The Raw Food Diet Review

The Raw Food Diet Review


9.0 /10

Diet Effectiveness

10.0 /10


10.0 /10

Variety Of Foods Available

10.0 /10


  • Super Healthy For You
  • Will Increase Your Live Span
  • Been Used For Years
  • You Can Grow The Foods In Your Backyard
  • No GMOs or Artificial Sugars


  • Taste Are Natural And Not Intriguing At All

In this article, we’ll discuss raw food diet. Some think it’s the natural way to go. Some think it’s gross and barbarian like. No matter your view on the raw food diet people are going to do what they find fit for them. With that being said I’ll give you the ins and outs for both parties and I’ll leave the rest up to you.

Raw Food Diet The Ins And Outs: Full Rundown

Let us start with the ins of the raw food diet first. The main way to have your food considerably referred to as raw is quite simple. It is basically what it says it is “raw food“. Whether you’re eating fruits, vegetables, grains, nuts or even uncooked meats. As long as the meat has been unprocessed and uncookedThis will keep all of the enzymes intact.

Many who do the raw food diet believe that raw foods increase energy levels, decrease the risk of heart disease and help control body weight. There is more preparation in starting a raw food diet than just the cooking part. I’ll name them and put brief descriptions beside each.

Raw Fruits


  • You must first understand what raw foods are. At least 75% of the raw food diet is fresh fruits and veggies. Along with nuts, leafy greens, whole grains, sprouts, seaweed, beans, and legumes. In some cases, some raw meat diets slide in raw meats and dairy products. Refined sugar, alcohol, and caffeine are huge no no’s when doing this diet or any diet for that matter.


  • You have to incorporate the raw food diet into your daily diet. If you drink caffeine you must eliminate that from your body before doing this diet. You can do such by having a fruit smoothie each day for a week or so.

Fix meals for lunch and dinner with 75% raw food for the initial first week. Begin to mix various raw foods on your plate, including things like whole grains, green veggies, and brightly colored fruits. You’ll need protein so be sure to add eggs or nuts and maybe beans or tofu. So your diet will be balanced.


  • Balance your diet carefully when preparing a raw food diet. Eat at least 8 servings a day of calcium-rich foods, like soybeans, cabbage, and figs. Incorporate twice as much iron into your diet as non-vegetarians. Nuts and legumes are loaded with rich iron. I suggest that you try soy milk and yeast they pack vitamin B12. Lastly, eat walnuts, and flaxseed or canola oil to get more omega-3 fatty acids.


  • Be sure to fix your meals ahead of time. It will not be the same if you rush it. It’s simple just chop your vegetables and fruits in advance and place them in your refrigerator until you get ready to eat them.


Buy the proper tools even though you won’t be cooking, you will want some cooking tools nearby to make the preparation of your raw food a lot easier. I would suggest you purchase a blender, food processor, a juicer, along with some good quality knives.



Pros Of A Raw Food Diet

How do you benefit from a raw food diet? Raw food is packed with natural enzymes and nutrients that help the body reach optimal health. Which will result in you shedding pounds and that what you want correct?

Most people who do this program only consume half the calories they would eat on a cooked diet. The whole eat raw food to better your health thing started way back in the 1800’s by a doctor named Maximilian Bircher-Benner. It’s mostly a fruit and veggies dietary plan. You are guaranteed weight loss.

About Maximilian Bircher-Benner. He was born August 22, 1867, in Aarau, Switzerland. He attended the University of Zürich to study medicine and eventually opening his own general clinic. Within the first year of the clinic being open Benner came down with jaundice, and claimed he became better by eating raw apples.

Raw Food Diet -The Ins and Outs - Full Rundown

From this observation, he began to experiment with the health effects of raw foods has on the body. He then promoted a dish named muesli, which contained raw oats, fruits, and nuts. He expanded his nutritional research and opened a sanatorium called “Vital Force” in 1897.

He believed raw fruits and veggies held the most nutritional value, cooked and commercially processed foods held even less, and meat held the least nutritional value.

He eventually gave up meat entirely. Other scientists at the time did not react well to Benner’s as he referred to as his ” New Food Science,”. Soon the general public caught on to his ideas to the point he had to expand his sanatorium practice. His nutritional habits and eating patterns grew steadily in popularity until his death on January 24, 1939, in Switzerland, he was 71.

That was a long time ago and people are still using his methods today. If it worked all those years it’s proven and should be taken seriously. If done for dietary reasons.


Cons Of A Raw Food Diet

Now let’s talk about the outs of raw food diet. If you don’t like it you won’t do it. If you hate the way it sounds. You will not like it. If you are knocking it before trying it you obviously don’t like it and will not give it the time or day.

Anything dietary has its active members and its talkers. If you are an active member none of this relates to you cause you know how it goes and you know that you must put in to get out.

The talkers, on the other hand, are just those people who talk and that’s just about all they actually do. They talk about this and talk about that. But you never see them doing anything. Those are usually the people who give bad reviews on products cause instead of trying the product out and being an active member.

Raw Food Diet -The Ins and Outs - Full Rundown

They would rather sit around and sniff out other negative things to find about a product to use as an excuse not to do it and complain about how they can’t lose weight and so on. Don’t be a talker be an active member. Or at least give a product a genuine chance to see if it’s actually legit or not.

If you tried it and it wasn’t for you that’s one thing. If you simply shoot something dietary down without trying it first. You are a talker and not serious about bettering your condition.

You must first change your mindset and ways of approaching new things before you can ever really get a clearer view of things such as a raw food diet. With all that being said become a doer. Give it a try before shooting it down. If you are serious about changing your weight for the better.



Hope I didn’t step on any toes within the outs section of the post. I didn’t say those things to hurt or belittle anyone. If I did I apologize. Just a little tough love to help motivate you on your journey with weight loss. It’s good to have tough love sometimes it shows that I care.

If I was to just have you read this and not give you the bad with the good I’d be cheating you out of valuable information. That’s not what I’m about here. Have a great day thank you for stopping by be blessed.

Feel free to leave a comment or feedback on your own personal experience with these products or for the post in general. I will respond as soon as I can.


  1. Great post about the raw food diet, William!

    I was totally unaware that some people do these diets and eat small amounts of raw meat. Gross! But otherwise I enjoyed the post. Oh, and thank you for recommending those different kitchen tools, they look really good!

    A question though, does the diet help a lot with suppressing hunger???

  2. Hello Health Guy

    very nice article on raw food diet, this summer its been extremely hot and humid, I have been eating more raw foods than normally.

    I actually am feeling pretty well considering the humidity this summer, I think the raw diet is good for my digestion more than the cooked diet I usually eat.

    1. Yes I will agree with you this summer is no joke with the heat. If it seems to do better for you than cooked food. Keep eating it. There will be no harm done

  3. Great post I love coming here each and every day ti read new post by you. This site has helped me and many of my friends lose weight and eat healthier foods. I have been following your site since your very first post. The one on Symptoms Stage Two Diabetes. Keep up the good work and may God bless you with many more years on this earth. To sprea your knowledge on weight loss.

    1. Thank you and I am glad to hear that you have been apart of this journey with me for so long. I really appreciate the support and your story. I do this for people like you and so many others. This is pure motivation to me.

  4. I really can’t imagine starving and really wanted to lose weight , however over the course of time after trying a lot of diets and exercises, all that I have felt is that dieting is a mere waste of time all you need to do is eat healthy even if you can’t exercise, if you eat healthy you have an average body weight and a nice overall health.

    1. That is true Shrey. But that is not the case for everyone and once you get older and your metabolism starts to decrease. It will not be a good idea to just eat and eat with no exercise. I will say if you are already in a position where you are comfortable with your weight and non exercise then by all means do it till you can’t no more.

      But for those who are looking to lose weight and remain healthy for the long term. Eating healthy and exercise will go hand and hand. That’s how I lost my weight and how I continue to keep it off today. Don’t try to short cut the system because you might wake up a little heavier than you was when you went to sleep. Dieting is not a waste of time. That’s just completely false. It only becomes a waste of time once you allow it to

  5. I did raw food a few years back. I actually enjoyed it and found ways to get around my cravings for things like bread. I felt really good while I did it but it was only a short term thing for me.

    I have a few friends who SWEAR by it and have been doing it for years. It’s definitely not for everyone to do on a long term basis though.

    I wonder what the long term effects are since my raw friends seem super skinny and frail. Have you seen any research on the subject?

    1. As far as the long term goes. I haven’t heard of it making anyone skinny or frail. If you are consuming the right amounts of protein and healthy fats. It shouldn’t be a problem. But if you are only eating things like green foods or fruits and nothing else you will start to shirnk.

  6. Ok so maybe I was a little unclear on what a raw food diet actually is. I am a big meat eater so a raw food diet would mean I would have to eat plenty of sashimi and tataki – just like the Japanese. I didnt realise it meant that you cant cook meat but I guess that makes sense now – RAW foods. I need a bit of inspiration as far as my diet is concerned so this is a timely read for me. I take it alcohol is prohibited on this diet? Even raw straight vodka? ;o)

    1. Yes even raw straight vodka haha. It will take some time to get use to. But it’s possible. Thank you for your comment though. It was quite a read for me. One of the more amusing ones for sure

  7. Hi, I told you I’d be back again. I love visiting your site. I really like all the good eating tips here. And I love the picture of the strawberries, and blueberries. I actually do eat a lot of raw foods because my wife and I don’t cook supper, we just eat whatever’s handy in the house. And so that means raw foods. I really enjoy nuts of all kinds. And fruits, I’m really a fruit lover. And I appreciate the facts that you brought about about raw foods. Keep up the good work. No doubt I’ll see you again, Jim.

    1. Thanks Jim!!! Nice to hear from you buddy. Yea me and my wife are the same way in a sense. Just snack on what’s in arms reach most of the time. As long as it’s healthy

      1. that’s really a lot easier than cooking isn’t it? But I must admit, here I am sitting at the table typing this while eating some heated up leftovers of meatloaf and noodles and Brussel sprouts. Not unhealthy, but certainly not “fat free”. Oh well, I do pretty good most of the time.

  8. I eat a few raw foods, but that is the expected fruit and some vegetables. But I wouldn’t eat raw meat. It’s just something about the idea that repulses me.

    Like they say don’t knock it until you try it. I could do this but not go the whole hog, (no pun intended).

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