Dieting can be tricky and a bit of a hassle for most. But you are in luck today. Because I’m going to give you the best diet to lose weight fast. There are many different ways you can tackle this monster.

I will give you a few. Then I will finally give you my last and most recommend method to lose weight dieting at the end of the post. Something I like to call the VAE diet.

Types Of Diets

These are just a few of many. Good thing for you. I’ve written extensive reviews on each. So if any interests you or you are looking to get involved with. It would benefit you to go do some reading on the program of your choice.

Dieting is one of those things that will work for some and not for others. Why can’t you lose weight? Is it that you can’t lose weight? Or is it that you won’t allow yourself to lose weight? Yes, that is a thing and can be the very reason why the pounds won’t come off.

No matter what you try or take. Nothing seems to work for you. Change your mindset and how you are viewing the situation. Give it another go and watch the difference in your results. Those of you who are losing weight or have lost weight by dieting you know this all too well.



Why Should You Diet?

Best Diet To Lose Weight Fast

You should diet because dieting helps with a lot more than just weight loss. If you change your entire diet around from junk to healthy foods/drinks.

You can add years onto your life and check off a huge checklist of positive health benefits. All of which you will receive from dieting. Dieting isn’t hard and once you get into it.

You’ll become excited and more intrigued with it. I remember when I first tried to diet. I really didn’t want to do it. But I was persuaded by my wife to give a shot so I did.

She had everything laid out for me as far as what I was to eat how much I was to eat etc. I was reluctant to eat any of the things she had listed on the paper.

The Best Diet To Lose Weight Fast


I was like a kid when you try to get them to eat veggies. I was like eh no. I’m not eating any of this. Where’s the meat and Debbie snacks? She quickly let me know there wouldn’t be any of that. Which made me even more turned off by this whole dieting ordeal.

One day after getting off the scale and seeing some numbers I didn’t like. I figured I would at least try it. When she was not around, though.

I didn’t want her knowing I had given in and gone back on my word. It’s guy code. So one day when she was out having a girls night with our daughters and some friends of hers.

The Best Diet To Lose Weight Fast

I went to the store and picked up the items she had written down on the list. It was a bunch of veggies and some water basically. I wasn’t about to cook or chop those things up and eat them one at a time.

So I purchased a blender not too long after that. It was later on that same day actually. I hid my veggies in a certain spot in the refrigerator.

Where I knew no one would notice them or have the urge to mess with them. My blender came around 2 days later. I paid a little bit more for shipping. But I was so ready to get this over with. I just went ahead and bit the bullet. So now I have my blender and my veggies.

The Best Diet To Lose Weight Fast

I took a few of the veggies and cut them up just enough where I could place a few pieces of each in the blender. I then blended them until they became this green veggie liquid.

I was like well here it is. This is it. I poured it into a cup and took a sip and it was amazing.

I had to make sure no one was around to see me chugging this veggie drink. That I just made this big fuss about a few days prior. Then said I wasn’t going to drink/try ever. But it was delicious. It was so good that I made another cup. See by this time. I have veggies and stuff all over the place.

Best Diet To Lose Weight Fast

It’s a mess in the kitchen. I hear my wife pull into the driveway. I’m like oh man. I’m caught now. She for some reason this day. Got out the car and ran to the door. To show me something on her phone that she saw at work.

She gets in the house and is like hey honey look at what I saw at work today. I want you to picture me this 6’3 man trying to hide a blender and chopped veggies on this table behind me. From my 5’5 wife.

While trying to hold a straight face and look as unguilty as possible. She knew something was up. She said, Will, what are you hiding behind your back.

I was like nothing baby. I’m just using this table as a prop. I was just standing here thinking about something. She was like umm yea sure. So why do you have carrots and kale all in the floor? I was busted after that.

The Best Diet To Lose Weight Fast

I couldn’t say anything. All I could do is take what I had coming to me. She then began to go on and on about how she knew I would eventually try it. I was like yea yea whatever. She then became tired of grilling me about giving in to her dieting plan and asked me how I liked it.

I told her I loved it. I was like I could taste the healthy in the drink. I knew it was some good stuff in that cup. She then let me know. I would have to change my diet and continue to drink it. In order to see results. She was trying to lose weight herself at the time.

Next thing I know I had lost around 5lbs. Just off changing my diet and drinking this drink. I soon started to make smoothies and went on to try different dieting programs. That I figured would help speed up the weight loss process and eventually lead me to discover the VAE diet.

Best Diet To Lose Weight Fast

This all never would have happened if I never would’ve swallowed my pride and made a decision to better my health/lose weight. You should also diet. Because you find out a lot about foods/drinks.

Like you will find out so much and become an expert on the types of foods and drinks you take in over time. After a while, you will do it without even thinking about it. You will get funny looks at first.

Especially if you are around a group of your friends. If they are all passing around a bag of chips and beers. But you skip the bag and beers and decide to go with a banana and some water or something. You’ll get funny looks.

The Best Diet To Lose Weight Fast

Don’t let that discourage you. It’s going to happen. But over time they will get used to it and you will be known for eating healthy. You will be the healthguy or girl.

That was the nickname my buddies gave me when I first really started taking my health/dieting seriously. Cause no matter what we ate or drink. I would always do it as healthy as I could.

I took proudly and even named my website after it. The 33 was the age I was when I became free of diabetes. There are many reasons why you should diet. More than I can list here.

Whatever the reason is. It is a good one. Nothing is wrong with wanting to lose weight/eat healthier.



The Best Diet To Lose Weight Fast The VAE Diet


This is the part you have been waiting for. It’s simple so simple that you might question its legitimacy. That’s fine. Because the proof is in the pudding.

All you have to do to see if it’s legit or not is to give it a shot yourself. Do not do this with medicine or anything un-organic. But when you are dealing with things that can’t kill you or cause you to be extremely ill after doing.

Then give it a shot and see how it works for you. All that can happen is for it to not work. That’s the only downside to it. Here it is.

Best Diet To Lose Weight Fast

This is it. This is all you have to do to lose weight fast. When I say fast. I mean you will notice results in a month or so. Eliminate greasy and fattening foods from your diet.

Along with sodas and fruit drinks. Do not eat before you lay down and if you do. Eat some carrots or celery or even a salad. Be sure to use the vinegar as the dressing.

Salad dressing like ranch and many others has a bunch of fats and sugars in it. All of which will not benefit you while you are trying to lose weight.

You do not have to limit your diet to just veggies and apple cider vinegar. But it will help you to lose weight faster if you intake more of these two than any other foods.

Another good one to implement in your diet if you do not like ACV for some reason is Green Tea Extract Supplement.

Best Diet To Lose Weight Fast

It is as simple as these three here, though. You do not have to go out and spend large amounts of money to get someone to show you how to lose weight or send you foods to eat.

When you can save that money and get the same results or better from your own work. If you do no know how to fix a cup of ACV for weight loss. I have a post that is targeted on just that.

It’s called How to Bragg’s For Weight Loss. Go check that out and it will tell you everything you need to know about. How to prepare a cup for weight loss.

Exercise can be a verity of things. You can invest in a few things. Such as the following

These are just three I named. There is much more. You could even use things around your house. Chairs, tables, and walls all three can be used to help you perform some sort of exercise.

The sky is the limit. Be sure to write out your plan and stick to it. When the results start rolling in. Just rinse wash repeat.

After you have reached your desired weight. Just keep free radicals and harmful things out your body. I do so by drinking Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar Drinks.




Here is the best diet to lose weight fast. It’s nothing like you are used to. I bet you thought. You were going to come here and read this and be sold some $700 product. No, because it’s not about how much money you paid for a dieting program.

It’s not going to work if you don’t have your heart and soul into doing it. Plus usually with products like that. You are just paying for the name/brand and not really getting anything special.

Best Diet To Lose Weight Fast

Other than being able to say you are a part of such and such’s dieting program. These three methods I listed above. If implemented and followed with a plan. Will literally melt that unwanted fat off of you.

Without you even thinking about it. That’s how it was for me. I was losing weight at one point in my life so often. That it almost seemed like I was doing it on autopilot. Like I mentioned earlier.

You just have to see for yourself. Give it a shot and let me know how your results look after about a month.

Give it your all and you will see what I mean. That’s all I have for this post. Feel free to comment and share on social media. It will be greatly appreciated. Have a nice day.



  1. Excellent post! I agree a veggie diet would be one of the best ways to help lose weight. I remember watching Forks Over Knives for the first time, and was amazed by the research and testimonials of people who went on a vegan diet, how it has changed their lives for the better!

    I also use Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar, and it works great. Also, use it for my acid reflux. Great post, thanks for sharing!

  2. A veggie diet sounds so good, I prefer it to exercising anyway 🙂 Drinking stuff down is easier than trying to eat it in large amounts, so making smoothies out of veggies is a really good idea. We can combine a few things to make it more nutritious too. I find adding carrots and pumpkins or even fruits is a good way of sweetening the smoothies.

    1. Your so right. I’m not a big pumpkin fan. I’d probably melt if I tasted pumpkin. But bananas are cool.Thanks for your comment.

  3. Hi William,

    I really enjoyed your honesty and story behind your diet, and how it has workd for you. I always look for real life testimonials rather than self styled ‘experts’ telling you that their way is the only way! I’ve started really looking at my greens and like you have invested in a blender – I’m going to take up your ideas and step up a notch over the next month and let you know how I get on! I think you are right in saying planning is really important – do you have a good template you could share?



    1. Thank you for your comment Mike, unfortunately I do not have a template. Just follow what I have in this article and you’ll be fine

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