Today we will discuss effective ways you can lose weight at home.

It is believed by so many people that in order to lose weight you must be a die-hard gym rat and that’s not the case. In fact, it is known that weight loss from home is a more preferred option for a number of reasons. I will go into detail on each.

Why Is Weight Loss At Home Preferred?

This a cool little question mark image I like to use. You will not need him to do your exercises.

Question Mark #1

  • You’re at home
  • You are alone or around people you know
  • You can still handle household duties without having to rush to get there.
  • It’s less pressuring
  • You can set your own opening and closing time.

I will give you a brief description on how you can benefit from each of these.

You’re at home – You are at a place you are very familiar with. You know where everything is. This makes you comfortable and you can focus more on the goal at hand.

You’re Alone Or Around People You Know – You are not in a building or facility full of random people. You don’t necessarily have to look over your shoulder or worry about being approached by some creep. You will feel safer and this will also allow you to concentrate on the overall goal. That being weight loss.

You Can Still Handle Household Duties Without Having To Worry About Red Lights – This isn’t always the case but it does happen. In fact, it has happened to me before.

I was once leaving the gym and I had just remembered that I had to take my daughter to dance practice and get some things from the store. So now I’m trying to rush home and get cleaned up so I can take care of these things.

Of course, I get caught by all the red lights in town and get an ugly $300+ dollar speeding ticket. But once I realized I could effectively work out and lose weight from home. I no longer had to worry about that.


For those of you who want to know. Yes, I did get my daughter to practice on time and I completed my “honey do list”.

It’s Less Pressuring – Sometimes when you are at the gym you are pressured to try to keep up with the person next to you or in a group in general. No one likes to look like the weakest link.

That’s just a part of human nature. I have seen this with males more than females. But not everyone can bench 400 pounds Or squat 500.

But you are now in competition with someone or others. This doesn’t always go according to plan.

What is it to keep up with the person next to you and be so sore or wore out you can barely drive home. It’s best to work at your own pace. With no pressure, you make this possible when you exercise from home.

How To Lose Weight At Home

I’m not saying don’t be competitive. I’m saying don’t be competitive until you’re ready. If you work hard and diligently your time will come.

You Can Set Your Own Opening And Closing Times – Everyone has a different schedule. You may have a job that doesn’t even make it possible for you to be able to make it to the gym.

Then you may work a job where you get off the gym is either closed or about to close. The list goes on and on but you can eliminate this problem with exercise from home.

By making your own schedule. Which will be suitable for you.

Now that you understand some of the benefits from implementing weight loss from home. You can see why it’s preferred more than the traditional way.



Effective Ways To Lose Weight At Home

Weight loss on a scale

There are many ways to lose weight at home. I will cover ones I find the most efficient and effective ways to lose weight at home. In order to do this successfully, you must be focused even more than you would be out at the gym.

You have more distractions like TV, computer, kids, friends, family, etc. Don’t let these things distract you from your goal. Unless your kids/family/friends are sick or in need in an emergency situation. Then, by all means, handle that accordingly.

Eating Habits


You have to change your eating habits it will mean nothing if you work out/exercise and go and eat unhealthy food right after. That would be like going to run a marathon you’re getting ready to run you’re standing up on your legs.

But then decide to run on your knees in exchange for a shorter distance. Eat healthily and apply proper exercise to reap the benefits successfully. Click here to see some healthy foods you can implement into your diet.

Targeted Exercises


It’s true that you must eat healthy when trying to lose weight. But we all know what happens when you just eat with no exercise. That food will build up and you will become overweight. So it’s just as important to exercise when trying to lose weight effectively.

It can be something as simple as walking or jogging. It can also be something more sophisticated like some extreme army work out. No matter what you choose make sure it’s beneficial to your weight loss. I would recommend you get a yoga mat if you’re into yoga and also a medicine ball.

I have found these two things to be very effective in my weight loss experience. Everyone is different though I say this all time. You might be more of a dumbbell or treadmill type of person. I have a treadmill. Either route is a great choice. So do what’s best for you and has the best results.


If it’s a specific area you’re wanting to lose weight in be sure to target that area. I have seen many times people trying to lose weight but not in a specific targeted area. It will not help you at all to be trying to lose weight in your gut. But doing exercise focusing on your arms and legs.

I have written two posts on how to lose weight targeted towards your belly and back fat. If you are trying to lose weight in either of those areas. I highly recommend you go check them out. You can do so by clicking either of the following links below.

Click here to view how to lose belly fat.

Click here to view how to lose back fat targeted.

These are two specific types of fat and the post is strictly pertaining to each topic.


Healthy Drink

Lastly, you must include some healthy weight loss supplements. You can never become too healthy remember that. There are boatloads of supplements out there that will help aid you in losing weight. I will name a few off the top of my head.

  • Hydroxycut
  • Caffeine
  • Orlistat
  • Green Bean Extract
  • Green Tea
  • Healthy Weight Loss Smoothies
  • Apple Cider Vinegar

I could go on and on. Those are to just name a few. I personally use Green Tea and healthy Weight Loss Smoothies. I have written articles on those two post as well you can view each at the following links below.

Click here to view my personal green tea supplement.

Click here to view healthy weight loss smoothies.

These are very good ways to maintain a healthy body day in and out. Be sure to check with your doctor before trying any of these. You may not be able because of a certain condition. This is rare but it does happen to some people.

I say this because I once had a guy who had just started taking a dietary supplement. He did not check with his doctor first and he ended up being allergic to what he was taking.

It caused him to have all kinds of rashes and a sore throat to go with that. That’s why I say check in with your doctor and let them know what you are wanting to take and see if you’re good to go on it.

Supplements should be taken as an aid to your weight loss process. Do not take them and expect them to work without you doing any work. You must exercise and eat healthy/drink along with doing this in order for it to work correctly.


It’s that simple. I have given you the benefits of the effective weight loss at home approach. I have given you simple but yet effective ways to lose weight at home.

None of anything I mentioned in this post will require you to go to a gym. So you can do all of this from the comfort of your own home. Take heed to things you learned in this post and apply it as soon as you can. You will be losing weight more effectively and more efficient than ever before. Here is another post on effective exercise equipment for home.



  1. I do find following a weight loss program at home is better for a few different reasons but as you mentioned still has some challenges.

    Working out at home, means you save time from driving there and back. Once you are there, you do not need to wait around for equipment to be empty for you to use again saving you time and staying on track.

    Also when you’re at home, you can plan your meals and supplements better than when you’re rushing around town, etc.

    As you mentioned staying disciplined to stick to the proper foods and doing the workouts.

    When you look at all the pros and cons, I like working out at home.

  2. Hey nice website here with interesting tips. I believe when it comes to weight lose and having a nice body, people tend to overcomplicate things. Weight loss programs, fancy diets, supplements and many shiny stuff that can be helpful, but not necessary and certainly not the point. Sometimes they just spread our focus thin, when we should just concentrate on the critical few that matter most.

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