In this post, we will discuss Oolong tea. Most haven’t heard of this. But if you are an avid tea drinker like myself. You should be somewhat fond or at least heard the name before.

I will go over the tea and give you its history. It’s a lot to learn in this post. You may become an Oolong tea drinker by the end of this indeed. The faster I get into the moral of the tea.

The faster you can come to a conclusion and hopefully give it a shot yourself. So let’s get started right away.

What Is Oolong Tea?


Well, it’s a tea of course. I bet you could tell that from the title. It’s good to reinstate the obvious sometimes. The image above is how Oolong tea looks in its leaf form. Yea it isn’t the prettiest thing in the world. But it can help your health out a lot.



Where Is It From?

As far as I’m aware of and correct me if I’m wrong in the comments area. It is originally grown and harvested in China. It was said that it first existed in the Wuyi Mountains region. The place looks like this.

Wuyi Mountains

So if you are ever in China and you drink tea. Be sure to give this place a visit. Ask the locals about the Oolong Tea’s history and I’m sure they will have more than enough helpful information on it. It was also named after this part of the mountain. Which is where it was originally produced.



It Has Caffeine In It

Drinking Oolong Tea before bed

This tea just like other tea products. Has caffeine in it. This will cause you to stay up for a long period of time at night. This affects some different from others. So if you drink it at night and still fall asleep like a baby.

Then you are free to drink it anytime throughout the night or day. But if caffeine makes you hyper or prevents you from falling asleep. Then be mindful of the time you consume a cup of this. 6 am comes early. Depending on the type of job you have.



How The Preparation Process Goes


It is generally 3 grams of tea per 200 ml of water, or about two teaspoons of Oolong tea per cup should be used.  The tea should be prepared with 200 to 205 degrees Fahrenheit water. Be sure not to boil the water. Or when you take a sip you might lose more than weight.

You should steep for 3-10 minutes. This process could reoccur over and over again. Especially with high-quality Oolong Tea. Because it gets better each time you redrew it.

Unlike other teas. It’s very common to steep the same leaves three to five times, with the third or the fourth steeping usually being considered the best.



What Does Oolong Tea Do For Your Health?


Oolong tea can help you lose weight. Just as green tea does. So you know that is really a big plus for you if you are drinking it for that particular reason.

Drinking Oolong Tea will actually tell your body to burn fat. It has shown to increase EE for up to 120 minutes and can even promote preferential use of fat as an energy source.

Oolong leaves up close

This making it a healthy tool for reducing and maintaining weight. But like I say all the time this will only work. If you are mixing it in with exercise and other healthy eating habits.

So be sure to keep that in mind while you are drinking this. It does not only help with weight loss. But it also helps with many other things. Such as the following.

  • It also promotes healthy skin. It’s recommended to drink 3 cups a day. To see the results the results in the shortest about of time.


  • Healthy bones are another great thing this tea will help you achieve.


  • It is even said to aid the control of diabetes. It is often used as an herbal brew for patients with type-2 diabetes. Along with other medications/supplements for treating the disease.


  • Anti-cancer properties. It is a well-known fact that tea drinkers have a lower risk or getting cancer than those who don’t. Especially if it’s organic. Be sure to keep that in mind next time you buy a brisk.



What Does It Taste Like?

Oolong tea being poured

It has a pleasant taste to it. Whether you drink it warm or cold. It usually stays the same. It has different varieties and I’m not sure how the others taste. But I use Bigelow’s brand. So I can only speak from one perspective. I also drink Bigelow’s green tea and you can read about that in my Bigelow Green Tea Review post. It’s lots of valuable information in there as well.




Ok, that is pretty much all you need to know about Oolong tea and how it helps you. If you have any further questions regarding the topic. Be sure to drop your question off in the comments are below this post.

I will say that I drink this personally along with a cocktail or other teas and supplements. I can justify and say that I feel younger and healthier than I can ever remember being before.

I have cut out a lot of fast food, gas station snacks, GMO foods, and a plethora of things that are unnatural and I am at the peak of my health level in life.

Do not be hesitant to give anything that is natural a try. Because if it’s natural and if you aren’t allergic to it. The worst than can happen is that it doesn’t work for you.

That’s it, unlike pharmaceutical drugs that can make you very sick or even kill you if it’s not for you.


  1. Oh I just love oolong tea! I’m a huge tea drinker and have been drinking many variations of oolong tea for a very long time.

    So, so good for you, especially in it’s natural and organic form. I just love it,

    The benefits are countless and it just tastes so good!

    Thanks for the very informative post! You have a lot of great knowledge

  2. Your site is very informative and includes everything one needs to know about that special Tea. I think that in the States, the only place you can find such tea is at the Chinese Supermarkets. Can I ask you this question, what made you decide to write a blog on that type of Tea? Are you getting into the health food craze for yourself personally or is it to help others with their fitness trek?

    1. You can order it online also. Everywhere doesn’t have a Chinese supermarket. But I wrote this because I was emailed by someone who follows my website. They asked me to write about it and I did. That’s where most of my post come from. Special request from people who’ve signed up for my newest post.

      I must admit though. I guess I’m into the “health food craze” as you call it a little as well. I love being healthy especially overcoming what I have in my life

  3. I actually had a friend buy this for me, said it was good for me. I am not a big tea drinker, heck I don’t like tea. But this tea is good. So this is interesting to find out what Oolong really is. You are right, it is not pretty, LOL…looks like spinach to me. I hadn’t known about these health benefits, which makes it even better. I will drink more for sure now.

    1. Thank you and yea once I first ordered some my wife thought it was weed. I had to explain to her what it was and how it works. It’s very good for you

  4. Very informative article on oolong tea, I have heard of this tea but never tried it yet. I am amazed at all the health benefits from this tea, I never would imagine tea to give you stronger bones.

    I will keep my eye open for this tea next time shopping, do you know if they sell this tea in most stores?

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