If you are like I once was you don’t like going to the doctor….. you are set in your ways and think that you can just stay in good health forever. Yea I know. But realistically we all need to get ourselves checked frequently.

Not every day or week. But once or twice a year if you are in good health as of right now. This may need to be a bit more frequent for anyone with or had health issues.

Especially if you have or think you have a serious health condition going on. In this post, I’ll be talking to you about Symptoms Of Stage Two Diabetes. I’ll go in-depth on the symptoms.

I’ll also chime in here and there on particular things I went through as well with my experience with diabetes stage 2.

What Are Symptoms For Stage Two Diabetes

What Are Symptoms For Stage Two Diabetes My top 10

If you’re urinating a lot along with constantly being thirsty that’s a sign. More so if you find yourself waking up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom (Which Is What I Found Myself Doing Quite Often). It could be a diabetic symptom.

Your kidneys now crank into high gear to get all the excess glucose out of your blood, causing you to relieve yourself multiple times at night.

The excessive feeling of needing liquid is your body trying to replace all that lost fluid. Remember you’re urinating a lot so your body is not holding liquid very long.

These two symptoms go hand in hand and are some of your body’s natural ways of telling you that you need to manage high blood sugar.


What Are Symptoms For Stage Two Diabetes My top 10
Weight Loss

Weight loss –  Is another key symptoms stage two diabetes let me explain. Increased high blood sugar levels can also cause rapid weight loss.

Not 1 or 2 pounds I’m talking more about the 10-20 range over a couple of months span. Without you trying to lose that much weight. You may be thinking that’s a good thing but It’s not a healthy weight loss method.

More like deteriorating fade away type of weight loss and you don’t want that.

The reason for this weight loss is because the insulin hormone isn’t getting glucose into the cells, where it can be used as energy, your body now thinks it’s starving and kicks into survival mode.

Your body is now breaking down protein from your muscles as an alternate source of fuel.

This causes you to lose weight rapidly. The kidneys are a major part in this also working extremely hard to eliminate the excess sugar, and this leads to loss of calories and eventually harms the kidneys.


What Are Symptoms For Stage Two Diabetes My top 10

Hunger – (Was My Main Symptom) Excessive craves for food, is another sign of diabetes, this comes from sharp peaks and lows in your blood sugar levels.

(When it hits you you’ll feel lightheaded and close to fainting). When the blood sugar levels decrease, your body gets the initiative that it’s been fed and begins to crave more of the glucose that cells need to function.


What Are Symptoms For Stage Two Diabetes My top 10
Skin Problems

I was told this one I didn’t really have this symptom but everyone is different.

Skin Problems itchy skin, the result of dry skin or poor circulation, can usually be a warning sign of that pest diabetes, as are other skin conditions such as acanthosis nigricans in more simplistic terms it’s the darkening of the skin around your armpit or neck area.

People who have this already have an insulin resistance process live and in effect even though their blood sugar might not be high.

When you get these symptoms I advise you to get your blood sugar checked as soon as possible.


What Are Symptoms For Stage Two Diabetes My top 10
Slow Healing

Another is Slow Healing infections, cuts, and bruises that don’t heal normally is sadly another traditional sign of symptoms stage 2 diabetes.

This often happens because the blood vessels are being disrupted by the extra about of glucose moving through the veins and arteries.

This makes it difficult for blood needed to promote healing and reach different areas of the body.


What Are Symptoms For Stage Two Diabetes My top 10
Yeast Infection

Yeast Infections  – Diabetes is considered an immunosuppressed state. That means it’s highly likely to submit to a variety of infections, although the most common are yeast (Candida) and other fungal infections.

Fungi and bacteria both thrive in sugar-rich environments. Women more so than men need to look out for vaginal candida infections.


What Are Symptoms For Stage Two Diabetes My top 10
Feeling Fatigued

Fatigue and Irritability – (Is another major one I experienced) When people have high blood sugar levels, depending on the time frame, they can get become the accustom to chronically not feeling well.

Which becomes the everyday norm to them and they accept it.

Getting up constantly at night will make an Olympic track runner tired, as will the extra effort your body is putting out to compensate for all its glucose deficiency.

Everyone knows when you’re sleepy and tired you become very irritable. People who’ve had really high blood sugar, when brought down most of the time they say they didn’t know how bad they actually felt.


What Are Symptoms For Stage Two Diabetes My top 10
Blurry Vision

Blurry Vision – (I had this problem also) having distorted vision and seeing floaters or occasional flashes of bright lights is often a result of high blood sugar levels.

Blurry vision is a refraction problem. When the glucose in the blood is escalated, it alters the shape of the lens and the eye itself.

The good news is that this symptom is reversible once your blood sugar levels are returned to normal and balanced out.

Note if you let your blood sugar level go unchecked for a long period of time and your glucose will cause irreversible damage, in some cases even blindness.

That’s not anything you want knocking on your doorstep.


What Are Symptoms For Stage Two Diabetes My top 10
Numbness or Tingling

Tingling or Numbness – In the hands or feet, addition with pain or swelling, are signs that nerves are being corrupted by diabetes.

Good news though if the symptoms or more recent. As it’s more likely to be fixed.

Just like with vision, if blood sugar levels are allowed to go undetected for too long. Neuropathy (nerve damage) will be permanent. that’s why it’s good to control your blood sugar quickly as possible.


What Are Symptoms For Stage Two Diabetes My top 10
Blood Test

This is really how I found out I was a diabetic with Blood Test not just one but multiple.

Several tests are used to check for diabetes a single result doesn’t have enough in it to tell whether you’re a diabetic or not.

One is the fasting plasma glucose test, which checks your blood sugar at night or 8 hours with you not eating.

Blood glucose above 126 milligrams per deciliter(mg/dL) two results of this means you have diabetes.

The regular cutoff is 99 mg/dL while a blood sugar level of 100 to 125 mg/dL is considered prediabetes, a very serious condition on its own.




Now that you know some key symptoms to diabetes. It is very important to get checked for any of these if you are experiencing symptoms listed above.

Don’t sweep it under the rug or treat it as if it’s not serious. Your health is all you have and you should treat it as such.

Have a great day thank you for stopping by be blessed. Feel free to leave a comment or feedback on your own personal experience with these symptoms or on the post in general.

I will respond as soon as I can.

For those of you who want to know exactly what I used to help fight my diabetes, you should check out the link below.

Diabetes Worst Nightmare!


  1. Very awesome article on type two diabetes, I am surprised you will lose so much weight I thought you would gain a ton of weight instead. Many of the symptoms I was not aware of as signs, I plan to be more aware of my body signs now and even have my sugar checked regularly by my physician.

  2. Thanks for this amazing article on type 2 diabetes. I didn’t realize that you would have rapid weight loss with type 2. I know that with type 1 it’s common to have that sudden rapid weight loss before it’s diagnosed. I went through this with my youngest daughter when she was almost 2 years old right before she was diagnosed with type 1. Good to know that that is a sign of type 2 diabetes. I will definitely watch out for these signs for my own health. Thank you again!

  3. Hi William,

    This is a thorough article about diabetes stage 2.

    I wasn’t aware that it can become so bad. Especially the weight loss is new to me because I thought diabetes can occur due to overweight.

    Now that I think about it, I had a friend once who had diabetes as well and was quite skinny, but I don’t know which stage or type of diabetes he had.

    Today is a good day, because I learnt something new again.

    Thank you for that


  4. excellent article on diabetes!
    I never knew there could be so much going on in our bodies that could eventually lead to diabetes, I do have rashes some times but luckily they go away pretty quick, I knew several friends who have diabetes, they are using some shots everyday to keep their levels up, I really don’t want to imagine what’s that like, thanks for the info!

  5. I think your article is very well done. I thank you for this amazing information. You are definitely a teacher and a blessing. I will be back to read your great post. I will also sign up for your email list so I can stay caught up with your post. Go William!!!

  6. I have recently been diagnosed with type 2. About a year ago. I haven’t been back to the doctor though. I wonder, should I go back? does diabetes damage happen quickly? Or do I have a couple of years to try and lose some weight…maybe kick diabetes altogether? I don’t know what I should do.

    1. It depends on how you treat it. Don’t play around with it get you some diabetic supplements and change your eating habits. Once you do that start working on losing some weight. In due time your diabetes will go away. Your doctor will tell you that you need to take this and that. But remember they make a living off proscibing people medicine. Not saying they aren’t trying to help. But it’s best to be your own doctor first. Let the other come second. Know what I mean

  7. Thank you for this post. My mom has Diabetes and my Gmom died from the complications associated with it. I am always reading up on Diabetes as I may inherit it and need to stay focus on my daily eating habits.
    Your post educate on the signs which a lot of people are not aware of and I am always trying to educate people on it. Great post!

    1. I’m sorry to hear about what happened to you grandmother. If your mom needs any advice. Feel free to contact me personally. You can fill out the email box and I will have your email and just message me and let me know how I can assist you.

      Thank you I try to be as informative as possible in each post.

  8. Hmmm I always find myself needing to use the bathroom several times a night…Maybe I should get that looked at and checked out. Thanks for writing this – I never really thought twice about it to be honest but now I’m thinking it could actually be my body trying to tell me something

    1. I’m glad to help. On the other hand yes I would recommend you go get checked also. Using the bathroom once or twice at night is reasonable. But several times yea you should get looked at just in case

  9. This is excellent information pertaining to stage 2 diabetes.

    Personally I’ve been on the edge of diabetes and each time it scared me into changing my habits. (Of course I seem to fall back into them sometimes!)

    Sometimes I do have chronic fatigue and tingling. Thankfully I had it checked out and we are good so far. These are great symptoms to watch out for, especially if you are susceptible to diabetes.

    Stay healthy!

  10. I am a diabetic so I know all well about everything mentioned here. It’s no fun and learning about you have to do is crucial. I finally have begun to lower my sugar and lose weight. Recently I learned that low blood sugar is worse than high blood sugar. But either way, you want to balance your sugars out. Once you start, things will slowly get better. Great advice here. Implement it.

  11. This is a very helpful article on Diabetes. Many people are suffering from this, even children.
    Thank you for this informative post.

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