In today’s post, we will be going over weight loss and dieting. I will be sure to let you know what it’s all about. This post is going to be packed with vital information. I want to be sure to touch on every major thing I can regarding the two.

What Is Weight loss and Dieting About? When you talk about one. The other is not to far behind in the conversation. It is nothing to be ashamed of. It’s millions of people that are walking in your shoes.  So go grab your reading glasses get comfortable and let’s get this show on the road.

What Is Weight Loss

Weight Loss On A Scale

Weight loss is a form of altering your appearance. You wouldn’t do it by putting on a mask or a funny suit. You will do this by changing your eating habits and exercising. People have been doing this for years now. But weight loss believe it or not.

Was not really a thing way back before technology and other things came into play. I say this because let’s be honest. Nowadays we have it made.

We have cars, remotes, phones, escalators, elevators, all kinds of things that require us to do less and less physical work. Those were just a few I could think of off the top of my head.

What Is Weight Loss And Diet About

But all of those things make us lazy. When you are lazy. You are more prone to become obese. Which hopefully at some point in your life you will want to lose that weight. Unless you just prefer to be big and unhealthy. Then that’s another story.

Back in the day. We didn’t have these things. Life wasn’t as pleasant. But we as a people were a lot healthier. Devices and cars play a big role in it. But not as big as fast food and junk food.

These two things will blow you up like a balloon. Not because of what you are eating. But because of steroids and growth hormones, the animals were injected with when they were alive. To make them grow faster and be sold. We did not have fast food and junk food.


Many years ago. Instead, of being able to hop in a car and drive to wendy’s we had to hunt and grow our own foods. It’s a fact that those people lived longer and were a lot healthier than we are today. Fast food is delicious no doubt.

But it is made with God knows what. I have seen many behind the scenes videos of how some of that mess gets made and it made me weak in the knees. Sometimes it’s not even what you think it is. I’m just going to leave it at that. Before I barf onto my keyboard.

It not only makes you fat. But causes a handful of other problems. Things like heart trouble, mental illness, cancer, diabetes, and so much more.

This comes from the chemicals and meds they put in these animals and other things they give us to consume. Sit back and think about this. Have you not noticed how fast kids look older than what they are nowadays.


Compared to how they looked years ago. It comes from the fast food they are consuming. Those growth hormones and steroids they feed the animals. To help them grow faster and bigger. Also, does the same thing to our children. It’s not uncommon to see a 6’2 12-year-old with a full beard in today’s times.

You did not see that back in the day. Weight loss is all about altering your appearance. For the better. I’m not sure when it was originated. But I can assure you that it is more popular and much needed today. Than it has ever been.


Why Do People Want Lose Weight

Weight Loss#2

Many people lose weight for many different reasons. Some may want to lose weight for better health and others may do it to get a role in a movie. No matter your reason. Weight loss is no walk in the park. You may just wake up one morning cook your kids breakfast and after they are finished eating.

They ask you to come outside and play with them. But you give them some excuse why you can’t. But deep down you know that you are just being lazy and you’d rather sit down watch tv. While eating a family sized bag of Doritos.

Over time that will start to eat away at your conscious and you will want that time with your kids back. But it will be far too late.

At least that’s how it was for me. One of my main reasons to want to lose weight. Was to just be able to have the energy to go outside and give my children 10-15mins of good parenting fun time. Not saying that if you don’t go outside and play with your kids you are a bad parent. But those are memories that will stick with them forever. Apple Cider Vinegar really helps with boosting energy.


Your reason for wanting to lose weight could be something off the wall. Trust me it is not too many things I haven’t heard. I have a good friend in Ohio. Who told me his reason to lose weight. Was so he could fit into a costume his wife designed for him. She made it years back.

But he never got the chance to wear it. Because he was too big. It made his wife sad. So he lost the weight and now every time I visit them. He has on a new costume his wife has created. She has a job out there and that’s what she does for a living. I guess he’s her own personal model.

If that’s what you want to call it. Moral of the story. No matter your reason. It is a good decision to lose weight.


What It Takes To Lose Weight

Weight Loss #4

I’m going to be completely honest with you on this one. In order to lose weight. You must be strong minded and determined. If you are weak minded and lazy with your routine. This will not work for you. Weight loss is just one of those things.

That you either have to be all the way in. Or all the way out. There is no in between. Do not let people or short term results discourage you. I know how it is. Having people down talk you for trying to lose weight. It’s crazy but people do it.

I had a few of my so-called friends laugh and make fun of me for striving to lose weight. But now I get the last laugh. Because they are all obese and are struggling to walk to the car to go to work.

its all fun and games until you need help from that same person you was making jokes about
It’s all fun and games until you need help from that same person you were making jokes about

But have the nerve to ask me for advice.nThey often ask me, William, how did you do this and that. I say well while you guys were busy making a joke of me. I was doing my research and actually doing something active with my free time.

Instead of sitting around watching sports, drinking beers and eating all day. But I could’ve easily and let that end my journey. If I did I would to this day still be 400+ pounds or even worse.

Still fighting diabetes and knocking on death’s door. But I didn’t and I’m healthier than ever before. The other thing is short term results. I know first hand how hard it is to be overweight and to exercise for 10 minutes. It’s not easy. It makes it even harder once you’ve done all that. Then hop on the scale and see that you haven’t lost a pound. I know I get it trust me.

I learned very quickly that losing weight is not a fast process. Just like how it took time for you to gain that weight. It’s going to take time for you to lose it. So keep that in mind while you are doing this. Nothing worth having comes easy.


How To Lose Weight Effectively

Weight Loss#5

In order to lose weight effectively. You must get that it is more than just eating salads and drinking flavored water. It will require a combination of things. When done correctly. It will all work and run like a well-oiled machine. You must know that weight loss isn’t just a one-stop shop.

You can’t just lose the weight. Then go back to your old ways. Because the weight will come back. You will the have to go through the whole process all over again. No one wants to do that. So once you get it off. Be sure to keep it off. You may not have to work has hard as you did at first.

Because you will now be in better shape and able to do a bit more. But you can still do some exercises occasionally and be sure to always eat healthily.

What Is Weight Loss And Diet About

Because whether you are aware of it or not. You exercise each and every day. Just by getting up out of the bed and walking to the bathroom is exercise. I know you’re probably asking yourself.

Well if that’s an exercise I do it every day. Why am I not losing weight? I will be more than happy to inform you on why you aren’t losing weight.


Why You Aren’t Losing Weight


One – You are not doing it enough. Getting up out of the bed and going to the bathroom. For a normal person is only done a few times throughout the day. You cannot expect to lose weight from that.

Two – It’s not targeted. You must target those specific areas where you wish to lose weight. Just getting up out of the bed and walking to the bathroom works a lot of muscles and it only works them for about 2-3 minutes. Not enough time to do anything. That you will notice on the weight scale.

Three – If you aren’t eating right. None of this matters anyway. You could be getting up out of the bed and going to the bathroom 20 times a day. It will not do anything if you are choking down hamburgers and hotdogs for breakfast.

So be sure to do it and do it effectively. I have already written a post on this topic. You can check it out at the link below.

<<<See how To Lose Weight Efficiently>>>

What Is A Diet

What Is Dieting?

A diet is when you restrict yourself from a certain course of food. Most of the time this is done to lose weight. Dieting only came into effect once we as a people started becoming more and more obese and it became clear that it was not a healthy lifestyle to live. A diet was not a thing many years ago. There was no need for it.

But is now known and used worldwide daily. More so in America than anywhere else. When I was in high school many years ago. They did not even serve us sodas. We got juices and water.

Nowadays you can still get juice and waters. But you also have the option to get sodas and diet sodas. Which in some cases are worse than regular sodas. Dieting is very effective if done correctly. You must be willing to let go of some of your favorite foods and drinks.

What Is Weight Loss And Diet About

Not only do you have to let them go. But you must stay on top of what you are replacing them with. To make sure it’s the best thing for you. Just because you up and decide one day that you are no longer eat fried foods and cut sodas out of your diet.

That you are going to lose 30 pounds in a week. It’s not going to happen. However over time and with the proper diet. Accompanied with a routine exercise. This can be a very realistic number. In the terms of pounds for weight loss. Not in a week’s timeframe, though.


Why Do People Diet

Why people want to lose weight.

Everyone has their own reason behind why they do something. When it comes to dieting, though. Everyone’s goal is usually focused on one goal. That goal being weight loss. Trust me no one gives up their favorite foods/drinks.

Without some well thought out reasoning behind it. I will say that the other less popular reason for dieting maybe for things like. Not liking a certain type of food, It goes against your religion and other things as such. That really don’t pertain to weight loss. But more of a lifestyle for obvious/personal reasons.

Dieting is used worldwide by many different races and nationality. So don’t let someone make you think. You have to be a certain size, race or speak a certain way or be a certain age. In order for you to go on a diet. If you feel that you need to go on a diet. By all means, handle your business and do it effectively.


Everything You Try Will Not Work

Weight loss#1

Keep in mind that all the diets you try will not work for you. That is just how it is. I remember when I was on my dieting craze. I tried at least 40 different programs. If not 40 it was somewhere close to it. Literally, this is not an exaggeration.

I would get so upset once I got started with the program and didn’t see the results in the time I saw fit. I would usually just give up on the program. Before I actually got going on it good.

I would use excuses to make it seem like it was the programs fault for me not losing weight. But in reality, it was all on me and I was too lazy and weak minded to accept that. Do not get me wrong there is plenty of crap products out here promising you to lose 100 pounds in two days. One thing all these programs that say things like this have in common.

What Is Weight Loss And Diet About

Is that they come with a hefty price tag and deliver very little if any results. Those are what I like to call scams. Stay away from things that sound too good to be true. Because a lot of the time they are.

I have written long in-depth reviews on a few weight loss programs. You can give them a look at the link below. That’s if you do not already have a weight loss program in effect.

>>>View Weight Loss Programs And Diets<<<

From my past experiences, I will say that patients are going to play a huge role in making any diet/weight loss program work. What I suggest to many people. Is to give it at least 90 days. Which is roughly 3 months. To see if the program is really legit or not. That is more than enough time. For it to prove itself. I realized that I wasn’t giving the programs enough time. To see if they were even legit or not.




That’s basically what it’s all about. Weight loss and Dieting both. It is all about your mindset more so what methods you are using. Because your mind controls a lot. More than you think it does. A strong mindset will carry you a very long way. I know that weight loss is not easy.

But it is not as hard as people can make it. It’s very easy to make excuses and go sit down on the couch and enjoy a bag of chips. That’s why so many people do it. It’s hard to exercise and sit down on a yoga mat. While performing yoga exercises to become healthier and more fit.

That’s why so little people do it. You know that famous saying. “If it was easy everybody would be doing it?” Well, the same thing applies to weight loss. Do not give up. Set you a goal and go for it full speed ahead. That’s all I have for you on weight loss and dieting.


  1. I like the part where you had mentioned about losing weight, and your friends did not support your decision. Now the tables have turned, and they ask for your advice.

    I wouldn’t look at it as the nerve of them but rather as the other part you mentioned about until you walk in another person’s shoes.

    You’ve been there, set goals and made your achievements a reality. They are now faced with the same challenge but need a leader someone that is a doer to get them back on track.

    That’s the difference between people who help you and those who laugh without understanding.

    Another great article to help many.

  2. nos dias agitados, corridos as pessoas preocupam mais em ter que ser. “ser saudável” uma boa educação alimentar deveria começar em casa, mas infelizmente é lá que estão os piores exemplos.não há tempo para uma boa alimentação. comer qualquer coisa ou as pressas para ir para o trabalho, comer na rua, comer fast food e outros, quando se dá conta já estão obesos e aí começa os riscos de doenças, a autoestima baixa, o sofrimento de toda familia. mas há muito está sendo discutido e as pessoas que tomam uma iniciativa de uma reeducação alimentar de partir para o exercício físico e que devem ser com acompanhamento de um especialista são poucas. a maioria começam por si e fazendo errado, correndo mais riscos. tomam remédios que é uma atitude perigosa, dietas absurdas que prejudica mais a pessoa. sabemos que ganhar peso é muito fácil, perde-los é que é difícil. conscientizar as pessoas toda a mídia já está fazendo, como voce nos seu sites. esperamos que continuem, que não desanimem e continuem divulgando a importância de se cuidarem. e ter uma vida saudável e viver com bem estar.

  3. In my opinion, losing weight is not about the “how”, it’s all about the “why”. Right now, I’m very much obese and I know it for myself. I think the WHY’s must be huge in order to sustain your motivation while in the process.

    While all these methods are presented to you, I believe it’s just one part of the solution. The other part must come from within if ever you want to lose weight, which is what I’m doing right now.

  4. I’m on a bit of a “weight loss journey” myself right now. I went away to college and suffered from the “freshman 15” (well in my case more like Freshman 30).

    I think it’s important to remember one thing in particular. There’s no “one size fits all” based approach to this. Since everyone has different body types this is important to remember. Sometimes I’ve seen a lot of people get a little too obsessed with what they’re doing that they may neglect what is good for their own actually health.

    I want to be thinner and more muscular. I’m doing this more for physical and health based reasons. I want to have more stamina than ever before because there are a lot more physical activities I want to be involved in. It’s a tough road, but I think I’m gradually getting there. Thanks for all of your advice in the article.

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