Why I’m Here Introductory Page

Hi, there thanks for visiting my website. Here you will be given valuable information you can apply right away. I also have done extensive research and even tried products, supplements, and foods listed on my website.

To provide you the most precise information I possibly can give. I’ll personally help you lose weight and get rid of your diabetes. How can I do that? Simple I’ll provide you the virtual blueprint on how to do both.

I did it for myself and many others so can you. Yes, it’s awesome being that guy everyone looks at like wow you’ve really changed. That’s all good to me. But they only see from the outside looking in.

The entire time in my head I’m like if you only knew. It wasn’t easy the road was very rough. I spent many nights in the hospital not really knowing if I was going to wake up the next day.

Holding Medicine Ball

I prayed and asked the lord to give me another chance to help others going through what I am. He answered my prayers as you can see. I stuck to my word and soon as I made it out of that hospital. I instantly started reaching out to people.

Gathering information on my condition and how to get rid of it effectively over time. Tried hundreds of products and was scammed thoroughly.

I’ll take that bullet for you. Nothing I suggest is fraudulent. I’ll even give you reviews and my own personal experiences with some products to show I’m really who I say I am.

I know what I’m talking about with these things. I kept my insulin needles and giant clothes I use to wear to remind myself where I came from. It’s truly a blessing to be alive I must say.

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I will give you all I have to offer in each post I write. Never will I cheat you or beat around the bush on anything. All I ask is that you take me seriously and take the information I give you serious as well.

Hopefully, I’ll inspire you to go out and help others like I’m doing with you. We will get through this together as a team. Say goodbye to embarrassing fat and those dreadful insulin shots and medications.

I’ve given you my testimony now I want to help you get one of your own. To hopefully share with others one day.

If you take heed to what you read on my website you’re guaranteed a positive testimony. It’s almost inevitable not to. Everything I recommend is tried and true with proven track records to back it up.

I’ve helped hundreds of people locally in my hometown. I was recommended to start a website and spread the knowledge I have to others suffering from what I did.

Why I'm Here Introductory Page

So I sat down and thought long and hard about it and decided to give it a shot. It was instant love once I got my first testimony from a guy named Allen.

He is was a guy who was suffering from diabetes and was a tad bit overweight. He is no longer either one of those. I got the call from one of the guys I use to work with. He called me and was like his dad needed my assistance.

Since he knew about what I went through and how I basically fixed the problem myself. He lives in Utah that’s a bit too far for me to drive. So I helped him over the internet.

He was the first guy I helped online. I knew then this was my calling. You’ve come across your ticket this is your way out. The choice is yours make that step into your new you.

Keep this in your head “No More Fat No More Insulin”.

Sincerely, William


  1. Hi William,

    I think you are doing an excellent thing here by choosing to blog about a topic with which millions of people today struggle, especially here in the U.S.

    I think that it is very important for people to realize that their diet plays such a huge role in their overall health whether they’ve been diagnosed with a disease or not.

    Great post and a great site! I wish you all the best in the future!

  2. Hello William,
    Diabetes affects so many people and is more significant in certain cultures. A good diet can prevent so much disease and heartaches for people and families. I haven’t read the diet page yet, however, I look forward to learning about diets that focus on cultural trends to change the generational habits of so many. Thank you and God Bless you for your work here. Cynde

  3. Good Job William for reaching out to other diabetic patients out there. We need more people like you who went through the hardship to beat Diabetes and share his own success story to inspire others, NOT another scammer website trying to promote useless products to waste our hard earned cash and time!
    Looking forward to learn more advices from you everyday!

  4. That was a really inspirational post to read. I can see you have been in that situation were most most people are going through and are dreading. I’m glad you can offer us some very insightful information and reviews on the supplements and products you have personally tried. Love to see people like yourself in the industry who offer advice on the difficult situations they have personally faced.

    Can’t wait to see you succeed through this website and help as many people as possible.

  5. I think it’s simply wonderful you want to help others who are in the same position you were once in. And that is why I am going to recommend to my step-dad to visit your site. You see he has recently diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and has no one directly within his life that can help him understanding the necessary changes he needs to make and I think your the perfect person to do it!

    1. Thank you Amber, It would be a pleasure to help your step-dad out. I post new interesting things daily i’m sure could help him and his situation out. I’ll be looking forward to receiving his testimony.

  6. Thank you for contributing!

    Type 2 Diabetes is directly related to increased weight and food choices!

    It is awesome that you are here offering help for those searching for a healthy way to lose weight! I have personally seen people that lose weight and slowly eliminate all medications they were taking for there diabetes!!!

    It is exciting that you are willing to help others through your own personal experience!

  7. Hi William, I found your site to be very informative. I liked the post about weight loss without a PHD. I have lost around 75 lbs in the last 9months doing something similar to this with walking 5 miles a day. Congratulations on beating diabetes also. That is awesome. Good luck with your website, and keep up the good work.

  8. Great job! I have gotten ideas to promote my own website by reading yours. I love the way you diversified your site for those that speak other languages. I also like the way you created the way to get customer emails to build long term relationships. I remembered reading about that while going through the course on Wealthy Affiliates.

    1. Thank you I realized that the Internet has many people on it and all don’t speak English so I made it to where anyone from any origin can get this information and apply it. I appreciate the feedback and it motivates me to keep going

  9. Thank You William

    God has blessed you with the way to help others become healthier, your website has a good heart and people will feel that through your articles.

    I also live the healthiest life possible with God guiding my everyday, I do not eat as healthy everyday but much more often then in the past.

    Great article and a great heart

  10. Wow you have a story to tell but I am so glad that despite everything you can be such a help to others. By reading the testimonials you have touched many lives. Congratulations on becoming healthy and deciding to turn your life around. I read an article recently on diabetes and what I would really like to know is how do people check for diabetes? I believe so many people go undiagnosed until it is too late.

  11. I have read many of your posts, and they have all been really great with a lot of good information. I think it is great that you are taking your personal experiences, the bad and the good, and sharing them with us and what we can do to better our lives to live a healthy long life.

  12. That is a really inspiring story where you have come from to what you are doing now, you really have come a long way from being in a hospital bed not knowing how long you had to live, to having website where you are reaching out to help others.

    What is great is that you have managed to develop your own system for beating diabetes and obesity through much trial and error and by testing out many products to see what works.

    This is a good introduction post where you are able to tell people what you can do for them and I think many people with diabetes would be really encouraged by what you are doing.

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