight. Gaining weight can be thought as some kind of addiction because the person can’t control his/her eating. What do you think?

  3. Hi there, this is interesting. I have never been a member of weight watchers but family members have and they have only known success from it. I believe it does work and it has positive mental and physical effects.
    In regards to those who are not welcome, I think it is obvious to anybody why they are not welcome because of the serious health benefits associated with their age or condition. If they were to include a pregnant woman, a sufferer of bullimia or a child under 10 in their weight loss members their organisation would certainly be called into question.

  4. Very informative site. I like how you explain what the site is about and really introduce yourself. Also, excellent use of images. I have had to lose weight too and know it can be a struggle, especially with dieting. I love to eat but the hard part is balancing nutrition, eating healthy, and in moderation.

  5. I didn’t know that a simple idea of getting overweight people together can turn into a corporate entity and make money! It is a brilliant idea but not so brilliant for anyone to part their money and join the program. I know it is tough to stay motivated to loose weight. Some people need the support and push from others to continue. I guess then, they might need this kind of program. My personal opinion is it is a waste of money!
    By the way, I like your post title..’Your Wallet Will Lose Weight’!

    1. Thank you. Yea I made that title with the hopes of being able to relate to both sides. Weight loss is what you make it. At the end of the day.

  6. Weight Watchers is a very well-known and popular company, but I didn’t know it has been around for a long time. Despite so many companies touting weight-loss programs, WW is one of the few reliable programs that actually work and that people do lose weight. That was interesting about the restrictions imposed on membership.

  7. Weight watchers obviously is a plan that I have heard and know about for being around for a long time. I do agree with you that if it does not work for everybody and your lifestyle needs to be able to support the methods they use for you to stick with it.

    My mother among many others have tried it, but they all found it too hard to stick with to make and keep any progress. They found it easier to use other plans.

  8. I had a former boss that lost over a 100 pounds on Weight Watchers. I have never tried it. I don’t think I would like attending the meetings. I would rather pay for it, get the diet plan and cookbooks, figure out how my points I can have a day, and do it all myself at home. I wonder if their spokeswomen Oprah Winfrey goes to the meetings?

  9. Hi William.
    Very informative article here. Enjoyed reading it.

    A friend of mine started a few years ago with weight watchers. Don’t know if she lost their pounds or not.

    I bookmarked your site and will follow it :).
    Keep up your great work.

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