Bigelow Green Tea Review

Bigelow Green Tea Review


10.0 /10

Do I Recommend

10.0 /10


10.0 /10


10.0 /10


10.0 /10


  • Easily Accessible
  • Natural Taste
  • Long Lasting
  • Healthy Benefits
  • Organic - No GMO


  • Selling Out Fast

Bigelow green tea has made a statement in the world of teas. You should know that it is not only important to drink green tea daily. But you should also know why. You will find that out and more about this product within this review.

The Run Down: What Is Bigelow Green Tea Review

Bigelow green tea is a very popular highly recommend and proven great supplement. The tea is made in higher elevated gardens, and hand-picked.

It’s gluten-free and provides no calories or carbohydrates.

It’s also known to be a great alternative to coffee. Being that the tea has caffeine in its formula.

So it would be like drinking tea with the coffee caffeine benefit.

What Is Bigelow Green Tea Review
Bigelow Green Tea Product Information

It has wonderful taste based on reviews I’ve read and based on what friends have told me in real life.

But speaking from my personal experience with the tea it kinda has an off taste to me.

I have a sweet tooth I’ll admit that so I enjoy mine with honey.

On the other hand, I have a buddy who thinks it’s delicious and just chugs the entire cup without even thinking about it.

What Is Bigelow Green Tea Review

It’s not too grassy it’s a lot smoother than other teas I’ve tried.

I mentioned previously that this tea has caffeine in it. With that being said it does/can keep you up if you drink this before bed.

If you’re a night person like myself that’s not a problem.

Some may drink it and go straight to sleep everyone is different. Just speaking from my own experience with the tea itself.

What Is Bigelow Green Tea Review
What Is Bigelow Green Tea

Nevertheless, the Bigelow green tea is packed with boatloads of antioxidants that can keep up healthy cells.

Doing so by fighting off the harmful effects of free radicals.

The tea has a proven track record I say that because it’s been made for generations.

Nothing without positive productive results will be made that long and still be sold at such a high rate as is today.

The tea is blended and completely packaged in America.

It’s loved as you can see in the image below.

What Is Bigelow Green Tea Review
Green Tea Reviews


Don’t get discouraged by negative reviews or what the bad people have to say about the product.

You can’t please everyone and everyone is not going to be pleased with you.

Whether it’s right or wrong. I learned that over the years the hard way.

I use to steer away from products cause of a couple bad reviews. Or negative things said by others who haven’t even tried the product.

Then I’d talk myself into trying a product and actually end up liking it. Moral of the story is to not knock Bigelow Green Tea till you try it.

What Is Bigelow Green Tea Review
Bigelow Green Tea Nutrition Facts

This is the end of my review I gave you my G5 and The Rundown on this product hopefully it answered all questions you had about it.

If not feel free to comment and ask them I’ll respond as soon as possible. If you don’t really have a good understanding of green tea and how it benefits you.

I suggest you check out this post I wrote about green tea. Can you lose weight drinking green tea?


  1. Hi there
    I am more a tea person than a coffee person, so this tea would fit perfectly in my Tea collection box.

    I like the fact that its got caffeine, sometimes it tends to knock me and other times I find it keeps me awake.

    Not sure, how I will react with this one, but given that’s its easy on the price, I will definitely give it a go.

    Thanks for this helpful review.
    Will be out for some Tea Time and let you know how it goes.

  2. For myself, I do drink teas, but only the herbal blends and finding a good green tea to stick with I haven’t come across yet.

    With your article giving me a new brand to give a try I’ll add to my list and after trying it for a while could very well be the last green tea I’ll need to purchase.

    Thanks for the update of informing me to another brand worth trying.

  3. Hey William,

    Great review on Bigelow green tea. I have never actually tried their green tea. I’ve had some of their other teas like the chamomile tea. I do think they produce great tasting teas. I am definitely going to try Bigelow green tea next time I want to purchase green tea.

    I agree with you about green tea being a great alternative to coffee. I recently went raw vegan and I gave up the coffee as well. I may try green tea sometimes when I feel like having a little something extra. Green tea has so many great benefits.

    Thank you so much for this great review! Awesome website too! I really like it!

    Best to you,

  4. A big win for the G5. That was my favorite part and it was catchy. Personality was lively and entertaining. I did see a few spelling errors when reading on The Run Down portion. (It’s also know to be an) should be (It’s also known to be). (has a off) to (has an off). (Doing so by fight off) to (Doing so by fighting off). adjusting these will make it flow. Great read. I’m going to have to try some of that Bigelow tea myself:)

    1. Yea the G5 and The Rundown are my signature ways to do reviews

      Thanks Mario, I corrected those mistakes. I really appreciate it.

  5. Very interesting read! Filled with plenty of information to support green tea and its benefits of being an extremely health drink of choice. Although I do not drink it often, I have been looking for alternatives in replace of soda, and some energy drinks. Also I am not very familiar with the brand of bigelow green tea! I may have to do some research and keep my eye open next time shopping. Again thank you for the interesting read, and keep up the good work!


  6. Hey there Health Guy! A few years ago I was really into Tevana Tea because it has amazing flavor. One day I got suspicious and started doing some research on teas. It turns out all teas are not the same and some have lots of artificial flavorings and things that do not have health benefits added. Along the way I learned a lot…like the FDA doesn’t test tea or tea based supplements, so it’s impossible to know how much EGCG is in a product. (The beneficial ingredient in green tea) I remember reading that Bigelow had the least amount of EGCG of all the green tea brands.

    1. Yes I would’ve mentioned about the Egcg. But then again it’s impossible to know unless you formulate it and measure yourself. I’ve read that same article to. I’ve also read articles saying it has 43 and 56 as well. The numbers vary from each article that lets me know no one truly knows. I suggest you try the tea yourself. If it helps you feel better and you see results then you’ll know vice versa if it does the total opposite you’ll know also. I under stand your concern with the Egcg amount in the green tea. But like I said in the article don’t knock it till you try it.

      Good Luck

  7. Hi William, a good post and I like the way you have graded the product. I used to always drink green tea but got a bit off track with trying to be healthy and started drinking coffee. It was always hard to find a nice green tea, I remember trying one brand and it tasted like flowers or something, it was horrible. I want to start drinking it again, do you know if this brand is available in Australia? I wouldn’t mind giving it a go. Thank you, Kerry

  8. I hate green tea. My wife forces me to drink it. I’ve always struggled to get used to the taste. With that said however, I cannot deny the noticeable difference in my energy levels and how I feel more relaxed and rejuvenated when I have a cup in the morning. With regards to this brand, are the tea bags loose or are they wrapped individually? I certainly want to try this one out. Thanks for the review.

  9. Good review on green tea. I am going to try some in place of my coffee in the morning. I would recommend adding bullet points of the benefits of green tea. Is there a link to purchase somewhere? Best of luck!

    1. Thanks Yes there are links you can click the photos or the white highlighted area where it says Bigelowtea

  10. Very good William, you obviously like Bigelow Green Tea. I agree the benefits of green tea have been well known for a very long time now. and it’s great along with cinnamon and honey when you catch a cold. Help knock it out faster. I have never tried Bigelow Green Tea, but your comment that “it kinda has an off taste” is not exactly a glowing recommendation for the product. The taste would have been a deciding factor in my wanting to try it, over the brand I currently buy. Could you please explain what you meant by that comment? Because it has been my experience that all green tea has a bit of an bitter taste to it. Could this be what you are referring to?

    1. Yes exactly it’s not like a spit out your mouth nasty taste. More like you know there’s something in it taste but it’s just my opinion you may get it and love it. Like I mentioned in the post i put honey in mine. My friend on the other hand does not. It’s untamalty how you like your green tea. Hopefully this cleared up any confusion

  11. I love green tea, so I’m going to try the Bigelow green tea. The caffeine doesn’t bother me, because every natural green tea has some amount of caffeine, but green tea has less caffeine than black tea. I have never heard about the Bigelow green tea. Is there anything special about this green tea or it’s just another green tea on the market?

  12. Hmmmm….I am a coffee drinker and NOT a green tea drinker, BUT…this makes me wanna give it a try!!!

    My question would be the preparation! Do you have to prepare on a stove or what is the preparation process like?

    This seems very good and extremely healthy. For the human body

    Thanks so much! Think I will definitely give it a try! ((:

    1. It’s totally optional on how you want to prepare it. I personally like to have mine warm though. It’s some days I’ve been in a rush and I’ve drunk it as is

  13. Since this tea contains caffeine, can I still drink it at night? On the other hand, is it a good coffee replacement?

    Some people say there are health benefits to caffeine. Some say caffeine is a stimulant and should be avoided. But the main benefit of green tea is not caffeine. Green tea is good for its catechins, which are antioxidants. It’s interesting that some green teas can contain caffeine and some almost none.

    1. If caffeine keeps you up at night and you don’t plan on being up then I wouldn’t drink at night. It’s an excellent coffees replacement. Yup the ones that have caffeine in them help you lose weight also

  14. nice article about Bigelow tea, I have heard great reviews on this brand of tea all over the internet for quite some time now.

    Do you know if this brand of tea provides samples to try, some tea brands have supplied samples to potential customers and I think this shows their confidence in their product?

    1. I’m not sure if they do I’ve always bought it off Amazon. You should go check out there website and see if they offer samples or not

  15. I am a big fan of green tea because it is healthy and it can help to lose weight. So I am always on the look out for new green tea products on the market.

    Boy am I glad to have found this review because Bigelow Green Tea is something that I keep hearing about but have no idea whether it is good or not.

    I will definitely give this a try! Cheers.

  16. i have been reading in newspapers and different books about the green tea and the good for using them and with this information provided in this post i have found it more useful for it will help me managing my health and living well

    thanks for the information provided


  17. honestly i don’t think that this issue of of teas preventing people is true because usually drink tea more especially the green tea but i just use to sleep well but if one could say there are conditions there i would understand

    my green tea is even about to finish. I you have any other source to where i can get one please share



  18. I love drinking green tea. It tastes good and has a lot of health benefits. I never had the bigelow green tea. I will definitely be trying it out. Thank you for the review.

  19. I’ve heard about the benefits of green tea and try to drink it when I feel like it.
    I am glad you like Bigelow Green Tea because that’s what I drink too. 🙂
    I like the fact it’s so easily accessible and is a great brand.

    1. Yes, Bigelow is the best I’ve tried so many different teas. But that one keeps pulling me back and its like it gets better every time I drink it. I like to call it the gift that keeps on giving.

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