In this post, we will be talking about the NutriSystem weight loss program. This review will be bold and direct. No fluff I’m going to give it to you how it is. You will get all the information you need to know about NutriSystem here.

We will touch on a few things. Such as who founded it, what it is, how much weight you can expect to lose, how much it costs, and what you will be doing to make this all possible. This should be very informative. I’m excited about it. I have been seeing commercials all over the television. Talking about this program. So I decided to do a little research myself. Hope you enjoy.

Who Founded NutriSystem

Harold Katz
Harold Katz – Founder Of Nutrisystem

The founder of the NutriSystem weight loss program. Is a guy who goes by the name of Harold Katz. He is an American entrepreneur from the Greater Philadelphia area. He soon bought the NBA team Philadelphia 76ers. He purchased the team from Eugene Dixion Jr. In July 1981.

While under his ownership, he brought the 76ers to their most recent NBA championship win in the 1982-1983 season. He would later sell the team to Comcast Spectacor in April 1996. He is no longer the owner of NutriSystem. He sold that as well. I’m sure he does not need any more money.

I’m guessing while he was over the 76ers. He knew a thing or two about keeping those players in shape. Giving them the upper hand over their opponents. The CEO of NutriSystem as of now. Is a woman who goes by the name of Dawn Zier.


What Is NutriSystem


It is a weight loss program. Like weight watchers, biggest loser, and Atkins diet etc. It has helped millions lose weight. It has been around over 40 years to the date of me writing this. So if you are reading this post years from now.

The years will have increased of course. Earlier this year back in January 2016. Called the Turbo10, it is a clinically tested program that delivers up to a 10-pound weight loss. So they say. They also state that it will take off 5 inches off your waist, hips, thighs, chest and arms. All this within the first month of doing the program.

This new program has NutriSystem’s first ever line of shakes. They call them turbo shakes. They contain probiotics to help support digestive and immune health. That is pretty impressive if I do say so myself. It even states to help with reducing belly fat. The shakes are packed with protein and some clinically tested ingredient called GanedenBC30 probiotic.

What Is NutriSystem Weight Loss Review

Studies have shown those who follow the Turbo10 lost 3x more weight, 3x more overall body inches, 3x more overall body fat. Within the first month. Compared to those do it yourself weight loss programs. It even shows that those who did the Turbo10. Slightly reduced their systolic blood pressure after the first month.

Nutrisystem is very supportive of its members. They even offer an app that you can download on your smartphone called Numi app. It is easy to use and get used to. This app will provide you a lot of help.

You will eventually need some along your journey with this program. You don’t have to be a customer of NutriSystem to download this app. You can be a regular Joe seeking information and download it. It is a great app. I’m checking it out now. The best part is that it’s free. From what I see it offers some great features. Such as the following.


  • Dining out recommendations
  • Recipes
  • Activity suggestions
  • Burned calories tracker


It is pretty legit from what I see so far. They have worked with some very well-known people in the world. People like Marie Osmond who is an amazing actor. Dan Marino who is a Hall Of Fame quarterback. Melissa Joan Hart another actress. Genie Francis another great actress. All of these people stated that they have lost over 20+ pounds using NutriSystem.

If I was still in need of losing weight. Like I was a few years back. I would defiantly give this program a try. Based off what I have read so far.


How Much Weight Can You Lose With NutriSystem

Weight Loss#6

It has already stated in their newly launched Turbo10 program that you can lose up to 10 pounds in the first month. You and I both know it is not that easy. If it was everyone would get fat and just do this and shed the pounds off in a month. Not the case. I will, however, say that it is possible. It is possible indeed.

But you don’t just lose weight eating and drinking. You must exercise. If you do this and add some good exercises to it. Then yea, the 10 pounds in a month sounds more realistic. I’m not saying you have to become a gym rat. But an occasional exercise routine. Will do you way more good than harm.

What Is NutriSystem Weight Loss Review

You could do things like yoga, walking, running, buy a treadmill, medicine ball etc. All of what I just mentioned can be done from the comfort of your own home. But if you do not have the money to get these items or just rather not have them in your home. You can always find a gym to go to. I’m sure they will have more than enough things for you to exercise with.

So it’s not about how much weight NutriSystem will make you lose. It’s about how bad you want to lose weight. NutriSystem is a program. It will only go as far as you allow it to.


How Much Does NutriSystem Cost

Dollar Sign

They offer fresh and frozen foods. That are delivered to you by mail. The costs are between $8.90 and $11.04 per day. That can be around $240-$300 per month. I’m sure they offer deals and have many different payment structures and plans, though. You will have to visit their website and check that out.

I have seen many different prices. That people have said they’ve paid with the Nutrisystem program. I will say from what I’ve seen it does get a bit pricey. So if you have a small budget. This program well certain plans may not be for you. You may be able to work a deal with someone that works for them.

I doubt it will happen. But it’s worth a try if you really want it and do not have the funds at the moment to pay for it. I have seen five plans they have listed for you on their site. Those being the following.


  • Uniquely Yours – It says that this one is their biggest and best variety. It also includes over a dozen frozen foods. Starting at $11.96 a day – May change over time.


  • Core – It offers a variety of foods and has their favorites pack included in this one. Starting at $10.54 – May change over time.


  • Basic – With this one, you will get pre-selected foods. Ready to go foods as they call it on their site. Starting at $9.82 – May change over time.


  • Diabetes Plans – Claims to help you lose weight and manage your diabetes. You get three plans to choose from. All three are the same prices as the first three plans I named. Prices are – $11.96, $10.54, $9.82 – May change over time.


  • Vegetarian Plan – For vegetarians or people who plan on becoming one. The price starts at $11.96 – May change over time.


So they have quite a bit to offer. I’m sure you will favor one more than the others. For your own personal reason. But it’s good to have options. It’s no fun being told you have this one product and this is your only way of doing it. Because everyone is different and weight loss programs. Single out a lot of people doing it that way. That is one problem you will not face here. With the Nutrisystem weight loss program.


What Will You Do While On The Nutrisystem Weight Loss Program


As you know by now. You have plans you will have to choose from. But with each one, it’s a daily price you must pay. Your total for the end of the month will be different from others depending on the plan you chose. As far as I’m aware of there is no exercise included in any of this.

It’s simply eating and drinking to lose weight. I don’t know how effective it is. But from past experiences with programs that work like this. You will gain weight. If you just eat and drink all the time. I may be wrong about this one, though. If it is so and that’s how it works. You will be pushing out over somewhere close to 1k a month.

What Is NutriSystem Weight Loss Review

Just to get the food and drinks you need to be delivered to your doorstep. When you could minimize that fee and invest in some exercise equipment and a bottle of Braggs apple cider vinegar for the around the same or better results.

While having some money left over to actually live a little. If it has an exercise guide or plans somewhere. Please let me know. But I’m checking all over their site and I have not seen anything.



What Is NutriSystem Weight Loss Bold Review

There you have it. This is a thorough in-depth review of the Nutrisystem weight loss program. I touched on everything I said I would. Now you may wonder is this program for you. It’s only one way to find out. Give it a try and let the results do the talking. 90 days strong is this minimum time frame you should give a weight loss program time to justify itself.

After those 90 days and you see no change then hang it up and go try something else. But if after those 90 days you look in the mirror and you don’t recognize yourself as you did before you started it. Then maybe this is the program for you. I will strongly suggest that you do this. While adding some exercise in it some way some how. I just can’t wrap my finger around how you can eat food and lose weight.

That is so strange to me. Doing that is what got you where you are in the first place. See how weird it is? But hey I’m no rocket scientist. I’m just throwing out some food for thought. With that being said. The program seems very legit and provides a lot of support. So if you get stuck or have questions.

I assume that you will be assisted fairly quickly. I enjoyed writing this review. I have learned a lot. I now know a great deal of information about the Nutrisystem weight loss program. I’m sure you can say the same.



  1. Hey the information in the review is informative and realistic. It is important to note that most “fad diets” like nutrisystem and weight watchers doesn’t just happen overnight and if you do want extreme results you have to train and exercise with them.

    So thank you for the informative review!

  2. I have heard and seen some of the Nutrisystem products around through the years along with knowing about weight watchers. For me, these two systems have been the two biggest weight loss programs I have heard the most about.

    I find when these companies make these big claims about losing so much weight so fast they are talking about people who have a 100 pounds or more to lose.

    I find most people looking to lose 5-20 pounds will take far longer as it takes longer to lose weight the closer you get to your goal.

    From your experience do you find the last few pounds are the hardest to lose?

    1. For me all it took was for me to see if I was losing any weight at all. Once I seen progress. I was all in and I pushed through it all. The hardest part to me is finding out if what your doing is working or not. After that the rest is cake. If you set your mind to tit.

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