The Biggest Loser Diet Review

The Biggest Loser Diet Review

Supplier Trustworthiness

10.0 /10


10.0 /10


10.0 /10

Diet Effectiveness

9.0 /10


  • Effective Weight Loss Diet
  • Cheap Compared To Others Alike
  • For Men & Women
  • Can Do At Home Or On The Go
  • No Lethal Side Effects


  • Does Not State That You Need To Stay Clear Of Gluten

Ok in this post I’ll be giving a thorough review of the Biggest Loser Diet.

Let’s get to it.


The Biggest Loser Diet Review: Full Rundown

The biggest loser 2

For those of you who didn’t know The Biggest Loser Diet was a popular tv show on NBC. I use to watch it quite a bit actually.

You are in essence doing the same thing as those people on the show minus the cameras if you decide that this diet is the one for you.

This product could change your life if you put in intense commitment. You could benefit from things like losing weight, becoming stronger, feeling better, and lowering your blood sugar and cholesterol.

This dietary plan has rules as all of them should. Such as what you can and can’t eat.


After digging into the program. It’s clear to me that you eat small portions frequently. Most of what you consume is the following.

  • Lean protein
  • Low-fat dairy
  • Soy fruits
  • Vegetables
  • Whole grains
  • Beans
  • Nuts

It’s formed in a 4-3-2-1 pyramid. Which are four servings of vegetables and fruits, three servings of lean protein, two servings of whole grains, and 200 calories of “extras”.

Most of the foods are low in calories but high in fiber, to help you feel fuller longer. By eating 4 to 6 small meals and snacks, you’ll keep your blood sugar and hunger in line. It recommends you drink 6-8 glasses of water a day and totally eliminating caffeine from your diet.

Everything they ask you to eat you can find at your local grocery store or on Amazon.


It’s also The Biggest Loser Cookbooks out there you can follow. This is not one of those delivery dietary plans when the company sends you food in the mail. There aren’t any meetings you have to attend this is all you solo. Unless you prefer otherwise.


Exercise is really the key to making this work for you. It’s a requirement in the program that you exercise so you’ll reach your body goals faster and successfully. As far as I know, this program is healthy and doesn’t have any major negative side effects.

If done properly this program can help you lower your odds to getting type 2 diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, stroke and certain cancers. Those are all really good benefits in my book. You don’t want any of those guys knocking at your door.

The Biggest Loser Diet - Is It A Loser Or Winner? -Full Rundown

The program includes whole foods that are high in fiber and low in saturated fat as well as salt. You will find plenty of plant-based sources of protein to eat when doing this diet. Also, foods that include gluten aren’t necessarily off-limits with this dietary plan.

Still, you should be in good hands if you aren’t eating gluten. You can specify your food preferences. But you’ll still need to read the labels on what you consume to completely avoid gluten.


I will say if you already have diabetes, heart, disease, high blood pressure or cholesterol. Be sure to check with your doctor before you begin this challenging diet and exercise program. I wouldn’t start off full blast non-stop.

I suggest pacing yourself for a slower and steady weight loss over time while still being effective. Do not get upset if you don’t see results 30mins later after you’ve started the program. Stick to it and dedicate yourself to the program and the results will come.

I’ve seen things such as Larabar, Jennie-o, house foods, and vita foods all on the menu for this program. It would also be good to get you a membership at a gym unless you have the things you need in your house. This here would be ideal. If you aren’t into the whole gym thing.


The Biggest Loser Cost 


If you decide to join the club the price for the first three months is $39.99. Then you will follow an express 6-week weight loss plan. That includes meal plans and recipes, workouts, a food and exercise tracker and online support. On there you can chart your progress online and get weigh-in reminders.

You can get in touch with customer support directly to ask any questions or concerns by clicking the link below.



That is it for this program. It’s what you make of it. Put in the work get results try it out for 2 days and stop then you’ll remain in your current situation. The choice is yours.

Have a great day thank you for stopping by be blessed. Feel free to leave a comment or feedback on your own personal experience with this program or on the post in general. I will respond as soon as I can.

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  1. I remembered the show and did not know they also had an entire plan made up for others to try. The membership for three months seems fairly good for what you would be getting but as you say it is up to the individual if you stick with it and make it work.

    The big question would be finding a system that you’d be able to do and stick with to reach your goals.

    1. Correct it’s many out there. But only the ones you deticate yourself to will work. That’s with anything in life also. Thanks for stopping by

  2. Hi William,

    I’m really happy to have come across your article! I know of the TV show, but I didn’t know that they have an actual diet plan.

    You’ve explained it so well, it sounds like a really good one and the price is quite reasonable too. I am trying to lose weight and I know I have to step up the exercise part!

    Congratulations on achieving your goals! I know how much hard work and commitment it takes but, as you say, that’s the only way to get results!

    Thank you for the great information!

    Best wishes,


  3. Great job William! I’ve never been a fan of the biggest loser as I’ve always believed the show demonstrated an unrealistic way of how one can lose weight but you have done a great job in convincing me that may be not the case. And I’m looking forward to sharing this with my step dad as he wants to lose weight and needs a website like this to help him in attaning his goal.

    1. I’m glad I was able to persuade your thoughts on the program and I’m sure it will help your step-dad out a lot. Let me know how it works out for him.

  4. Thank you for your article on the biggest loser diet plan, I have heard of this diet and the television program but never checked either of them out in the past.

    I never knew anyone who tried this product , do you know if many people have permanent success maintaining their weight with this diet plan?

    Many diets are only temporary weight loss, I am wondering if this one is long term?

    1. Yes I don’t see why you would put in all that hard work just to go back downhill. It can reverse only if you allow it to though

  5. I have heard this for the first time, however all I want to know is what does this program focus on and how dedicated do you need to be in order to follow this religiously?

    I really find most of the programs too difficult to follow and it is really not that easy to lose any weight by their methods. Is it harder than the Weight Watchers dietary program



    1. This all depends on you and how determined you are to lose weight. No program is harder than the other. It is what you make it. You will adjust to some better than others. But it wil always boil down to how bad you want it. If you want the weight gone then you will stop at nothing to get it off.

      I hope you dig down really deep inside yourself and find the courage and will to see pass the difficulty of losing weight. But to focus on the results and goals you have in plan.

  6. I used to watch that show all the time. Then for some reason we couldn’t get it any longer in our area. (We live in a small rural area) But I really enjoyed the show, and enjoyed watching the people lose weight and actually transform themselves right before your eyes. I would have perfect faith in this diet plan. Not only because of the show which I had respect for, but after reading your description of the diet, I know that it would work, since these are the very things I have used to lose weight myself. And they work. Thanks for this good review.

    1. Thank you and I was glad I could help inform you on this dietary program. Sorry it went out in your area. The ending season episodes were the best in my opinion. With technology nowadays I’m sure you could go find each episode on YouTube

  7. I used to watch The Biggest Loser too. I always wondered what happened to the contestants after the show ended, if they went right back into their old lifestyle and patterns.

    I’m sure it’s just like you say: The efforts of the user are what determine the outcome. … No matter what you try, it will only work if YOU work.

    Did you try the program yourself?

    1. Thank you and no I didn’t get a chance to. I had lost my weight by the time this show came around. But I enjoyed watching it and letting people know about it

  8. Hi, William.

    Like the overall look of your site. The side menu, language selection icon, and especially the dropdown categories at the top. Really wish I knew how to add one of those to my site.

    I’d actually never heard of The Biggest Loser Diet. Then again I’m Canadian, so I never really watched a lot of NBC. Your review was detailed, informative and included your personal take on the product. Very nice.

    The only thing that surprised me was that there didn’t seem to be any link to a site where you could join the 6-week plan under “The Cost” heading, or a link to similar products like The Biggest Loser Cookbooks. But maybe they were just linked somewhere else in the article, and I didn’t notice.

    All in all good concept, great site and very professional review. I’ll check back to find more of the same in the future.

    Happy trails!

    1. Thank you for your comment and you can find the language translator in the WordPress plug-ins. Just type it in and it’ll show quite a few.

      I didn’t put any links to the biggest loser website in this post. But now that you mentioned that I’ll contact them and ask them if it’s ok if I add the link to their website on my post. I could go over to Amazon and link a book for sure. I will work on that as well

  9. Hi William,

    Pretty comprehensive review about the Biggest Loser Program Diet. Well. we know that the only way to lose weight is by expending more calories than you consume.

    Does the program teaches how to count calories and carbs etc? I’be really be interested to know – I have some overweight friends who would probably be able to benefit from such a program but like most folks, they get discouraged about the calorie and carb counting bit.


  10. Hi Gant

    Awesome Post.. Thankfully i do not suffer from a overweight problem..But i do have some friends who do so i will send them to your site..

    Thanks for a very interesting read..Yes i do remember the TV series..and there were some really overweight people on there and some really amazing success stories that was heartfelt..

    Have a stunning day

    from Jaco

    1. Thank you and send them on over. I have plenty of post and information to provide them. It will help them lose weight if they are willing to listen and take action. I hate that the show doesn’t come on anymore though. I caught the tail end of it

  11. I had not heard of the show, however the pyramid plan that you suggested does sound realistic.
    How effective will this plan be in losing weight and how much does it involve exercising?
    I do not like exercising much, though I can easily have a controlled diet so will this plan help me in losing wieght without exercising too much?

    1. Hey thanks for your comment. You will get back what you put in. So if you eat and decide not to exercise because you don’t like it. Then your results will be poor. But if you eat and exercise right. You will have the body you desire in due time

  12. Hi,
    Love your post very much! If you are planning to lose a weight then most important things you have to remember in your mind.
    You have to take nutritious diet, avoid junk food and last but most important you have to do exercise on your daily basis.

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