The Best Weight Loss Foods

Everyone thinks weight loss is a quick one shot fix. You don’t lose weight instantly or overnight. To lose weight effectively. You must have a few things in place in order for you to lose weight on auto pilot.

Yes, that is possible and when I say that. I do not mean that you have to get on an airplane or fly. I mean that you will lose weight without even thinking about it and over time have that body you desire.

If you follow the information I give you in this post you will be sure to lose weight at your leisure.



The Best Weight Loss Foods

The Best Weight Loss Foods

It is vital that you eat healthily and to lose weight. Just as much as you are exercising etc. It will do you no good if you are exercising day in and out. Then going to wendy’s and getting a $4 for $4.

You just reversed every positive thing you did for your body with exercise. You are now working against yourself and you will become like a hamster in a spin wheel. Yes, you are moving. But you aren’t going anywhere.

You are in luck today. Because I have 10 foods you should be eating for weight loss.



Top Ten Foods For Weight Lost


  • Grapefruit – Eat half a grapefruit in the morning and the other before you eat dinner. It will give you the full feeling and cause you to eat fewer calories overall.



  • Leafy Greens – Leafy greens have several ingredients that make them ideal for weight loss. You cannot go wrong eating leafy greens.


  • Salmon – Salmon is packed with high-quality protein and healthy fats. It contains a plethora of important nutrients as well.


  • Boiled Potatoes – Boil the potatoes and let them cool for awhile. Then eat as you desire. Be mindful of adding salt or other flavor altering substances.


  • Fruit – Fruit is great for overall health and weight loss if eaten properly. Fruit has sugar in it. Which isn’t good for you. Especially if large amounts are consumed. So if you do eat fruits. Be sure not to pig out on them. One dish per day is ideal. To be on the safe side. Here is an article on the best fruits to eat for weight loss.


  • Chia Seeds – Hands down are some of the healthiest seeds on earth. They contain a super cocktail of ingredients making them perfect for weight loss.


  • Nuts – Nuts don’t make you fat. If you ever find yourself craving a snack. Nuts are the way to go. Be sure to not to eat them by the truck loads. Though they don’t make you fat. They are high in calories and that can be detrimental to weight loss.


  • Soups – Vegetable soup and other soups like it are great for your overall health and weight loss. It doesn’t make you lose weight directly. But it makes you feel full without eating much and that will cause you to lose weight over time.


  • Chili Pepper – Do go out and just start choking down chili peppers. They are hot and will burn your mouth to the point of you wanting to rip your face off. But chili peppers have been used for weight loss diets. 1 gram of chili pepper is the best way to consume them. Eating them in spicy foods have shown to help with weight loss any.



What To Do Now

Now that you have these foods that have been proven to help you lose weight. You must now implement them into your diet. You can either eat them before/after you eat your daily meals.

Or go on a vegan diet and find ways to get them in there that way. As long as you get them in you and follow it up with exercise. You will be on the sure track to lose weight on auto pilot. If you need weight loss equipment for home check out this article.

You may not be into these foods wish to find more information on belly fat and how to lose it. I have articles on articles on my site with information you can benefit from.

The Best Weight Loss Foods

You will need to find what you can and cannot do. If you are allergic or just so happen to not like something on this list. Search on until you find what you can do and works best for your diet.

Remember weight loss isn’t fast or easy. But it makes it a lot more manageable when you have a plan and guide on how you are going to take it on. Which is what I’m giving you now.

This is your guide and if you follow it along with exercise you have no choice but to lose weight.

The Best Weight Loss Foods

The apple cider vinegar really helps boost results. I say that because I used it and it did it for me. A guy I used to work with years ago told me he used it for weight loss.

I decided to give it a shot myself being that I was overweight and had already tried many other things promising me weight loss. I gave it a legitimate shot and it did what I needed it to do. I have been using it ever since and not once has it let me down.




You have 10 foods in know for a fact to help with weight loss and should be in your diet if you are trying to lose weight. You will soon see the pounds sliding off. I have an article on easy weight loss for women. Because some of what I have on here and other posts may be too hard on a woman’s body.

Especially if they aren’t use to exercising. So like I mentioned before. I have something for everyone on my site in regards to weight loss. Thank you for stopping by feel free to leave a comment and share this information with someone you feel that needs it.

3 thoughts on “The Best Weight Loss Foods”

  1. Hey Will, great post about the best foods for belly loss, & there was a lot of helpful information in it. I love grapefruit & I do what you say all the time, where you eat half of the grapefruit in the morning, then the other half before dinner. I also heard if you eat the grapefruit 30 minutes to an hour before a meal, this will also help you lose fat. I hear a lot of great things about apple cider vinegar, & I really need to try it out & see how it works. Overall, great post & keep up the great work!

    1. Thank you Andrew for your comment. Grapefruit is a big sleeper many don’t know the positive health benefits it brings to the table. It just so happens to help with weight loss and that’s scratching the surface. Apple cider vinegar is like the MVP of all healthy drinks.

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