Millions of people ask themselves each day why can’t I lose weight. It may not be that you can’t. But that you are going about it the wrong way. In this post, I will go over a few factors in which draw to the conclusion that you can’t lose weight.

I will then follow it up with special ways you can you can combat this issue as well.

Why Can’t You Lose Weight Big Seven

Why Can't You Lose Weight

Well, there are many reasons that will make you feel that you can’t lose weight. Here are some major ones.

Here are some of the major ones.

  • No Patients – This is 99% of the problem most of the time with this topic. I can not stress enough. How important it is to understand that weight loss is not a quick fix.


  • No Motivation – If you aren’t excited about losing weight. Then it becomes more of a task than anything else. Which will make you look at it as such.


  • No Plan – How do you expect to do something if you do not have a blueprint/schedule/plan for it?


  • Too Hard – It is not easy. For most people, if they do not get it on the first try. They drop it and give up.


  • No Guidance– Some people just get information from outdated sources. Or from people who are just trying to get their money.


  • Non-Realistic Goals – Why set a goal that you know isn’t reasonable? Then use that as an excuse for why you didn’t lose weight.



  • Bad Eating Habits – You can’t lose weight eating fast food, Debbie cakes etc.


Here is the Big Seven. I’ve dealt with many people when it comes to weight loss. These are usually the reasons behind why they claim that they cannot lose weight. But just as I said before. I would lay out the why can’ts. Now let’s get to the how to’s

Now let’s get to the how to’s

I will cover each of the Big Six I mentioned above in order.



How You Can Lose Weight – In Detail

Why Can't You Lose Weight



  • Patients – Is vital in anything regarding weight loss. The pounds you packed on did not happen overnight. It took time to gain that weight. Just as it took the time to come. It’s going to take even more time to come off. Cause we are not getting younger as time goes on. We are getting older and so is our bodies.

With that being said you can’t eat like a horse and gain 15 pounds. Then lose that same 15 pounds like you could in your younger days. That’s just not how it works. It’s going to be harder and by knowing that you should know that having patience is key.

Your body at 20 isn’t your body at 30 and so on. Unless you’re an athlete. But I’m referring to the regular people in the world. Don’t get discouraged cause you did not lose 10 pounds in a week. It’s going to take time. Be patient.



Why Can't You Lose Weight My Big Seven Reasons

  • Not Motivated – If you aren’t jacked about shedding those pounds. It will not work. Because then you would be in it for the wrong reasons. It will soon become a hassle rather than a better way of life. Which will ultimately result in you giving up on it.

When I was on my warpath of shedding pounds. Each time I drank a cup of warm apple cider vinegar or green tea and followed it up with exercise.I was so hype.

Because I knew it was bettering my health. I was self-motivated. Most do not know how to do this themselves. So they need a mentor or instructor to do it for them. There is nothing wrong with that.

Everyone is different and need different things to accomplish things. I suggest seeking help professional weight loss instructor. If you do decide to go this route. Or maybe even consider joining a weight loss program. I have written posts on a few of them.



Why Can't You Lose Weight My Big Seven Reasons

  • No Plan – Nothing will work without a plan. You must have a plan so you will know what you are doing and how to track it. It also helps you get a visual on what you are doing. So you can either write down or type a plan.

Step by step on how you want to go about losing weight. Your plan doesn’t have to be long or really intense. I suggest making one for 90 days. If not 90 no less than 60. These are legitimate time frames to see results.



Why Can't You Lose Weight My Big Seven Reasons

  • Too Hard – It is not easy. Nothing about losing weight is easy. Everyone can’t seem to understand this. So they use it’s too hard as an excuse for why they can’t lose weight. When in reality it’s not easy enough so they just give up.

That’s called lazy/laziness nothing more nothing less. It’s not going to be a walk in the park. So don’t put that in your brain and set yourself up for disappointment.



Why Can't You Lose Weight My Big Seven Reasons

  • No Guidance – Some of you just need the right guidance. Do not listen to every joe shmo you hear talking about weights loss. Especially if it sounds too good to be true. Definalty if they are asking for large sums of money.

Never be a fool and put yourself in a position to be scammed. It happens to often and I have been a victim myself of online scammers. Promising huge weight loss in 3 days. The only thing I lost was money and a bunch of it.


That inspired me even more to create a website to hopefully make a safe place online for genuine people who are seeking valuable information regarding their health.

Why Can't You Lose Weight

Following me, you are in good hands like Allstate. If you do not like Allstate or had a bad experience with them. I apologize. It was a joke.  Anyway back to the task at hand. I never ask for you to pay for anything.

Everything you get for me is 100% free. The information I give you can be looked up and vouched for itself.

I don’t tell you anything I haven’t extensively researched myself. I also tell you my life stories that I’ve been through. Lastly, I was once in your position. I know how it is first hand from experience. How else could I hit the nail on the head with each and every post? You are safe with me.



Why Can't You Lose Weight My Big Seven Reasons

  • Non-Realistic Goals – This is a major one. You must set a goal that you can actually do. I’ve seen people set a goal to lose 45 pounds in two weeks. Or 10 pounds in three days. It’s just not realistic.

So why even write it down? Then on top of it, all get upset once it doesn’t happen? That makes no sense at all. Set a goal for something you can really accomplish.

Me for instance. I set a goal to lose 15 pounds in 90 days. Made my plan and followed it through. The results were better than I expected. But I never would’ve known that if I didn’t plan it and set a realistic goal.


Why Can't You Lose Weight My Big Seven Reasons

  • Bat-Eating Habits – If you cannot control how you eat. Then weight loss is going to be nearly impossible for you to achieve. You must refrain from fast food, snacks like chips, cupcakes, cookies, doughnuts and so on.

You even have to watch what you drink. The sugars in sodas, fruit juices and teas etc. Will not only make you gain weight. But can also damage the enamel in your teeth.

Learn how to diet. I have a blueprint for you if you need guidance the best diet to lose weight fast.




Why Can't You Lose Weight

Take what you’ve read here and taken action on it. You will see if you follow what I stated above.  Results like you never thought possible. Weight loss is possible. You can get that body you desire.

It’s just going to take hard work and determination to get there. Even though I’ve lost weight and I’m a lot smaller than I was in 2003 when I was overweight/diabetic. I’m still not where I want to be. So I strive day in and day out. To eat/drink properly and do the necessary exercises until I get there.

We can do this. We are teammates as of today. That’s how I want our relationship to be from this day forward. You can treat it as such. Let me know how things are going in the comments area. If all is well then you can just ask me questions or whatever. I’m here for you.

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  1. Thank you for putting weight loss into perspective. I feel like many people kinda know things like it happens over time but for whatever reason, they need to be reminded because it doesn’t register. With that being said, for someone that put on weight after college, what do you recommend as an after drink. Like after a good work out? I have tried muscle milk etc. and all they seem to do is make me gain weight.

    Thank you


  2. As someone who has experienced on and off weight loss,I resonated a lot with this. My worst weight loss experience was when I hopped in without following a plan or schedule. So it wasn’t surprising when I lost track of my progress after a few weeks.
    I couldn’t agree with you more on the lack of patience. Some people are so impatient to see results that they give up within the first couple of weeks of trying–I was one of those persons too.
    Do you have any recommendation for your work-at-home buddies like me, who find it so difficult to split house chores, family time, work, and exercise reasonably?
    Thanks for a great post!

  3. I love how motivating this article is! I can empathize with anyone out there who has tried and failed to lose weight as I have been through it many times, trying and failing…my problem was usually that I didn’t have a plan and therefore it was just too hard to do on my own!

  4. I’ve been struggling myself to lose weight and often feel like I can’t. I think when I don’t see some instant results I simply give up and go back to my old ways of eating. I’ve been serious though since the day after Christmas and have been sticking to it! It’s not been as fast as I would like but I have lost 11 pounds. I have about 30 more to go but I do get encouragement from your article that I need to give something at least 60 days but 90 is even better.

    1. Yes stay focused and you will get the body you want. It’s all in your mind. If that is in check than the rest will follow

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