The Atkins Diet

The Atkins Diet


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10.0 /10


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10.0 /10


9.0 /10


  • Came Be Done At Home
  • Inexpensive
  • Millions Of Happy Customers
  • 4 Diffrent Phases


  • Can Be Hard To Follow
  • Cannot Drink Alcohol

The Atkins diet is very popular and has been used by millions of people. The results I’ve seen personally have been all positive. I know at least five people in real life that completed this diet and have the body to show for it. But everyone is different and your results may differ.

That’s no excuse for you to give up though.

What Is The Atkins Diet

Different Varieties s of Atkins Diet books

It is a dietary plan. That claims to help you lose up to 15 pounds within two weeks of starting the diet. At the same time, you are allowed to eat lots of fatty foods. They do this in a very simple theory.

The body is an engine;  carbs are the gas that makes it go. Limiting carbs make the body turn or use an alternative fuel. So simple starches like potatoes, white bread, and rice are all shoved out of the picture.

Where protein and fat like chicken, meat, and eggs are embraced. The fat is burned out and the result, the pounds come off.



How Is It Set Up?

The New Atkins For A New You
The New Atkins For A New You

It has four phases you will go through.

I will give you each with a brief description beside it.


  • Phase 1 – You will be under 20 grams of carbs per day for 14 days. Eat high-fat, high-protein, with low-carb vegetables like leafy greens. This gets the weight loss process up and rolling.


  • Phase 2 – Slowly you will begin to add more nuts, low-carb veggies and small amounts of fruit to your diet. Yes, you must crawl before you walk with this.


  • Phase 3 – This will be more like fine tuning the weight loss process. When you are very close to your weight goal. You will add more carbs to your diet until the weight loss slows down.


  • Phase 4 – In this phase, you will be sure to keep maintenance on your weight loss. You can now eat as many healthy carbs as you please. As long as your body doesn’t start gaining the weight back rapidly.


I know that this process seems tedious and honestly, I don’t think all of that is necessary. Just be sure you stick to the meal plan they provide you and you should be fine.



Where Can You Buy The Atkins Diet?

I have seen the book on Amazon. It has many different variations. Here is a link to the most purchased Atkins Diet book on Amazon’s site.

The Most Purchased Atkins Diet Book On Amazon 


The prices vary. I’ve seen $16, $12, and $10, I will say that these are all prices from different Atkins Diet books on the site. It’s an essential guide, a workbook, and the most recent one which is “New Atkins Made Easy” as of Aug 10, 2016.

Once you purchase the book. It will guide you and let you know what to eat and how much to eat.

You can also visit the Atkins Diet website for more information.


What Will You Be Eating During The Atkins Diet?


The Atkins Diet will ask you to eat a lot of foods. Just to give you an idea. I’ll list a few I know for sure. It may be more. I will have to purchase the book and check it out.

  • Meats Beef, Chicken, Lamb, Pork, Bacon


  • Fatty Fish – Salmon, Trout


  • Shrimp and Shellfish


  • Eggs


  • Dairy foods – Greek yogurt, heavy cream, butter, cheese


  • Veggies – Spinach, Kale, Lettuce, Tomatoes, Broccoli, Cauliflower, Asparagus, Onions etc.


  • Berries – Blueberries, Strawberries, etc.


  • Nuts – Almonds, Macadamia nuts, Walnuts, Hazelnuts, etc.


  • Seeds – Sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, etc.


  • Fruits – Apples, Oranges, Pears, etc.


  • Coconut Oil


  • Olives


  • Extra virgin oil olive oil


  • Dark Chocolate


  • Avocados


  • Condiments – Sea salt, pepper, turmeric, cinnamon, garlic, parsley, etc.


These are what I know for sure. Like I said it could be even more.



Alcohol Is A Big No No For Weight Loss

Achel Beer

If you are an avid drinker. This dietary plan may be a little rough for you in the beginning. Alcohol is highly forbidden with this program or any weight loss program for that matter.

Beer, Wine and all other alcoholic beverages add calories. It will be a bit of a hassle to do. Especially if you love consuming these types of beverages.

But if you are serious about losing weight you’ll let it go. I’m not going to say that you have to totally disable it from your diet. But drinking it could hold up the weight loss process.



Does The Atkins Diet Work?

This will depend on you and how serious you take it. I don’t believe that any weight loss dietary plan is bad. I will say that some are more effective than others.

But it ultimately boils down to how we treat it. If you start this diet and don’t stick with it but a day or two. Well, of course, it’s not going to work. If you get and give it your best shot.

I suggest for at least 90 days. I can assure you that you that you’ll be a different looking person. In a good way. By the time it’s all said and done. So for the questions does it work?

It’s just a book with some words on it. You have to be the one that takes action and make those words come to life.




Like with any other weight loss plan. You will need to exercise in order to achieve results. You can invest in a medicine ball or even a treadmill. It will also help to keep a yoga mat close by as well.

Or you could walk or get a membership at your local gym. No matter what you choose. Just be sure you’re doing something active.

Because eating all the meats and stuff they have listed with this program will blow you up if you don’t exercise just as much if not more than you eat.

This is one another one of those diets just like the Volumetrics Diet. That requires you to be dependent on yourself. It will only take you as far as you allow it to.

Being that you are following instructions from a book and not an actual person. Distractions can play a very big role with your results. When dealing with a dietary plan such as this.

So be sure you are committed 100% each and every day when you are trying to lose weight with the Atkins Diet.

That’s all I have for this one. I hope you enjoyed it.

Thanks for reading my post. I hope you learned some valuable information. Good luck and have a nice day.


  1. ok after reviewing your site i can say that the opening page on the atkiins diet is very well constructed. i normally comment on the lack of colour but you seem to have got the right mix which i think is important to holdthe reader so as to fininsh the page instead of going elsewhere. I realize that the site is not finished yet but if you stick to this format i think it will look great overall

  2. As you mentioned most, weight loss programs can work if you stick with them and of course exercise is important. I suppose one of the key things to figure out is having a plan that you’re able to make a natural lifestyle so you’ll stick with it.

    You hear about a lot of people yo-yo dieting, and I believe it is from not excepting a diet as a lifestyle, what do you think?

    1. Yes I agree. I will say that if you are serious about losing weight. You will do what is necessary to lose the weight and keep it off

  3. Good article. There are just sooo many diets out there that a lot of people are getting confused. They don’t know which is which and what they are supposed to do. I also agree that exercise is an important part of any diet. After all it all comes down to burning more calories than you eat, and exercises will help you acheive this.

    Which diet plan will you review next? It would be intresting to see a diet plan with high carbs and low fat.

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  5. I have seen family members get results with the Atkins diet. I have used diets similar to the Atkins plan where I have reduced the amount of carbs. The biggest change was the elimination of all processed foods. No bread or bakery products and no packaged food in a box or container. Lots of green vegetables and proteins (lean meat, chicken and fish), no or very little fruit, definitely no fruit juices and limited dairy (cheese only). Also, an occasion glass of wine was ok. I also increased my egg consumption. Bottom line: I lost 25 pounds in 8 weeks.

  6. I know several people who did very well on The Atkins Diet. I use it as a guide all the time. I rarely eat carb snacks anymore.
    At first I experienced cravings but after a few weeks I rarely thought about a snack except for maybe a few nuts.
    Choosing grass fed meat sources is one thing I’d add. I don’t think that was much of an issue when Dr. Atkins first wrote his diet plan.
    You’ve made it sound reasonably appealing too!
    I think almost anyone can benefit from this diet. I’d recommend peeps get the book and have a go with it!

  7. Hello William,

    I really like your review of the Atkins Diet. I have heard of the diet but have never tried it. You gave good tips concerning the diet. You told us what we should be eating and even let us know that we have to exercise if we wanted this diet to be successful. By listing what we would eat on the diet, you gave us a sneak preview as to whether or not we would be willing to follow the diet because of its food limitation.

  8. I have never been a fan of the Atkins diet but maybe it has received a lot of bad media. I do believe that the cutting out some foods out of your diet can be a successful strategy to lose weight. I still think exercise is the key to sustainable weight loss but you do need to be aware of following the correct diet. Are there any other similar diets that you plan to review?

  9. Good article, I have never tried the Atkins diet before. However, I’ve heard many good things about it from people that I know. After reading your review I believe that the Atkins diet provides a legitimate way for someone to lose weight. However, it’s not easy and it will take lots of discipline to make this work. I don’t think this will work well for someone who is looking for a quick fix.

  10. I have personally tried the Atkins diet and it does work. However, going day after day eating so much protein is really hard to stick to for me. I love meat, but it seems so cumbersome after a few days, and I just want some flavor. If you can stick with it, you will see results. That is for sure.

  11. Hi

    Great article on reviewing one of the most asked about diets around.

    I have done this style of dieting and although I did get good results in terms of body fat loss. It wasn’t a pleasant ride. If you are training hard in the gym expecially weight training which is extremely important for long term weight loss, then you need a propper source of energy for your body to use when training.

    However that is me talking about someone who is trying to build and maintain a muscular physique as well. For pure weight loss this diet works, however that is mainly due to the limitations on food naturally making you eat less calories.

    Thanks for a great read and great review on this.

  12. Very informative. I agree with you that the Atkins diet (when done properly) will most definitely give you results. I was wondering though what’s the chances of “rebounding” back into unhealthy eating habits afterward? I’ve known a few people who’ve done this and have quickly put on weight again after going on the Atkins diet. I’m sure part of it was lack of discipline, but just wondering if you had any tips for dealing with that after…thanks!

    1. The only true way to stay in a size that isn’t detrimental to your health id to truly want to be that size and willing to put the work in to make sure it gets done.

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