In this post I will give you the diets for fast weight loss I’ll give you 10 they are randomized and not in any particular order.

These are diet plans that have worked for thousands and some cases millions of people. I’ve tried many myself. Some you’ve heard of and some you’ve may not.

This is how I’ll do it. I’ll name the diet plan and give you a brief rundown on what’s it about and what it proclaims to do for you as far as weight loss goes.

Then I will in the near future do full reviews of all 10 of these dietary plans so you can get the whole picture and not just a little snippet. Let’s get to it.

The Diets For Fast Weight Loss


Weight Watchers Diet – Weight watchers claim that when using their dietary plan you can lose up to 2 pounds weekly. If you make healthy choices that’ll fill you up you’ll eat less. Which is what they are all about. They launched a new beyond the scale program in 2015.

You can basically eat what you want no food is off-limits. You can shape your own diet to which you desire. I will say that Weight Watchers is a bit pricey. So before joining make sure you can afford it. Fortunately, I already wrote an article on weight watchers. Check it out on the link below.

Weight Watchers

Weight Watchers Full Rundown

HMR Program – The HMR program claims that any diet may help you lose weight, but people who changed their lifestyle through the Health Management Resources program maintain significant weight loss through either the medically supervised, in-clinic or at home options. You are basically taught how to lose weight and keep it off by reducing calories via meal.

 Replacement with things such as fruit and vegetables. While at the same time increasing physical activity and personal accountability. The meals are delivered to you. It has a phased approach for a quick start on weight loss. On the other hand, when doing this program your eating out is limited and the shakes could get humdrum (boring).

hmr program

HMR Program Full Rundown

Biggest Loser Diet – The main goal of this program from my understanding is to help you lose weight of course but at the same time prevent disease or reversal. They claim that in six weeks with you eating healthy food along with regular exercise.

You could not only lose weight but prevent or reverse diabetes, cut the risk of cancer, dementia, and Alzheimer’s. That’s a lot I know but they claim to do more than that. They also say it helps with your heart and boost your immune system. It’s solid in nutrition and no food is off-limits. Then there’s the price it’s not cheap. It also calls for lots of hard work.

The biggest loser 2

The Biggest Loser Full Rundown

Jenny Craig Diet – It’s all about weight loss and maintenance with this program. It’s similar to weight watchers in the aspect of you’ll lose 2 pounds a week. They claim that losing weight is simple so simple that they say just eliminating some calories and fat portions should get the job done.

 The food they send you is prepackaged. Personal consultants guide you through your journey from day one. You’ll gain support and motivation, while at the same time learning what you should be eating. There is no guess-work with this program. I’ve already told you that the meals are sent to you.

The cons are that home-cooked and restaurant meals are largely off-limits. It’s also going to grab your wallet or purse and rig it by the neck. In other words, it’s expensive.

jenny craig

Jenny Craig Diet

Raw Food Diet – Raw food is packed with natural enzymes and nutrients that help the body reach optimal health. This will result in you shedding pounds.

Most people who do this program only consume half the calories they would eat on a cooked diet. The whole eat raw food to better your health started way back in the 1800’s by a doctor named Maximilian Bircher-Benner.

 But I’ll save that for when I give a more in-depth review on this product. It’s mostly a fruit and veggies dietary plan. You are guaranteed weight loss. The setbacks are it’s very strict there are a lot of rules you must follow and tedious meal preparation and equipment is required.

Raw Fruits

Raw Food Diet Full Rundown

Volumetrics Diet – It claims you’ll drop a pound or two a week. It says that people tend to eat the same weight, or amount of food each day, regardless of how many calories they take in.

 Since some foods are less energy dense than others. That is they have fewer calories per gram. Filling your plate with more of those means you’ll be eating fewer calories without actually eating less food.

This program is very filling from the sounds of things. Nothing is off-limits that I’m aware of. It does have long meal preparations, though. If fruits, veggies, and soup aren’t your thing then this program is not for you.

Vm Diet

Volumetrics Diet Full Rundown

Atkins Diet – This program claims you’ll lose up to 15 pounds within two weeks. Sheesh! that’s a miracle right there. It also claims that you can eat lots of fatty foods. Ok, they lost me now.

 It states that the body needs carbs for it to function. Limiting carbs make the body turn to an alternative for its needs such as stored fat. So sugars and potatoes, white bread, and rice are all but squeezed out; they slide in things that contain a lot of protein and fat like chicken, meat, and eggs.

Fat is burned and the pounds come off. They promote fatty food that is gluten-free and helps with quick weight loss. With this program you cannot have any sweets or bread and more calories may be restricted than you might expect.

The New Atkins For A New You

Atkins Diet Full Rundown

Slim-Fast Diet – Many of you have heard of slim-fast before but have you considered drinking it is a dietary supplement. It claims that you’ll lose 1 to 2 pounds weekly. Losing weight is as simple as restricting calories and portion sizes.

While allowing variety and structured flexibility. Slim-Fast products replace your breakfast, lunch, and snacks, so you get the right amount of the right nutrients. They are convenient and good for people on the go.

There is no math work or guesswork. But the shakes and meal bars could be a turn-off. After a while, it gets really repetitive the same old after each meal.

Slim Fast Value pack

Slim Fast Diet Full Rundown

Vegan Diet – Going vegan could help shed pounds and fend off various chronic diseases. You can cook up a perfectly healthy, meat-and-dairy-free menu that supports weight loss and reduces the risk of heart disease, diabetes, and cancer.

Vegan diet

Vegan Diet Full Rundown

Dash Diet – This dietary plan could prevent high blood pressure. A healthy eating pattern is very important. To deflating high blood pressure and it may give you positive results in your waistline area as well.

Nutrients like potassium, calcium, protein, and fiber are crucial to fending off or fighting high blood pressure.

This plan is heart healthy and nutritionally sound. On the back-end, it’s lots of hard work and could hit your wallet where it hurts.

Dash Diet

What Is The Dash Diet


That sums it up for this post all of these diets are for fast weight loss. Remember I will do further more in-depth reviews on each in the near future.

Have a great day thank you for stopping by. Feel free to leave a comment or feedback on your own personal experience with these products or for the post in general. I will respond as soon as I can. That’s all I have for this review.



  1. This is a good and comprehensive list of various sort diets. I am always interested in new types of diets and lifestyle eating choices, because I am very into nutrition and staying healthy and fit, and I believe food consumption plays such a big role in that. So this list gives me a whole bunch to try out!

  2. Awesome rundown on a lot of different weight loss methods. I have tried something similar to the Atkins diet where I was doing a low-carb high fat method.

    It really did work for me but I wonder if there is any side effects. Because you don’t eat any carbs where do you get energy from. I was starting to feel tired sometimes and I think that might be why.

    The fact that you shouldn’t eat or drink any sugar might be the number one reason why I lost some weight.

    These are all really great.


  3. Hey, nice summaries on these different diets!

    I definitely didn’t know about half of these, so it was interesting to read about them! I appreciate that you were very to the point with them, so thank you!

    You had a few big ones, but I was surprised you did not have the Paleo diet on there. Are you planning on doing a summary/review/post on that at some point as well?

  4. Nice list of diets always interested in new methods so that i can find what suits me. As a woman i try all my life to find ways of staying in shape. Your summaries are so to the point and help us got informed so that we can choose if any of these diets is good for us. Thanks for this article.

    1. Thank you and each that has a picture above it. Has a more in depth review of the program as well. You should check them out. If you are interested in any

  5. Hi, I like to read all about the possibilities on how to lose weight. I intend to change my nutritionlife. I read your suggestions and look forward to reading other reviews on various diets. For me the most acceptable seems LCHF (Low Carb High Fat) I hope you’ll write your review and on this diet (lifestyle).

  6. Dear HealthyGuy, its nice to see that the diets you have recommended are not the crazy ‘loose 10 pounds in one day’ kind of diets. I personally like the Atkins diet, i have done alot of research on carbohydrates and the effects they have on the body. Unfortunately every isle situated between the veg and meat aisle is basically full of complex carbs. I look forward to reading more of your posts.

    1. Yes that is true.You will want to go to an organic food market. Or grow them yourself. You can even order online. But be really careful with that. I would stick with the first two options I recommended

  7. Hi William,
    We see that the list of programs of the diets for fast weight loss is as great as the need of many people have to reduce the pounds once we gain, and to have to eliminate them. Personally, I used The Zone Diet and arguably neither as good was not so bad, do you have any experience with this program?

    1. No honestly I haven’t. Nor have I heard of it. I will be sure to look into it though. I might even write a post on it

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