In this post, I will be reviewing Organic Honey and letting you know what it is. Organic honey is not just something that benefits bears or honey badgers. But is can play a big part in human health as well. You will learn more as you read on. Let’s get to it.

The History Behind Organic Honey

Organic Honey On A Biscuit

Just like everything in existence today. It has a history. So we want to know the history behind organic honey. It’s always good to have a thorough understanding of something before you go out and buy it by the case loads.

Honey is made by bees. It has been around for over 150 million years. They forage for nectar from flowers.

Which they use to help make honey. Have you ever seen a bee up close? I have and some have what looks like yellow coating on their legs. That’s not honey. That is pollen.

So many people get that confused. Bees usually don’t fly around coated in honey. The honey is in the beehive. Protected by thousands of bees. Ready to give any un-welcomed specimen the time of their life. If they are looking to harm the hive.

Keep in mind.

What Is Organic Honey? - Truth Revealed

If you see a beehive. Do not bother it. Do not attempt to spray it with any kind of bee, wasp, or hornet killer. You do not have enough spray in the can to kill them all. Yes, you will get a few.

But once they come pouring out of the hive and flying all over the place. You are about to have a very bad day. Call a professional beekeeper and let them handle the situation. If you come across a beehive.

Honey gets its sweetness from monosaccharides fructose and glucose. It has about the same relative sweetness as granulated sugar. Organic honey does not get old. I mean this literally. If it is sealed. It could last for thousands of years. No joke.

What Is Organic Honey

If you have a weakened immune system. You should not eat honey. For the risk of bacterial or fungal infection. Which is strange because honey has been used to treat wounds and burns.

Humans have been collecting honey for over 8,000 years. They didn’t have the protective bee suits we do today. Many years ago. So you could only imagine how that played out most of the time.

After being stung so many times they either became immune to it or had a way to deter the bees from the hive. I’m assuming using some type of smoke method.


How Is Organic Honey Collected?


It is collected from wild bee colonies or domesticated beehives. In some cases, wild bee nests are found by following a honey-guide bird. You don’t just go up to a beehive and start digging in there. You must first knock them off their game.

Which is what bee collectors do. Have you ever seen a bee collector spray a beehive with that smoke looking stuff? Well, what that does to the bees. Is triggers a feeding instinct. Which makes them less aggressive and the smoke also obscures the pheromones the bees use to communicate.

So they can’t/won’t alert their fellow bees to sting the mess out of you. Cause essentially they are high at the moment.

Then the honeycomb is removed from the beehive and the honey is extracted from that. The honey will then be filtered to remove beeswax and other debris.


How Organic Honey Helps You

Organic Honey In a Cup

Organic honey has many benefits for humans. Same goes for anything else that consumes it. Winnie the pooh stayed with a jar of honey. He had to have something to keep him going all those years on tv.

With organic honey, it can be used in so many different ways. You will learn some ways below. It is obviously a great sweetener. 

You can use it in many different drinks. I use mine in green tea and apple cider vinegar. You could use it in foods as well. It is way better and a lot healthier than white sugar. That stuff is no good.

Organic honey also helps with weight loss. It may have more calories than sugar. But when honey is consumed with warm water, it helps in digesting the fat stored in your body. Same thing applies with honey and lemon juice, or cinnamon.

It provides a great energy source. Honey contains about 64 calories per tablespoon. Therefore, it can be used as an energy source and is by many people today. It is easy for the body to digest its pure natural substance.

What Is Organic Honey

Great source of vitamins and minerals. It contains tons of vitamins and minerals. It varies between the type of flowers used for apiculture. The most common one are Vitamin C, Calcium, and Iron.

Antibacterial and Anti-fungal properties. Which makes it a great go-to for a natural antiseptic for traditional medicines.

Antioxidants it also has nutraceuticals, which are very effective for the removal of free radicals out of your body. What will result from this? Is that your body’s immunity will increase. Making you super healthy. Some have even been able to improve in the fatal conditions. Like cancer and heart disease.

What Is Organic Honey

Honey and Milk helps encourage healthy skin. They have been used separately in the past for creating a smooth beautiful skin. So why not combine them and get the best of both worlds. It is very common and used every day in many countries.

Like I mentioned earlier that organic honey has also been used to help treat wounds.

This is a lot of great things organic honey can contribute to. Don’t sleep on this information.

Where To Buy Organic Honey

Organic honey

Amazon.comis my recommendation. It has plenty in stock. If you have a prime membership. You can make your order and it will be there within two days. Which is awesome.


Why Organic Honey Over Store Brands

Organic honey is organic. The honey you get out of the store if not labeled organic honey. Probably has chemicals and all kinds of other non-natural ingredients in it.

That is not good for your body or mental health. If you can get organic everything you eat/drink. It is just so much junk out there. It’s literally killing people each and every day.



Filtering_of_ Organic honey
Filtering_of_ Organic honey

That’s it for this review. I have given you plenty of information on organic honey and what it is. Now that you know this. The choice is yours. Don’t settle for store brands. If you are going to do it. Do it the healthiest way possible.

No matter what it is. It will always benefit you and your health the most. You will see all kinds of organic honey’s once you click the link tab for either amazon.

The one I use is YS Organic Bee Farms Organic Raw Honey. I have been using it for years and it provides the same great excellence each time I consume some. Not saying that the other brands on there are bad. I’m just speaking on the one I have tried and own personally.


To get your very own container of this amazing organic honey. Check this out.


  1. Hey! I am a big connoisseur of honey. I have been getting mine from a local bee keeper for few years now. I’ve tried the one you recommend here and it’s really good. If I didn’t have access to raw unfiltered local honey, that’s the brand I would buy.
    You provided a lot of great information on the health benefits of organic honey. I like it in green tea as well.
    I like what you said about honey and milk. Honey and milk has a very interesting history. I was reading about it in the book, Mad About Mead!. Have you read that? It’s all about mead making and gives lots of interesting info on honey.
    Thanks for this very informative post!

  2. Good information about how bees produce honey and how we humans harvest it.

    I was fortunate a few years ago to know someone that had hives on their ranch. They would give me filtered honey, and also raw honey. That was great on toast. I guess their honey was technically organic, but I never considered it to be that. It was just good.

    Alas, they sold the farm and I lost my honey source. I should check out the brands that you list.

    1. That sounds so cool. I wish I knew or had some buddies that could give me access to some pure honey like that. But yes you should try the brand I listed at the end of this post. It’s really good as well

  3. Great article about a super healthy food! I am a great fan of honey and it is always a part of my daily diet. Reading through your blog has increased my knowledge not only about honey but also about the bees that produce them. I was amazed to know that the bee specie has lived on this planet for 150 million years already.

    Thanks for the various information and new knowledge that you just shared.

    1. Thanks for your comment. Yea they have been around for a very long time. Been stinging people and providing great tasting honey ever since.

  4. I have been a huge fan of honey consumption for all my life because it taste really good and it’s good for you. How can anyone not like honey, I’ve been using honey for many years but I have never used the organic honey before. I guess the honey I’ve been consuming is not as healthy as I thought. After reading this article I think I need to switch to organic honey, great article.

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