In this post, I will simply give you some of the most important things I think it takes to lose weight successfully. These things are mental and physical.

This will be a motivational post and I hope you take it to heart and apply these things soon to help you ultimately lose weight. I only speak of things I have a full understanding about and know that I can give valuable news about. To give you the best information I can possibly provide for you. I apply this to each and every post I write.

What Does It Take To Lose Weight-Class Is In Session – Important Information

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It takes focus to lose weight if you are not focused on something you won’t take it seriously long enough to get any results out of it.

You must get the proper rest you can not lose weight if you are tired. How can you exercise or focus on what you’re eating if you are tired? The brain works better when you are well rested and the rest of the body will follow suit.

You must be dedicated. You have to be dedicated to losing weight. You cannot lose weight after changing your diet for 1 day and doing some exercises for about 5 or 10mins. It’s not going to happen overnight anything that is really worth achieving happens over night. You must instill that in your mind.

Most people give up on weight loss because they don’t see results the next day. Don’t be that person type of person. You must be dedicated. Just like it took time for the fat to build up on you. It’s going to take time to get it off as well.

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It takes positive support. If you aren’t getting any positive support you will feel like what you’re doing is a waste of time and all kinds of other negative thoughts will creep into your mind. Get you a trainer or a friend/friends to help motivate you.

It’s been proven that when trying to lose weight. That if you have a strong support system it works better. This very technique helped start one of the world’s most popular weight loss programs. That program being Weight Watchers

You must change your eating habits. If you don’t change your eating habits when you are trying to lose weight. It’s like trying to put out a fire with gasoline.

No matter how hard you work. If you are still eating fattening, salty, and sugary drinks etc. You will not lose weight and keep it off. Change your diet to a healthier intake and you will lose those pounds and keep them off for good.

Don’t make yourself promises you can’t keep. I say this because I have seen in many cases when an individual was trying to lose weight. But set some unrealistic goal like losing 60 pounds before the weekend.

They didn’t meet their goal and it made them feel like what they were doing wasn’t working and they eventually gave up on losing weight. Don’t make promises/goals that you know deep down are unrealistic.

Set moderate and achievable goals. You’ll feel better once you accomplish them. It will build your confidence and make you want to go even harder over time. You will be ready once this time comes cause will have been working towards it.


Get some workout equipment. If you plan on using workout equipment. I suggest you check out this item. My recommended workout item. But I understand that working out isn’t for everyone and some people just don’t like it.

I would suggest you look into yoga. This is a post I wrote on how yoga helps you lose weight. How Yoga Helps You Lose Weight. These aren’t the only two options, though. Just some I’ve written about. You can go get a membership at a gym, buy Dumbbells, a treadmill, and plenty of other things workout related.


Let the alcohol go. Yes, the term “beer gut” is true and is a result of drinking a lot with no exercise. If you’re drunk you aren’t going to want to exercise and you probably don’t even care if what you’re eating is healthy or not.

Drinking doesn’t just make you fat it cause liver and kidney damage along with other serious health issues later in life. It’s ok to have a drink every now and then.

It’s understandable but if you find yourself sitting beside 5 or 6 empty cans or bottles. You are doing too much and it’s hurting your chances of losing weight and your overall health.


Set a time frame. It;s good to have a set schedule of when you’re going to exercise and when you’re going to have chill days. Nothing is worse than trying to cram in getting off work, doing exercise, focus on kids, along with all the other things life throws at you.

Do your exercises by all means but don’t let that take you away from your life or responsibilities. Have it set out and planned so you will know what days you are going to do this and what days you are going to relax. Same rules apply with your eating habits.

If you know you’re going to be busy most of the day and when you get home you don’t have the time to prepare a healthy meal. Already have it prepared ahead of time. Keep in mind you are human and you do get fatigued.

It can happen you may burn yourself out. Excessive exercise/working out isn’t always a guaranteed positive results. Pace yourself and be steady with your approach to this new reoccurring process you’re getting your body prepared for.

Think positive thoughts. Keep telling yourself positive things while you are doing this weight loss thing. It helps I know this from experience. The positive motivation you need may not always come from outer sources. But may even come from you.

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Make sure you keep track of your weight loss to see if what you’re doing is working. There are many ways you can do this some are taking pictures.

I know you’ve seen those before and after pictures on commercials and various places on the Internet. You can do that also. Invest in a weight scale. It really doesn’t matter what kind of scale you get. Just as long as it gets the job done and that job is telling you how much you weigh.




These are just a few of many things it takes to lose weight successfully. I felt that these are the most important out of them all, though. That’s why I chose them. Be sure to invest in some good quilty exercise equipment for home.

Now, you the reader can apply these to your everyday life and especially if you are trying to lose weight. I highly recommend that you do so. That’s all I have for this post. Have a great day thank you for stopping by. I hope you enjoyed it.



  1. It is tough to lose. weight especially when you are already quite active. I don’t drink or smoke, I cycle regularly, I don’t eat huge meals but still can’t lose the fat. It is down to my diet as you suggest and that, in some ways, is the hardest to change when you eat on the run you really don’t get time for the healthy option.

    1. That is true and I understand what you are saying. That goes to my other point you must plan ahead. If you know that you are going to be busy and you won’t have enough time later on in the day to fix a healthy meal. Already have it prepared and you will do just fine

  2. People always set abnormal goals that only superhumans can accomplish. The ironic thing, if you are overweight how can you be a superhuman? You are right about all of that. People like fast results, almost like ordering at a restaurant. You want to see your order in fifteen minutes. Unfortunately you can’t order your body to lose all excess visceral fat in fifteen minutes, unless you have already been doing the right things for a long time. Great information. Thank you.

  3. I think that positive support is vital to being successful at loosing weight. Without, I think that it is a pretty hard thing to do. Informative post with lots of good information. Keeping a realistic goal and going at it a little at a time is great too. Otherwise you just feel overwhelmed and end up not trying anymore.

  4. Thank You for a very interesting and motivating article on losing weight, your suggestions are very clever and sound awesome.

    I do struggle with my weight at times, mostly I am eating vegetables, fruit and grass fed meat as my main diet. I do snack on chocolate covered nuts more then I should, maybe this is what is my problem but I have problems finding healthy snacks.

    1. Thank you and chocolate covered nuts are delicious. But to many of them can be bad for you health wise in the long run. I’d suggest slowing down a bit

  5. This is a very good overview on how to lose weight. It has all the right information. The number one statement is to be determined. Although, my determination ends after about 3 days to a week. I am now trying to focus on living a long and healthy life for my children. It seems when I was just doing it for me I couldn’t maintain my regime. Thank you for your article it is very much needed for many.

  6. Good article to help people lose weight, such a big issue for so many of use today. You have shared such good tips to put into use, I am sure many people will be interested in this article and share it with their family and friends.

    I will say personally you have helped me more than you will ever know and I love coming to your site and reading the new post you have each day. Keep doing what you’re doing William. May God bless you

    1. Thank you so much I do this with my whole heart and to see that I’m helping you dearly. It motivates me to keep going harder. I wish you the best and will keep pushing forward just like you asked me to.

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